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MyRobots Connect Serial-to-Ethernet-GatewayWe are proud to announce the MyRobots Connect, an Ethernet-to-serial gateway, is now in stock! With this module you can easily connect your robots to the web by using wireless serial communication via XBee.

What is this, why do I care?

MyRobots makes it possible for smart devices and connected robots to communicate via the Internet. However, not all devices are lucky enough to have WiFi or Ethernet connections and cannot benefit from the robotic cloud. These simple robots often use serial communication to reach out to the world. The MyRobots Connect creates an XBee wireless network that relays the serial messages to and allows the robots to post their sensors readings or to read their robofriends status.

In short, the MyRobots Connect is the central hub for connecting all your household robots.

Whoa! That sounds complex

Fear not, the MyRobots connect is truly plug-and-play. Simply connect it to your router and relax, it will take care of configuring itself and connecting to the cloud.

I want one, where to get it?

You can buy the MyRobots Connect at

Tell me more, I want to know everything!

In order to lean more about the MyRobots Connect and what you can do with, it head to its wiki page.

For the hardware geeks among you, you will be happy to know the hardware is open source so you can start diving into the inner workings of the device right away.


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