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I get a lot of traffic, mail, and comments from folks living in India that are interested in robotics. Some of them are current robot builders, while others want to get in on the action but can’t seem to find the parts they need. So, the question I’m ask you, the readers, is do you know of any good suppliers for robots and electronic parts in India?

While many American robot suppliers will ship internationally (such as, sometimes the shipping fees make purchasing even moderate amounts of parts cost prohibitive. So, for the sake of our robot loving neighbors in India, I thought we could help them out by finding some local places to buy parts.

Please leave any suggestions in the comments below.


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  1. Nitin Gautam

    Here is a Indian site that sales robotic kits and components

    If you are from Delhi then Lajpat Rai Electronics Market, Near Red Fort is the best place to have all the things you desire.

    Hope this information helps :)

    Nitin Gautam
    Delhi, India

  2. David

    I see quite a few eBay stores that sell out of India. Although this might not be exactly what you are looking for, it might be a descent start for some of them.

  3. komal

    hi ! I am finding for the place in India under Mumbai where I could get parts,all stuff for Robots! Can any 1 help me out?

  4. Gaurav

    Buddibot, a Hyderabad headquartered company is the India Distributor of Rovio, a mobile webcam from WowWee Technologies. The services that they provide are really superb..

  5. SAAD

    Hi…i too agree…:)
    I gues best buy now is the stuff by….Robosoft Systems…..
    they got THE BEST Motors…Kits(DIY)…SENSORS…Track belts…SOLAR panels…Wireless remotes…etc..etc…
    they have tried to give good quality and designed components
    and quite cheap…specially the SHIPPING 3 days flat… :):)

  6. Richard

    Saad, so sorry, but I think, everyone dosent have your feedback. One of my friends for his projects purchased from Robosoft systems, it was a defective component ( They dint even replace it ).

    3 days ?? It took more than 10 days…. wait a second, lemme reconfirm and post, but I am sure its more than a week.

  7. 7ark


    Lots of motivated comments on this page…the mkt is still quite nascent and service delivery will get better with time…

    the webshops are picking up though..quite many exciting ones around…all of the ones listed above are offering varied products at cheap prices…

    the question is…whos the next sparkfun??


  8. lakshay

    plz mention some roboshop name and address in delhi. (lajpatrai market)

  9. Mayank

    Where can I buy Arduino Starter kit, Arduino motor shield in India?

  10. Ash

    Mayank, try for arduino n for freeduino(arduino clone)

  11. sreeja

    I strongly reccomend

    They have got high quality professional products at reasonable price,
    and they are distributors for POLOLU, Arduino and Sparkfun

  12. Robofan

    The best place to order robotics kits and all other robotic products under one roof in India is Metalmate Inc. They have a marketing office in Mumbai and Pune as well…check them out at…i bought a lot of stuff from them…robot toys are kickass…Amazing collection and pretty good prices…

  13. Nandeep

    Also: (in Delhi!)

    Official distributor of Arduinos and many other famous brands. And great shipping prices too. A good wide catalog of everything you need to get started. Not just limited to robotics but everything electronics related.

  14. Victor Borah

    Hello, If you are a starter, then visit :
    Based at Jamshedpur,they have cool tutorials to ignite the dummiest dude in MCU hardware design and programming. They aso have Spares to make your own Robots. I just bought stuff from them at unbeatable prices and the after sales service and Gudance is superb-Victor Borah, Guwahati

  15. Nayan

    Probots( has everything you need to build robots – development boards, motor drivers, motors and wheels at the cheapest prices. Their service is also unbelievably good. Their shipping prices start from Rs. 100.

  16. Ashwin

    @Kiran: I wonder if you could confirm that the source you mentioned [onlinetps] is reliable?

  17. Arjun

    I just received my order of DC Motors from Probots –
    The helped me select the right motor. If it were not for there excellent support, would have ended up buying a motor that would have been useless for my project.
    Their shipping process is a little slow though. I got my order in 2 days. I know online stores that send packages in a day.

  18. Rupesh

    Can any one have any idea, where can i find the development kit for programming/burner 8051 series micro controllers.

    Please suggest any shop in Delhi.

  19. trishik

    Can someone please tell me shops in Chandigarh… for robotics components..

  20. satish

    Can someone please tell me shops in hyderabad… for robotics components……..

  21. vivek

    can anyone please tell me shop in hyderabad for the pololu mini maestro 12 usb servo controller.its urgent

  22. khanna shravan

    i want to learn robotic? how should i learn.? is there any classes df

  23. Balaji

    Hi Mayank, you can buy Arduino based boards in tenet technetronics. You can also under workshop by them in latest technologies.

  24. Karan Kapur

    I think Probots is the best. i have purchased stuff worth more than 20k from them as of now, and haven’t had trouble with any of the products.

  25. kiran


    Hi I purchased ,from for more then 7 times since my last oct-2010 post , my last purchase was for my engineering project , They helped me like GREAT , also arranged some components which was not listed in there catalog and on time. Over all very great experience go ahead A+++++ Ranking

  26. reddy

    my final year project is on the single rotor flying robot..
    anybdy tell me where in new delhi shall i get flying robot all components
    plz its urgent

  27. reddy

    plz can any one tell me what are the specifications of the flying robot????

