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10 Years of Mindstorms

The LEGO company is producing a special, Limited Edition, version of the Mindstorms NXT brick. The brick will be black, and LEGO will only produce 1998 of them, to commemorate the creation of Mindstorms in 1998. Owners will get special goodies, like bragging rights, and special programs with the purchase of their brick.

Black Special Edition LEGO Nxt brick

The first LEGO MINDSTORMS products came out in the year 1998 and have since then continued to bring fun and active building and programming experiences to millions of robotic builders across the world! Why a Black NXT? Because it is cool! And looking around in the MINDSTORMS community we noticed that a Black NXT was high on the wish list among users. Once you have bought and received your new Black NXT you will get access to additional materials like a special-made program for the Black NXT, a personal certificate of ownership, wallpapers, building instructions for special models.


You can purchase one of these exclusive items from or from Amazon.

Do you remember with Mindstorms originally came out? Did you buy one then, or did you wait? I remember being almost beside myself with excitement.

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9 Responses to “10 Years of LEGO Mindstorms – Limited Edition Black NXT”

  1. Joey

    Arrrgh! That’s gorgeous! I want!

    I only got Mindstorms NXT about 7 months ago but boy do i love it.

  2. ian

    i hate this its not even a kit it doesn’t allow you to get that special program or access somewhere else other than buying the black nxt

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