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A short article on how to build a simple infrared proximity detector. Adapted from the Stamps In Class robotics curriculum. After setting up your robot’s motors and letting it run, one of the first things you’ll realize, is that most likely it will run straight into a wall. How do get your robot to detect […]


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As I mentioned in last month’s article, I’d decided to turn my robot into a fire-fighting robot. Because of scheduling conflicts, I couldn’t attend the international contest in CT, but I was able to compete in our club’s local contest. Unfortunately, because of short time constraints I didn’t do so hot, but you can be […]


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This year (2001), my parents have assigned me the task of doing a science fair project. After many many brainstorming ideas, I’ve finally settled on the idea of a project about maze solving robots and algorithms. I read Robot Science and Technology’s article about the C* algorithm, with just a little bit of confusion. After […]