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ImageRemember the sub-launched robotic plane we talked about before? Well, here’s some more information on it, courtesy of Popular Science. The plane will be released from a Trident missile tube on an Ohio-class U.S. submarine, surface, then take off.

"The [missile] tubes are as long as a semi trailer but about seven feet wide—not exactly airplane-shaped. The Cormorant has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure 150 feet underwater—enough to cave in hatches on a normal aircraft—but light enough to fly."

The plane, dubbed the "Cormorant" will have a 500 mile range. Once the Cormorant’s mission is finished, it will then return to the designated return point, and be retrieved by a unmanned vehicle, which will return the Cormorant to the sub. The reason for this is to help keep the location of the submarine secret.

The plane is made out of titanium for strength and filled will foam to help it survive the pressure from being released150ft under the water. It will be equipped with weapon systems or used for surveillance. DARPA will be conducting tests on the Cormorant until September, when it will decide whether or not to continue the project.

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