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Bots High is a work in progress documentary by Director Joey Daoud. The film documents the efforts of several high school combat robot teams leading up the Combat Robot National Championship. In order to hire a professional film team to cover the mayhem at the Championship, Daoud is looking to raise $9,000. He’s asking robot fans to chip in to support his effort. The funds will cover expenses as the film crew covers both the finals in Miami and in San Francisco, and interviews several luminaries in the BattleBot field, like Trey Roski and Greg Munson, creators of BattleBots.

The second [Championship] is the National BattleBots Championship in San Francisco, which is open to anyone who wants to build a robot. Some of the high school teams will take their chances and travel all the way across the country with their robot to compete in a 120 lb. open class and see if they can hold their own against professional robot builders.

Daoud’s goal is to produce a film that is, “entertaining to all yet motivating to kids and teenagers to see how fun and exciting match and science can be.” If you’d like to help out, visit the Bots High KickStarter page.


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  1. Bill

    You can just feel the excitement of the contestants in this video clip, the robots that got recked must have taken hours to build

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