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  In this tutorial we are going to cover Data Acquisition boards (or DAQ’s as they are better known) and how to program them using FlowBotics Studio which uses the FlowStone graphical programming language inside. Data acquisition devices form the basis of most robotics systems obtaining signals in and out of a system from external […]


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Together with the launch of the new robotics programming platform FlowBotics Studio, RobotShop also launched the Servo Erector Set V1.1 from Lynxmotion. This is a kit of over 500 parts enabling you to build five different robots and control them via pre-made robot applications inside FlowBotics Studio which is also included. The five robots are: […]



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Many of you already know the Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo control board; it’s become a bit of an industry standard as a reliable interface to control up to 32 servo motors from a single board connected to a PC. RobotShop have just released a powerful software interface to enable users to control the servo motors in […]