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This past Saturday the team from South Korea which designed, built and programmed their humanoid robot DRC-HUBO took home the $2 million dollar first-place prize as part of the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge. The focus of this year’s challenge was to create a robot which could complete a variety of tasks primarily related to disaster […]


DARPA Team Kaist

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As we reported before, DARPA issued its latest challenge where they will require a humanoid robot to complete a series of tasks (worthy of an action movie) which include driving a car, breaking down a wall, and using tools – all with the goal of “saving the day” during a mock industrial accident. The challenge officially started today, […]


Atlas by Boston Dynamics

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The Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR) is a new robot for the US military intended to rescue wounded soldiers in an active battlefields. It has been developed by Vecna Robotics form in Cambridge, MA. This robot is much stronger than the average humanoid robot. It can lift up to 500 lbs (~ 227 kg) with its two arms and travel on its quadruple […]


BEAR by Vecna

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Georgia Tech has been developing a Lizard Robot that can bury itself under the sand (or a sand analogue) and navigate its way into hard to reach places. Very much like a sandfish, the robot is covered by a smooth skin (made out of sexy spandex) and can freely move its (aluminium) body segments in order to bury itself deep under the sand. Unlike […]


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Emily, for Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard, is a new life guard robot on Malibu beaches, ready to replace Pamela Anderson. The company Hydronalix specializes in marine robotics and is the manufacturer of it. This life guard robot is able to swim and save people from drowning 6 times faster than a human life guard. And […]


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Quince is a rescuer robot prototype ready to respond to natural catastrophes (earthquakes, landslides, etc.) or work in buildings which have been damaged following explosions (gas, for example), terrorist or biochemical attacks. This robot can go on practically any terrain thanks to its 4 independent tracked legs and its body which also provides traction. Quince […]