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New RoboticApp Apps

New RoboticApp Apps

The creative minds behind RoboticApp recently released new versions of their popular applications with new functionality – and made them available via the MyRobots App Store.

RoboChat: received an update and still provides interaction with your iRobot Roomba using a chat – text interface. Command your robot to vacuum the floor and see it move around as it cleans the room. This app is free and you can download it now.

RoboControl: It now includes similar functionality to RoboGuardian and RoboPresence (which have been retired). When used in tandem with the RoboWebCam iOS app, it can transform your iRobot Roomba into a trustworthy surveillance robot. When combined with an iOS app such as Skype, your vacuum becomes an effective telepresence robot.

RoboServer and RoboServer Lite: These two new free server applications interact with your robot using a Bluetooth serial connection. They maintain a communication link between your “server” / computer and your robot so that other applications such as RoboControl can send commands to your robot and read sensor data from your robot.

Visit the MyRobots App Store today and upgrade your robot’s intelligence!


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