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With RoboPlow remote control robot, your days of shovelling snow in front of your house are over.

And even, more importantly so is a lot of physical exertion and heart attacks when snow falls.

Even your kids can have fun!

Roboplow is a snowplow robot created by DIY types from their garage.

It has 6 wheels, a multi-directional 50 inch pneumatic shovel, a rotating video camera on top and lights for nighttime.

Aside from this video on Youtube no information is available on internet; this is too bad since their creation could have a lot of potential buyers and even investors ready to back it. This will definitely happen. An excellent initiative to monitor.

28 Responses to “Roboplow the snowplow robot”

  1. MjB Designs

    I imagine a couple machinists or skilled trade guys just got a wild hare they had to get rid of…
    Love to tinker and this was a great idea and looks to be a success anyhow.. Super cool and hopefully more info available for others to replicate for themselves.

  2. bulldog

    where do you find them

  3. BP

    Looking at the electronics on board, he probably has somewhere around $15,000 in parts alone.

  4. Colledge4Kids

    For our robotics class we are biulding a simular robot made of leggos,how much do you think our robot would sell for if it was a comercial product?

    • Carlos Asmat

      That is hard to tell. But it would probably be a similar pricing than robot lawn mowers.

  5. Rich

    Please notify me when these are available, consider me a customer. I want one.

  6. Alan Brooks

    The creators/owners of this fabulous idea should go on the ABC TV show, “Shark Tank” and get some investment money – this is a winner!

  7. John Dawson

    DAMN!! I WANT ONE – Getting too old for this heavy winter crap!!

  8. Larry Petty

    When this product becomes available I would like to purchase one for all this snow I have here
    in Alaska. It would be ideal for my long driveway and my neighbors. Can afford it if it’s under $10.000.00. Thank You

  9. Dave J

    I think the above video trumps all others I have seen. Moveable hydraulic blade, speed and power seems ideal, and the ability to control it in the comfort of your own home or business. Yes, there is a huge market our there for it, as long as it has at least an hour run time.

  10. Marlene K. Goodman

    These Roboplow engineers should go on the TV show “Shark Tank” and take their idea to the streets. I think they have a great, marketable idea that could make them a fortune and save the aching backs of many a driveway owner.

  11. Sgt Preston

    Gotta be bigger to work up here.
    That amount of snow in video is not even bothered with.

  12. Barb

    Living on an acreage. Would like to purchase one. Also if you need a dealer in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park we would like to be considered

  13. Wayne Gruenewald

    I own the real thing, an argo 8×8 with a plow, your invention would be sweet if it was affordable. I would like to have one or the plans

  14. chuck315

    This would be great for someone that is disabled and in a wheelchair like myself. It would make life easier in the winter when you cant find someone to shovel so you can get out and about or to get to your vehicle t go to the doctors or store. Please let me know where you can buy one of these or when it will be available to purchase. Thanks.

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