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Servo Magazine is giving away a Robonova. Just fill out their reader’s survey and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Click on the picture of the Robonova on their website. They survey has 23 questions and took me under 10 minutes to fill out. Questions range from how much of the magazine you read, to […]


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Here’s a nifty project I found off of Hackaday – how to build your own 16 point (4bit) digital compass. Instead of using the popular 3bit Dinsmore compass the author decided to build his own. The author attached a magnet to a reflective encoding disk. Using four infrared photoreflectors he was able to read the […]


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RoboGames 2006 looks like it was a big success. Here are some stories, videos, and pictures from the event: MAKE Magazin Day 1 MAKE Magazine Day 2 Flickr Photo Pool LaughingSquid.com coverage Geek Intertainment Inverview with ExoSkeleton maker, Monty Reed I’m sure there’ll be more to come.

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Don’t forget about the RoboGames coming up June 16-18th in San Franciso, USA. Tickets and pricing information are here. $55/$40 for a three-day pass, and $20/$15 for a one day. Here’s a video on YouTube about the games. Should be awesome. Anyone going?