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Howard Gordon who runs Surveyor Corporation just sent me details on their latest product, the Surveyor Stereo Vision System, or SVS for short. The system allows you to record high-resolution full-frame video using two video cameras for a complete stereo vision system. Better yet, the whole set-up is 2.5″ x 6.0″ and only weighs 5 oz.


The SVS is open source, and it is intended for researchers, educators and developers interested in enabling depth perception in their applications without the need for an array of active sensors (e.g. laser scanners, ultrasonics, infrared, etc).

The SVS uses two beefy Blackfin DSP’s from Analog devices to do video processing, and can also simultaneously control 8 servos and has a built-in dual motor driver capable of supplying up to 1 Amp per motor. Also included is WiFi connectivity via a Lantronix MatchPort.

The firmware for the SVS is GPL Open Source and comes functional with basic image processing features like, “histogram, pixel sampling, mean, frame difference, blob, scan, count, [and] find”. Currently in development are stereo correspondence and image rectification functions.

Surveyor is targeting this device to the educational and hobbiest crowd, and is selling the SVS for a (very) modest $550. It looks like a great new gadget for robot builders to stick on their creations. Toss on some goofy 3D glasses, and that autonomous aerial footage will really come to life!

Update: Howard has mounted the SVS system to a robotic blimp. You can check out some video after the jump.

3d view from YARB indoor blimp from Surveyor Corporation on Vimeo.


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