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This past Saturday the team from South Korea which designed, built and programmed their humanoid robot DRC-HUBO took home the $2 million dollar first-place prize as part of the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge. The focus of this year’s challenge was to create a robot which could complete a variety of tasks primarily related to disaster […]


DARPA Team Kaist

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As you may already know, RobotShop offers all Lynxmotion robotic arms & grippers on our online catalog, which are based on the modular servo erector set. So, while you may already have decided that you would like to use a Lynxmotion robotic arm, you may not be sure which kit would best fit your project. This article intends to help you choose the right Lynxmotion robotic arm for your needs.



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With the release of our Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano UAV Flight Controller, we developed an improved version of the Quadrino FCT (Firmware Configuration Tool) which allows for an easy to setup MultiWii experience. Furthermore, we included an algorithm that now takes your multirotor physical properties as well as other information to generate matching PID’s. This greatly removes the […]



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Considering we’ve received a huge response on our Litter-Robot II Basic Troubleshooting Guide, we’ve decided to help our customers further by creating this advanced troubleshooting guide. This guide will help you with opening up the Litter-Robot II to verifying connections of the motor and circuit board.



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In many post-apocalyptic stories, the impetus for the end of order and reason is a “robot uprising” – the idea that robots created by humans have gained sentience and want either their freedom, or to rule humans. The question is, could this really happen? Could the human race be enslaved or even wiped out by […]


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