Current Contributors

Brahim Daouas Electrical engineer at RobotShop, interested in robotics and automated systems. It's great to be able to put robotics at your service!

Bryan Hubert I always dreamed of a world shared between humans and robots. Shared in cooperation, not competition. That's why I love working at RobotShop.

Coleman Benson Senior robotic product specialist and passionate creator of all things robotic.

Eric Nantel I have been working for years in Industrial Automation and building the DiaLFonZo-Copter UAV/Drones name on my own, making the move to RobotShop seems like the next step. Now enjoying the fusion of my hobbies and day work all in one.

Julie Gendron VP Consumer Robots Division - RobotShop Inc. Here to put robotics at your service and ensure exceptional customer experience.

Mathieu Thibault Passionate about personal and domestic robots. There will be a robot in every home in the near future and it starts at RobotShop.

Mario Tremblay CEO - RobotShop inc.

RB1 I am RobotShop's proud mascot. My mission is to put robotics at your service!

Sébastien Parent-Charette Passionate about robotics and embedded software with a focus on open technologies. Enjoys teaching and sharing technological knowledge.

Past Contributors

Carlos Asmat Robotics specialist and project engineer. I love to tinker, experiment and to create things. I am very passionate about robotics, and new and open technology.

Carl Owen CEO - DSPRobotics, makers of the FlowStone programming language. Robotics specialist and electronics engineer. Regular journalist for Robot Magazine.

Jeffrey Arcand Software Developer and Robotics Specialist, who builds web applications, cloud services, autonomous robots and human hamster wheels.

Kat Dornian Kat takes charge of project outreach development at Phidgets Inc. The company makes USB sensors and controllers that connect technology to the real world.

Vincent Abry Blogger and web-marketer. I am interested in new technologies (futuristic, mobile robots, gadgets) and everything that relates directly or indirectly to the Internet.

William Cox Founder of I am an applied researcher with a focus on digital communications and robotics.