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The long-awaited Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set V1.1 is now available for immediate purchase!

Lynxmotion SES V1.1 Robots

Lynxmotion SES V1.1 Robots

SES stands for “Servo Erector Set”, a versatile set of servo brackets and mechanical parts used as modular building blocks for hobby servo motors. The Servo Erector Set mechanics are made up of durable black aluminum brackets and sturdy black Lexan. You can build an entire assembly using just these components, then populate it with servos and electronics to bring it to life.This makes it surprisingly quick and easy to design and build rugged, complex robots and systems. Unlike many other modular robotic building kits, the Lynxmotion SES brings you closer to making truly custom robotics as it allows you to integrate third party sensors and products.

What is included?

The SES V1.1 includes over 500 parts and online instructions allowing to build five very different types of robots: a simple 2WD rover, the popular AL5D robotic arm, a fun BRAT biped, an advanced quadruped and a versatile hexapod.

Lynxmotion MH2 Hexapod Robot Lynxmotion BRAT Biped Robot Lynxmotion AL5D Robotic Arm 2WDRover Lynxmotion SQ3 Quadruped Robot

Most prominent parts:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wall charger
  • Wireless PS2 Controller
  • Botboarduino microcontroller
  • SSC-32 servo motor controller
  • Bluetooth USB dongle
  • Bluetooth Bee
  • 44 durable aluminum brackets
  • 8 rugged Lexan panels
  • 12 Hitec servo motors

How do you program the robots?

flowbotics studio logo
Flowbotics Studio V2

Flowbotics Studio V2

We are proud to introduce FlowBotics Studio V2. This new version is a great step forward in robot-programming and allows roboticists, from novice to expert, to easily create robotic behaviours using a combination of graphical and text-based programming.

Flowbotics Studio with AL5D Arm

Flowbotics Studio with AL5D Arm

By linking modules and components together it is possible to create advanced robotic behaviours that interact directly with the robotic hardware. Events and data then flow between the links as the application executes the program on-the-fly without need of compilation. This make development and testing seamless and extremely fast and avoids lots of the usual headaches of developing robotic behaviours.

Al5 Arm, 2WD Rover and Biper BRAT Sample projects

Al5 Arm, 2WD Rover and Biped BRAT sample projects

FlowBotics Studio V2 was created in conjunction with DSP Robotics and uses the powerful FlowStone graphic programming engine (a feature never before included in a hobbyist-centric software). Out-of-the-box, it supports the SSC-32 servo motor controller, a selection of Phidget modules, and some standard sensors.

Since this software is also included with the SES V1.1, it is preloaded with highly-detailed sample programs capable of driving and simulating each of the five robots included in that set. You can see a glimpse of those projects, in the screen captures included in this page.

Hexapod,  Quadruper and Servo Sequencer Sample projects

Hexapod, Quadruped and Servo Sequencer sample projects

You can download FlowBotics Studio right away by purchasing it at RobotShop.


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