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RobotShop once again announces new functionalities in order to help customers with their robot purchases. We are always evolving and adding new features based on customer comments and the latest technologies used in the industry. This time RobotShop adds Notify Me options as well as an easy to use shipping estimator.


Notify Me

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It’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Yes, it’s the time of year we dread again. Luckily we have the help you need with these essential spring cleaning robots. This is what domestic robots are for; helping you with chores that are not only long but, also not enjoyable, so you can spend more time with your friends and family. Here are a few robots that will interest you when it comes to spring cleaning.


Spring Cleaning Robots

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The RocketSkates are electrical motorized skates making them a new addition to automated personal transportation. We will have two models available for sale on the RobotShop website by the end of April; the R-8 model and the R-10 model. The model that we will be unboxing in this post is the R-6 model. The difference between the […]



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Maintaining your Botvac is very important, as it can save you money on repairs and extend the life of your robot. Here’s a video to help you with the maintenance of your Botvac robot vacuum. This maintenance can be done every few cleaning cycles, depending on the frequency of use and your environment. Need replacement […]


Neato Botvac Maintenance Guide

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Are you ready for National Robotics Week 2015? The sixth annual National Robotics Week event will be held April 4-12, 2015. We invite you all to join us in the celebration of the National Robotics Week. For this very special week, RobotShop is offering a discounts on selected products for all robot makers and robot enthusiasts. Note that some products will only be […]


National Robotics Week

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We would like to introduce you to the LIDAR-Lite Laser Rangefinder [RB-Pli-01] from PulsedLight. This affordable and compact laser range finder is all the robotics enthusiast with ranging needs could want! It features laser range finding for distances of up to 40m


LIDAR-Lite Laser Rangefinder [RB-Pli-01]

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At Lynxmotion UAV we were looking at the future of our UAV / Drones lineup and had to take decisions for our next models. There are many ways to make a UAV frame and we wanted to keep the Lynxmotion spirit of being modular and expandable; something you can use to build your frame design and be able […]


Lynxmotion UAV 16mm Aluminum Clamps