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“The street finds its own use for things. It’s all in the mix.” — William Gibson Feral Robotic Dog project is proof of this. It started with Natalie Jeremijenko, who advocated hacking robotic dogs and using them as a tool for exploring the environment. These wild dogs in effect became low cost sensor platforms, their […]


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In a tribute to Joseph Weisenbaum, Andrianne Wortzel has wired up a Robosapien to a chatbot and a webcam. The Robosapien sits in the studio and provides psychoanalysis over the Web. The project is Eliza Redux and is named after Weisenbaum’s famed Eliza. Curious idea, though more as an art piece than a technology triumph. […]


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Do not miss the new up-to-date and detailed How to Build a Robot – Grand Tutorial Series. The following article will show you how to build a simple robot, called “The Beetle Robot”, created by Jerome Demers. It’s great for beginners and is easy to do. Before starting, I suggest you to read the complete tutorial […]


Beetle Robot

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Here’s how to modify a servo for continuous rotation. If you’re building a robot, one of the first things that you need to think about, is how you are going to propel it. There are many different choices for this, including fans or propellers for a boat robot, props or turbines for a flying robot, or legs for […]