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Roborealm has an interesting tutorial on using machine vision for obstacle avoidance in ground-based vehicles. The tutorial shows a series of image processing steps which can be chained together to detect the “highest” point in an image, based on the ground color. Presumably, that highest point is indicative of the best path to take in […]



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Here’s a nifty hack to add a shaft encoder directly into a servo box. Parts:1. Servo – Preferrably a Futaba or Tower Systems2. Drill3. Photointerrupter – Rat. Shack #276-142 (NOT the package with the diode and transistor separate),or any standard ‘U’ shaped photointerrupter – Available in most printers, VCRs, etc.4. Hot glue5. Potentiometer Background: For […]


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Cubiebot, a little robot made from hobbyist robot parts and cardboard is directing and filming its own documentary. As a matter of fact, many of these filmmaker robots are on the loose interviewing humans about their relationships with other robots. As shown in the video below, these cute robots capture the attention of the participants and invite them to […]


CubieBot, Filmmaker Robot

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What is FlowBotics Studio? FlowBotics Studio is a new robotics software development platform: it boasts the powerful FlowStone graphical programming language, and includes many demo robotics projects to get you started.  It can be used to control just about any robotics platform, data acquisition board, motor controller, servo board, sound card, or webcam. FlowBotics Studio […]


Much more hardware

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RobotShop and DSP Robotics just launched some new apps to get Phidgets quickly working on your computer. These apps are made with FlowBotics Studio, the new robotics software development platform. The new apps make it really easy to use Phidgets (you don’t even need to install the Phidgets drivers). Just download the Phidget app, and it’ll run, just […]


Pattern sequencer

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This is a nice video from a while ago describing how to quickly and cheaply put together a robot by using an old RC toy, an Arduino (actually a Seeeduino), a Ping distance sensor and a couple of other components. More in-depth videos of the construction below. We are eager to see our readers go crazy and build their own robots […]



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Lessons Menu: Lesson 1 – Software Downloading / Installing & Interface Lesson 2 – Basic Code Lesson 3 – Sensors: Potentiometers Lesson 4 – Sensor: Infrared Distance Lesson 5 – Actuator: Servo Motor Lesson 6 – Sensor: Force, Bend, Stretch Lesson 7 – Sensor: Accelerometer, Gyro, IMU Lesson 1 Hardware: Computer / Laptop or Netbook […]