  28. Jagabandhu Mohanty

    I Want A Good Robot In My Study Which Is Obey My Information So Sent Me Some Robot Chat And Price In India In My Mai Id. Please

  29. Srinivas

    I want to sell new Robotics Books and Hardware which i was bought in USA recently:

    1) Robot Builder’s Bonanza.
    2) Build Your Own Robot
    3) Build Your Own Humanoid Robots..
    Axon Robot Micro controller,.Motors….
    Wireless Power drilling mechine…tools..Wireless Camera..

    If any one can interest to buy , please send mail to me:,

  30. Sanjeet Sahoo

    Can anyone tell me of a shop for the parts in kanpur,uttar paradesh the second hindi speaking city???????????PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. tejaswi

    Roland Electronics: 4-3-345/5, Gujarati Galli, Bank Street, Hyderabad Ph: 4756823, 9849070411
    Saini Enterprises: #3-4-234/1, Giriraj LaneBank Street, KotiHyderabad-95, Ph : 040-66783240, Mob : 09849299373
    Innovative Product Designers: No 204/A, IInd Floor, South Block Archana ArcadeSt Johns Road, Secunderabad-25Mob : 9866224780, 9000234780
    Turbo Electronics: 3-6-365/304, 5th Floor, Liberty PlazaHimayatnagarHyderabad-500029 Mob : 09908208883 Email :
    these are few places where u may find ur needs
    if u have queries just mail me (

  32. rasesh

    contact me for any robotic part , cheap but takes 30 to 45 days let me know

  33. shrirang

    i wants to buy a product RB-rbo-33 but there is a one problem of custem & transfer of pament if u add a cash on delivary option is much batter for me like students

  34. Harsh

    Is there any website to purchase robotics components on Cash-On-Delivery.

    I need urgently

  35. cbenson

    The question you need to ask yourself is – what guarantees that the customer will pay upon delivery? If you have cash, you might consider a bank transfer (you don’t necessarily need an account, but there is a fee), though this can take some time. Some smaller companies may accept Western Union, but CC and PayPal are the norms.

  36. maddy bhati

    hey ny one cn tells me a shop for cmponts for robots in delhi

  37. rohit

    can anyone tell me where i can by miniature hydraulics in india for rc toys

  38. rocker

    @ kiran

    u can get it in monda market lane in secunderabad inside the second kaman

  39. Kaizer

    Hey Dear Friend…
    All types of robotic spares are available in hyderabad at Roland electronics.
    Spares like servo motors,DC geared motors stepper motors wheels chains pully shaft solar panels wireless modules 4 /6 channel RC remote,Brushless motors ,balsa wood ,etc complete robotics spares and embedded solution for students and industrialist.
    They ship material also to different parts of India and the country.
    Contact details:
    Roland electronics.
    4-3-345/5 Gujarati Galli,
    Koti Hyderabad-500195.
    Ph: 040-24762746,24756823 ,30726823
    Mobile: 09849070411
    Telefax: 040-24756823.

  40. apoorv

    Hi. You can visit and

  41. Ac

    Hi guys.. I wanted to knw where can i get robotic spare parts at a retailer in bangalore. Can anyone help me out..:-)

  42. Abhishek

    I am looking for any electronic components dealer in jaipur,who sell ultrasonic distance sensor and products like that,arduino,accelerometer etc.

    Please tell me ASAP,or any other dealer/website with an option of cash on delivery in jaipur/rajasthan ,

  43. T. Bhooshan

    please can u tell me add for buy robots parts each one store in mumbai or in maharashtra or in india.

  44. aksha

    my group work on bot for robowar [iit bombay techfest], so we need 2dc motor with torque above 50kg/cm n rpm above 250 ,,,,,,,,,if have u , like that any type of motor , ,,,plz kindly inform their price detail n motor type or related website
    for it

  45. cbenson delivers to India. Check out the motors and actuators section.

  46. K.khambata

    Dear Friends!
    Arduino boards and it’s shields are available in Hyderabad at Rolands electronics koti. They also have in stock raspberry pi boards available readily.
    Servo motors dc geared motors stepper motors are at very reasonable price.The best things abt them is they have all the stuff related to robotics, Embedded systems all under one roof and they ship it all across .
    Email id:Rolandelehyd(at)

  47. Sree


    Check out the site for very cheap and wide variety of robotics components. These guys also helps u with assistance. Great work… They also arranges for products which are not in their site also.

  48. dsjoshi

    We are looking to open a robotic online shop in delhi and hyderabad. so please contact if you were distributor or manufacturer of robotic parts. my mail is dsjoshi77 at gmail dot com or my friend email endlasuresh at yahoo dot com

  49. cbenson

    You can contact RobotShop to be setup as a distributor, giving you access to over a hundred suppliers.

  50. Shivansh

    anyone know robotic shop in Varanasi U.P.
    please, i have flood of ideas and projects

  51. Chander Parkash

    Hi, we deal in all kind of robotic kits (imported and Indian) with our offices located at Gurgaon and Lucknow
    any one can contact.