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RobotShop Grand Tutorial: How to Make a Robot - Lesson 1

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Getting Started

Welcome to the first installment of the Grand RobotShop Tutorial, a series of 10 lessons that will teach you how to make your own robot. This tutorial is aimed at anybody willing to get started in robotics and have a basic understanding of terms such as “voltage”, “current”, “motor”, and “sensors”. Although this might seem pretty basic, even people with previous robot building experience might find useful information regarding the general method of building a robot.

What is a robot?

There are many definitions of robot and no real consensus has been attained so far. We loosely define a robot as follows:

Robot: An electromechanical device which is capable of reacting in some way to its environment, and take autonomous decisions or actions in order to achieve a specific task.

This means that a toaster, a lamp, or a car  would not be considered as robots since they have no way of perceiving their environment. On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner that can navigate around a room, or a solar panel that seeks the sun, can be considered as a robotic system.

It is also important to note that the  “robots” featured in Robot Wars for instance or any solely remote controlled device would not fall under this definition and would be closer to a more complex remote controlled car.

Although this definition is quite general, it might need to evolve in the future in order to keep up with the latest advancement in the field. In order to get a sens of how robotics is rapidly growing, we suggest you take a look at the RobotShop History of Robotics.

Let’s get started

This series of tutorials is intended to guide you through the steps of building a complete mobile robot.

There are 10 lessons that will be released in the following 10 weeks.  Each lesson guides you through one step of making a general-purpose mobile robot.  This will enable you to build your very own mobile robot in order to perform a task of your choice. Each lesson will be illustrated with an example from RobotShop experience in producing the RobotShop Rover. The lessons are intended to be read one after the other and build upon the information gained.


The first step is to determine what your robot should do (i.e. what is its purpose in life). Robots can be used in almost any situation and are primarily intended to help humans in some way. If you are unsure of what you want your robot to do or simply want to concentrate your efforts on specific tasks, here are some ideas:

Knowledge & Learning

LEGO Mindstorms NXTIn order to build increasingly complex robots, most professionals and hobbyists use knowledge they have acquired when building previous robots. Instead of building one robot, you can learn how to use individual components with the objective of building your own “knowledge library” to use to undertake a larger, more complex design in the future.

Amusement & Companionship

Teddy Bear Companion RobotBuilding a robot is in and of itself is fun and exciting. Robotics incorporates aspects of many disciplines including engineering (mechanical, electrical, computer), sciences (mathematics and physics) and arts (aesthetics) and users are free to use their imagination. Amusing others with your creations (especially if they are user-friendly and interactive) helps others to become interested in the field.

Competitions & Contests

Robot SoccerCompetitions give the project design guidelines and a due date. They also put your robot against others in the same class and test your design and construction skills. Although many competitions are specifically for students (elementary to university), there also exist open competitions where adults and professionals alike can compete.

Autonomous life form

Alice Micro Robot SwarmHumans are natural creators and innovators. The next great innovation will be to develop a fully autonomous life form that rivals or surpasses ourselves in ability and perhaps creativity. This goal is still being accomplished in small steps by individuals, research organizations and professionals.

Domestic or Professional tasks

Neato Cleaning Tile EdgeDomestic robots help liberate people from unpleasant or dangerous tasks and give them more liberty and security. Professional and Service Robots are used in a variety of applications at work, in public, in hazardous environments, in locations such as deep-sea, battlefields and space, just to name a few. In addition to the service areas such as cleaning, surveillance, inspection and maintenance, we utilize these robots where manual task execution is dangerous, impossible or unacceptable.  Professional and Service Robots are more capable, rugged and often more expensive than domestic robots and are ideally suited for professional and/or commercial use.

Security and Surveillance

SuperDroid HD2 SWAT / EOD Tactical Treaded Robot w / 5DOF ArmMost mobile robots are used to venture into areas where humans either should not or cannot go. Robots of various sizes (either remote controlled, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous) are an ideal choice for these tasks.



Practical Example

We anticipate that most of you following this guide have the objective of building a robot for learning and knowledge, but also for sheer fun; though many will have a specific idea or project they want to materialize.

The last major consideration is budget. It is difficult to know exactly what people have in mind when they build their first robot; one might already want to build an autonomous snow removal robot, while another simply wants to make an intelligent clock. A simple programmable mobile robot might cost about $100 while a more complex can be several thousands of dollars.

In this exercise, we have chosen to make a mobile platform in order to get an understanding of motors, sensors, microcontrollers and programming, and to include a variety of sensors. We’ll keep the budget to about $200 to $300 since we want it to be fairly complete.

Simple Mobile Robot CAD

RobotShop - Robotics at your serviceFor further information on learning how to make a robot, please visit the RobotShop Learning Center. Visit the RobotShop Community Forum in order to seek assistance in building robots, showcase your projects or simply hang-out with other fellow roboticists.


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  7. Carlos

    Hi Everybody.

    Thank you for the great feedback, we really appreciate it. In order to get help with making robots, we suggest you visit our forum: RobotShop Community Forum

    There you will be able to find help from the RobotShop technical team and from other roboticists.

  8. Carlos

    For all those wanting to get started with robotics and seeking simple instructions on assembling your first robot, we recommend using the DFRobotShop Rover. In its page you will find all the required information to get this nifty robot running in no time.

    This robot is aimed at beginners and advanced users as well, Beginners will be able to get the robot to move and perform preprogrammed action in no time, while learning about programming and robotics in general. On the other hand, more advanced users will appreciate the fact they the platform is Arduino based and thus can be easily expanded with Arduino Shields .

