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Playful funny Robots are loose in the streets of Montreal as part of the Just For Laughs Festival 2010.

Androids in Montreal

Androids in Montreal

Do not worry, the robot invasion and occupation has not started yet, we can still enjoy a few extra years of freedom. These, so called, Androïdes are actually humans in disguise (who would have guessed?). Actually, they are more than just humans, they are hip-hop dancers from the Aircompagnie, a French dance troupe.  They will be performing in the streets of Montreal for the next week until July 25th.

Below you can see a video where they do a bit more than just “the robot”.

2 Responses to “Androids Invade Montreal, But it is Just for Laughs”

  1. Jonny

    They must have been quite warm inside those suits (I hoope they have some PC fans or something to ventilate). I find them very entertaining and by the looks of it they sure seem to draw a crowd.

    • Carlos

      I do not think they did. But they were quite hot indeed (it was apparent when they removed their masks at the end of the performance)

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