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It becomes more and more obvious that robots outperform humans in tasks that require speed, precision and complex computations. The video below featuring Rollin’ Justin, a mobile version of the well known Justin humanoid robot from DLR, catching two balls that are thrown at it. An interesting fact is that all the complex computations, that lead to predicting the ball trajectory […]



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DLR‘s Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics unveiled the DLR-Biped a walking biped platform that could very well become Justin’s legs (given they can support its weight). This outstanding platform was developed in a mere 10 months and uses technology borrower from previous DLR projects, such as Justin‘s arms. As shown in the video below the robot can […]


DLR-Biped Schematics

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Some time ago, the RobotShop team decided to build a telepresence system. Usually, these kinds of systems are sadly limited to a web-cam and a screen on wheels, and are simply a glorified videophone. This is not the case at RobotShop since we love robots and are all for crazy projects. This is why, a full […]


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