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I'll be using this post as a placeholder to display the final standings of the matches as they are decided. Winners are in bold. Updated Sunday, 12PM.

Todays upcoming matches:

Mid-Size league 3/4 Match (9PM):  CoPS, University of Stuttgart (3pts) vs. Hibikino-Musashi, KitaKyushu Science Research Park (2pts)

Small-Size league 3/4 Match (10PM):  ZJUNlict, China (2pts) vs. RoboDragons , Japan (3pts)

Four-legged 3/4 Match:  vs.

Kid Size 3/4 Match (11PM): Team Ro-Pe (2pts) , Singapore vs. Fumanoids (4pts), Germany

Teen-Size Final (9PM):  NimbRo vs. PAL Technology , UAE

Mid-Size league Final (11PM):  Eigen (0pts), Kiko University vs. Tribots (2 pts), University of Osnabruck

Rescue Final:  vs.

Small-Size League Final (12PM)  CMUDragons (9pts), USA vs. Plasma-Z (7pts), Thailand

Kid-Size Final (1PM): Team Osaka (6pts), Japan vs. NimbRo (8pts), Germany

Four-Legged Final (2PM):  NUBots (1pt), Australia vs. Northern Bites (5pts), USA

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