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This post explains the different steps necessary to use a MultiWii compatible board for two axis servo-based stabilization. Many people try to make projects that require stabilization and don’t really want to have to worry about programming; fortunately MultiWii comes to the rescue and helps you get this done fast and even at a low […]

MWC MultiWii Flight Controller for UAV - Front

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The AUVSI Foundation is well known for running many international student robotics competitions. The RoboSub competition is one of the largest outdoor international competitions that has been running annually since 1998. In this competition, university students must build a fully autonomous robotic vehicle to complete an obstacle course underwater. In 2008, the AUVSI Foundation started […]


Maritime RobotX Challenge

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  Phidgets supports a variety of languages, but before you start programming, you’ll need to get the library for the language you like working in, which can be found on the language pages on Phidgets.com. While you’re there, you’ll also find the code examples and an in-depth API. The C library comes with the drivers you installed in Phidgets Lesson […]


Phidgets Lesson 2

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  Phidgets are easy to use sensors and controllers for programmers. After just a bit of coding, you’ll have your computer connected to the real world via an assortment of sensors as well as motors, relays, remote control, RFID, LEDs and more! But first, you’ll need to get the drivers installed, and luckily, it will take less […]


Phidgets Lesson 1

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The RobotShop Technology Accelerator Program is in full swing and we are looking for new inventors. We have a new, fresh look for the Accelerator page and are here to help you commercialize your robotic product / invention. What is the Accelerator Program you ask? If you are an inventor and/or developer but you lack […]


RobotShop Accelerator

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RobotShop announced the acquisition of the technology behind Flying Einstein LLC, a manufacturer based in Florida which designs and produces flight controllers for UAVs and drones. The first product, released today on pre-order, is the Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano Drone/UAV Flight Controller (with GPS). Ever since the new Lynxmotion UAV subdivision was created, we noticed that […]


Quadrino Nano Exploded View

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RobotShop is offering a promotion on the iCLEBO Arte Robot Vacuum while supplies last. With the puchase of this robot you will receive a free accessory package including 2 Microfiber Mops, 10 HEPA Filters and 2 Side Brushes (L and R). This is a $50 value and comes absolutely free with purchase on top of the standard accessories […]


iClebo Arte

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For those who have been enjoying the Litter-Robot automatic self cleaning litter box for a few months or a few years, you know that this is a great product that has very few issues. But, it is a robot with sensors etc. that can fail with usage. We do have tricks and things to verify […]