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Now that you have decided to create your own custom or semi-custom UAV, the first step is to choose the platform. You can either choose to create your own, or base the project off a UAV frame or kit. There are many different types of frames, types and sizes used to create multi-rotor UAVs. This guide covers the basic frame types, materials used to construct the frame, as well as design considerations. We welcome any feedback you have in the comments section below.


How to Make a Drone Lesson 2

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The RobotShop e-commerce website has been around since 2003 and has been the trusted online source for finding robots and robot parts. Over the last 11 years, the Internet has evolved and so have we; changing and updating the website’s design multiple times in order to further improve the shopping experience. Today we are proud […]



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RobotShop has launched a new design for comparison tables to improve the user experience. This new design facilitates comparison between products. To name a few features: – On a single screen you can compare more products than before. The number of items you see is adjustable depending on the size of your screen. – The comparison […]



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GoRobotics has been renewed and integrated into RobotShop blog. In the objective to keep one of the best online resources for robotic learning evolving and current, we revamped its looks, re-categorized its posts, added a bunch of new content and merged it with the RobotShop Blog. Wait what? All the resources from GoRobotics.net have been integrated along with the […]


GoRobotics Education

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This tutorial is intended to complement RobotShop’s Drive Motor Sizing Tool by providing you with a step by step explanation as to the calculations behind the dynamic tool. In the image below, half a mobile robot is shown. Although in this scenario only two out of the four wheels are driven, the equations below can […]


Drive Motor Sizing

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Last time we had a Design Goodness post, it was featuring the amazing Minimechadon creation of Mike Smyth, this time its the steampunkesc insect/clockwork creations of Mike Libby. Insects have always fascinated me and so does human technology, or maybe its more the need for humans to create and use technology that is more intriguing. […]