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Korea's RobotLand


Robot lovers, start saving for airfare to Korea, because you’re gonna want to be there for RobotLand. “Fun and fantasy with robot”. We’ve covered the robot mecca before when it was still in early concept phase, but things seem to be humming along for a 2012 grand opening. The centerpiece of the amusement/business/research park/city will be a gigantic statue of Robot Taekwon V.

Another shot of the robotic paradise after the jump.

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South Korea's Robotland


One response to “300 Foot Tall Robot To Stand Guard Over Korea's Robotic Paradise, RobotLand”

  1. alayla vargas

    this is veryyy clever.. a land jusz for robotss.. well i certainly think ppl in korea will be happy because manyy things around the world are made of technology. but buildin a world a fun land of robots is very excitin especially kids who are interested and i also think is very compareable with the movies from disney ROBOTS

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