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Panasonic takes a hold on the robot vacuum market by developing a new robot vacuum cleaner named Rulo MC-RS1. This new robot vacuum is set to hit stores in Japan end of March and soon after in other countries. The Rulo MC-RS1 is the first triangular robot vacuum to hit the market. Most robot vacuums being round […]


Panasonic Rulo

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In this lesson, we take a look at Radio Frequency Identification, RFID for short. These systems use data strings stored inside special tags (or transponders) to uniquely identify people or objects when they are scanned by an RFID reader. These types of systems are found in many applications such as library books, animal identification, inventory control systems, and […]


Phidgets Lesson 4

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Now that you have decided to create your own custom or semi-custom UAV, the first step is to choose the platform. You can either choose to create your own, or base the project off a UAV frame or kit. There are many different types of frames, types and sizes used to create multi-rotor UAVs. This guide covers the basic frame types, materials used to construct the frame, as well as design considerations. We welcome any feedback you have in the comments section below.


How to Make a Drone Lesson 2

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Tools for the DIY enthusiast have evolved quite a lot over the past century, evolving from a simple set of hand tools to the sophisticated 3D printers seen today. If we look back just a few years, the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic was quite revolutionary in the industry, though still quite hard to use. MakerBot has since releases a lot of new (and better) 3D printers, but other companies have been growing and releasing their own 3D printer products which bring additional features and improvements to the market.



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Up to 60% off selected products until 9am Dec. 31st. Over 300 products on sale. Some of the products on sale this week: Take advantage of our boxing week sale to buy the perfect robotic gift for your loved ones or for yourself. BEETHEFIRST 3D Printer • $200 Off • Professional and best-looking printer on the […]


Boxing Week Sale

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Many of you may know the Lynxmotion SSC-32 Servo Controller board: it is one of our most popular products and is found in most Lynxmotion robot kits. It has a long history, designed years ago by Mike Dvorsky, a great contributor that worked with the founders of Lyxnmotion. Today, we’re announcing the release of the successor board: the Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller board.


Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller Board

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Europe’s first “robotic incubator” opened in Paris with the objective of providing all the tools and expertise needed to exponentially increase the growth and advancement of robots and connected objects of tomorrow. Robot Lab, launched by Alexandre Ichai and backed by Robot Capital Investment Funds, is essentially an ecosystem / network which allows designers to […]


Robot Lab

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  Back in 2012, I bought the domain name www.robotshop.xxx. It was more for Brand protection than selling Sexbots, but I certainly foresaw at that time the possibility of a future where the relationships between humans and technologies would have changed to a point where such an adult robotics ecommerce website would not only make […]