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This section is intended to provide you with an overview of the history of robotics. As you may have guessed, the history of robotics is intertwined with the history of technology, science and the basic principle of progress. Technology used in computing, electricity, even pneumatics and hydraulics can all be considered a part of the history of robotics. Robotics currently represents one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments and is the single greatest attempt of mankind to produce an artificial, sentient being.


The focus of this timeline is to provide the reader with a general overview of robotics and to give an appreciation for the inventors and innovators in this field who have helped robotics to become what it is today. Click the link to see the entire timeline. See something important that’s missing? Write it in the comments below and we’ll be happy to consider it in the next revision.



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  1. Arne

    None of the article links is working for me :/
    I get a 404 error for everyone of them. Just a temporary issue?

  2. cbenson

    Good question. We have contacted Servo Magazine to find out what’s happened. For the moment we took down those links.

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