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The iPhone controlled flying robot, AR-Drone, which was debuted at CES this year, now has a price tag. Parrot has announced that the autonomous quadracopter will retail for $300 USD and be available in September. While Gizmodo says, “ouch!”, we say “wow!” because I was fully expecting a >$500 price tag, considering that the vehicle has 2 cameras and Wifi connectivity, along with an ultrasonic altimeter and gyro-stabilization. You can read the details on Parrot’s page.

The AR-Drone appears to be a great platform for hacking, since Parrot has already said they will be releasing an API for interfacing to the vehicle, and the on-board processor is a 500 MHz ARM9 running Linux with 128 Mb of RAM. I can’t wait till September!

[Via RobotBox, via Gizmodo]


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  1. AR Drone Helicopter

    See, I was getting my hopes up. I really thought that the AR Drone would be available on Android devices as well. I’m sure there are people right now that are reverse engineering the code set in order to make “mods” that will allow it to run on Android or heck a PC. It should not be that difficult to create an emulator to do so.

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