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    It is certainly possible to hack household appliances and other everyday objects and make them into a robot. This can mainly be done once you have a sense of what are the requirements for a robot and how the different components in an appliance for instance could help you do that. Also, if people is able to make robots form household materials, it is because household materials can sometimes be packed with motors, circuits and other useful things.

    The first step for hacking junk into useful things would be to take them apart and be familiar with the components and how they work together. Usually toys and small appliances are a good and almost natural start.

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    In order to accomplish the robot you describe it would require knowledge, robot making experience besides ingenuity and creativity. It takes a lot of experimenting and know-how in order to create a robot out of old junk.

    Also, these lessons are simple in the sense that they summarize the knowledge currently required to make a robot using off-the-shelf (and maybe some custom) parts. By no means this is a comprehensive repository of the knowledge related to make a robot.

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    For robot programming you will need to wait until lesson 10. In the meantime, you can read all the completed lessons.

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    We invite you to follow the lessons and let us know if you have any specific questions., we believe the lessons have enough information to get you started making robots very fast.

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  38. karatikey tiwari

    robotics is a tremendous topic and i have great interest in it.robot is a good artificial
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    This is not easy… you first need to understand a lot about every part of a robot, and also build up a selection of “donor” parts you can disassemble in order to make what you want. We hope to come out with even less expensive platforms in the near future.

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    If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the series, we welcome your feedback.

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    Appreciated. What we are trying to do is provide the entire community with information on how to build robots (rather than one robot specifically). If you have any information you would like to know, feel free to add it in the comments section here.

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    • Coleman Benson

      Physics is certainly very important if you want to proceed with mechanical / electrical / robotic engineering. However, a very marketable field which you may be able to study in would be programming / software / computer science. The focus would likely not be on physical robots, but with a bit of learning on your own, your robotic creations would be far more capable / intelligent.

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      That will be one of the objectives of the series. Software should be covered in lesson 4 (along with with flight controller), and all the parts needed to build the copter in lessons 2 to the end.

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      You would need to cover physics up to the high school level (concepts such as Torque and basic material properties and designs). Once you get to the university / college level, the courses become more specific, such as mechanisms, thermodynamics etc.

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      There are many 3D CAD programs which you can use to build a robot. Most manufacturers do not release 3D CAD models of their products, meaning you will need to draw them yourself. Try a program like Google Sketcup (free).

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      Robotics is becoming its own field of study, so you can try robotics. If you want something more general, consider an engineering field: mechanical, electrical, computer, or programming / software. A university degree is best if possible.

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      @doug, It depends on what you want the robot to do. This series of lessons gives you an overview to help you figure out which components you would need.

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      If you’re new to robotics, Arduino is becoming wildly popular. They make both the free software, and a variety of open source software.

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    • Coleman Benson

      If you’re getting VEXEDR, why not start with RobotC? It’s a much easier language to learn and the community around it is quite big. If you’re stuck with whatever software they select, ideally it should have some tutorials or examples. If not, any book on Java would be a start, and there are a variety of online (free) resources on how to learn to program.

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      @pankaj you don’t necessarily need a mechanical background, but if you plan to design the frame, or make something rather complex (mechanically), then you might consider purchasing a kit.

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    • Coleman Benson

      @benhar We would be happy to help you, but it’s best not to have a long technical discussion in the blog comments. We suggest creating a new topic on the RobotShop Forum.

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      @benhar This is really product by product; do you mean ride-on toy trucks? RC toy trucks? Do you have a link to a specific product?

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      @Sampath If you are looking for help / advice for a specific application (in your case a line-following robot which specifically does NOT use Arduino), then we suggest creating a new topic on the RobotShop Forum and provide details of what you have and what you need to do.

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      @ sk.AZIZUL HASAN. We are not sure we understand – you want to convert text to speech or speech to text (to have the robot then “understand” the text)?

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    • Coleman Benson

      @Dimpal SIngh Learning how to create wearable tech is essentially the same as creating a robot. We do not carry any books or articles explaining how to create wearable tech. In regard to learning how to program, we suggest either taking a course (in person or online, paid or free) or purchasing a good book which teaches you the programming language of your choice.

  115. Dimpal SIngh

    I want a documentation on creating a wearable which can fly.

  116. Dimpal Singh

    Yes sir. I wanna create a wearable which allows a person to fly. For example like in IRONMAN movie. But I don’t want to make an IronMan. I just want it to fly like that. Also I know some of programming languages like JAVA, Swift, PHP, C Sharp, C, C++ as I told you that I am a programmer. But I am not aware of programming a microcontroller. So suggest me something in that direction Sir. If you do have a link or tutorial for that Please let me know sir. Is there any course/guide available on or udemy.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Dimpal Singh Aside from just a small handful of inventors and prototypes, a personal (compact) flying system is still incredibly hard to design and build, and is well beyond the scope of these tutorials. This is a very involved project and we do not have any specific suggestions.

  117. Dimpal SIngh

    OK sir. How different is it from a jet pack sir. What is the difference between a jet pack and the system I am looking for. Sir also tell me about how helpful is it for me in this field if I know programming in various languages already.

    • Coleman Benson

      @Dimpal SIngh You are looking for something you can wear to help you fly; the Ironman suite is 100% fake. Even if you do not consider the armor and weapons, the technology needed to make a suit fly simply does not yet exist. Programming is not really the issue. We do not mean any disrespect, but asking how to create a suit like Iron Man is similar to asking how to send a man to the moon – there is no simple answer or single resource we can provide.

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