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You may have seen the new Manoi robot from Kyosho featured on Akihabara News or Engadget, the the thing that sruck me, was its uncanny likeness to Chroino, which made big waves at this year’s RoboNexus 2005 conference (photos). Engadget claims they’re built around the Kyosho KHR-1 robot body, but I contacted Tomotaka Takahashi, the creator of Chroino and asked him about Manoi. His reply:

Hello, Mr. Williams san,

Yes, I involved in Manoi project.
I design both mechanism and outer skin of it.

It will be sold in Japanese market next summer.
After that, Kyosho is planning to sell them in world market, I’ve heard.


The robot will be sold for around $1,250 USD.

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  1. tempusmaster

    I had a chance to chat with the Kyosho manager in charge of the Manoi project at the Robo-One competition here. The confusion you mention in your post may have stemmed from the fact that Manoi is designed around Kondo servos, and Mr. Kondo personally participated in the Manoi press conference last Fall. The KHR-1 biped robot kit is a Kondo product (not Kyosho), so Engadget and others seemed to have jumped to the wrong conclusion that Manoi is based on KHR-1.

  2. Str4y

    these two robots are quite sophisticated in the actual building part of it, yet they make it look so simple….

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