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PROFIT 200 Canada's Fastest-Growing Company

PROFIT 200 Canada's Fastest-Growing Company

The 24th annual PROFIT 200 ranking of the top 200 Canada’s fastest-growing company has been released today. We are very proud to report that RobotShop is the number 63 on that amazing list with an 843% growth in the last five years. We must say we are humbled to be ranked among all the great Canadian companies that made it into the list.

If RobotShop is growing so fast is thanks to our awesome customers who are always coming up with new ways of making and using robots, and to the passionate RobotShop team who strives to put robotics at the service of everyone.

Most of us associate personal robots with a Jetsons-like future that never seems to arrive. But that may be changing, as more consumers give today’s sophisticated domestic robots a try. RobotShop Distribution Inc. is a leader in bringing robo-servants to the masses. The Mirabel, Que.-based e-commerce site carries more than 5,000 domestic and professional robots, toys and parts. And, last December, it launched a social network for robots. Robot owners use to connect their Wi-Fi-enabled machines and smart appliances to the Internet to monitor and control them. Currently, a floor-washing robot might alert its owner with a status update: “I’m almost out of batteries.” But the plan is to have the machines “speak” to each other; leave the fridge door open too long and your smart fridge could ask your vacuum robot to drive over and push the door closed.

- PROFIT 200

RobotShop’s performance confirms what experts around the globe are saying about the field of robotics: it is growing rapidly and is becoming a key strategic industry in the 21st century. With over 5000 products catering to the service robot market more precisely for education, research, domestic and professional use, I believe more than ever that RobotShop is a benchmark in the robotics market, showing the revolution that is underway, and that the reality of a robot in every home is not far away.

-  Mario Tremblay, CEO.

We invite you to read the full press release for more information about the ranking.



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