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Wondering what hides inside your Neato XV-11? What kind of motors, sensors, circuit boards can we find in the Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum?

Unveil the mystery of your robot vacuum entrails by watching our Neato XV-11 disassembly video. At RobotShop, we had the  pleasure of taking the entire robot apart for your very own viewing enjoyment. See below for lots of robot pr0n.

Don’t miss our Neato parts pictures!

  • Neato Drive Wheels
  • Neato Cover
  • Back of Neato Cover
  • Back of Neato Frame
  • Neato Frame
  • Neato Cliff and Magnetic Sensors
  • Neato Bumper Sensors
  • Neato Brush Motor
  • Neato LCD
  • Neato Motherboard
  • Neato Vacuum Motor
  • Neato Laser
  • Back of Neato Laser
  • Inside Neato Laser
  • Inside Neato Laser
  • Inside Neato Laser
  • Neato Wall Sensor


5 Responses to “Neato XV-11 Disassembly, See the Guts of Your Robotic Vacuum”

  1. Michael Shimniok (Bot Thoughts)

    Great dissection! I’m not actually trying for the LIDAR bounty but am following and trying to contribute. I have high hopes of one day putting $30 LIDAR on my robots! :)

    I wonder if you might be able to dissect further to figure out what the imager is?

    I’ve been trying to track down a cheap CMOS imager that runs at 360 degrees x 5-10hz = 1800-3600fps(!) … maybe a kilopixel linescan camera? Very curious… and really, I think, at the heart of the whole system. One could construct their own system from scratch if the part is easily sourced.


    • Carlos

      It is hard to say since we do not have any unit on hand to weigh it. From memory, it might weigh around 300g but we never really weighed it.

  2. Pat McDaniel

    Is RPS error a DYI? If so what needs replacing and is the part available? Thanks!

    • Julie Gendron

      Often times the RPS error occurs when the laser mapping sensor has gotten slightly dirty or dusty. You may want to try to clean it with compressed air. The sensor is at the top of the robot, at the rear under that little projection just to the side of the control panel/display. You really want to clean underneath the frame all around its circumference. If the problem persists, there may ne an issue with the robots motherboard or laser. In this case we suggest that you contact the store where the robot was purchased from or Neato Robotics for an exchange or repair if under warranty.

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