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Instructable user randofo created a seed spreading robot by using a Lynxmotion Tri-Track kit and various other robot parts. In this instructable, randofo details the building process quite well including pictures and quite a humorous tone. He details, the mechanical, electronic and software design of his robot illustrating each step of the building-process. If you […]


Grass-seeds Spreading Robot

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Cubiebot, a little robot made from hobbyist robot parts and cardboard is directing and filming its own documentary. As a matter of fact, many of these filmmaker robots are on the loose interviewing humans about their relationships with other robots. As shown in the video below, these cute robots capture the attention of the participants and invite them to […]


CubieBot, Filmmaker Robot

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Do not miss the new up-to-date and detailed How to Build a Robot – Grand Tutorial Series. The following article will show you how to build a simple robot, called “The Beetle Robot”, created by Jerome Demers. It’s great for beginners and is easy to do. Before starting, I suggest you to read the complete tutorial […]


Beetle Robot