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ar.drone from Parrot flying

A french company, named Parrot, unveiled an iPhone controlled, wifi-enabled, quadrocopter at CES 2010.  The robot, called the AR.Drone, is a sophisticated and snazzy quadrocopter that is controlled via an iPhone or iPod Touch over a wifi connection. The AR.Drone has two onboard cameras, one of which streams live video back to the iPod screen, an ultrasonic altimeter, and a gyro/accelerometer based stabilization system. The drone also has a neat “augmented reality” system that overlays computer generated graphics and objects on the video feed, to allow users to play games or compete against each other with multiple AR.Drones. CNet says, “You’ll get about 15 minutes of battery-powered fun on a one-hour charge”, and reports that the vehicle will retail for around $500.


The most interesting part of the AR.Drone is that the wifi interface will have an API! This means that there is significant potential for building complex robotics projects using an inexpensive flying system (robot swarms, anyone?). Parrot has already created a developers website and has uploaded demo code for getting started with programming for the AR.Drone.

Update: Chris at DIYDrones has some unboxing photos of the AR.Drone.

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ar.drone from Parrot face ar.drone from Parrot vertical camera and sensors




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  1. mohit


  2. Babs

    I certainly hope they make a model for the Motorola DROID as well. Att doesn’t work well where I live ( in the Sonora Desert in AZ, USA) so we have Motorola Droids thru Verizon. If there was a Drone model that was Droid friendly,I would purchase one as soon as it was available! Can you imagine flying it over the desert?! WOW!! What a concept. It could be used as a tool for desert rescues. The RC Airplane group out here would just die!! Besides..Droid and Drone just seem to go together. I WANT ONE!!

  3. Tommygun

    Is this exclusively for use with iPhone? AT&T is not a viable option for me and I am getting an EVO, which I feel has a better design and more user-friendly OS software for the camera & web browsing. I def want one of these, but if it is compatible with my EVO, I’ll probably be getting it sooner rather than later.

  4. Renu kachhi

    Your projects so fantastic….. but i want to learn them, can you teach me…???????

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