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Robot Construction Kits can be distinguished from normal robot kits since they use modular parts and allow you to assemble different robots using the same parts. A robot kit on the other hand only allows you to build one robot. Robot construction kits are a great investment because they tend to include everything you need […]


Lynxmotion SES V1.1 Construction Kit

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As we say goodbye to the 200x’s and welcome the 201x’s it’s good to pause a bit and think about the world as it was ten years ago. There was no Wikipedia, no YouTube, internet access was still dialup for a huge portion of the population, and we didn’t have a whole heap of really […]



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As 2009 comes to a close it’s time once again for the Robot Christmas Gift List! We’re featuring a few of the same, but mostly new, things since the 2008 Robot Christmas Gift Guide. We’ll be featuring 10 items that would make great gifts for the robot lover in your life. Prices range from $10 […]



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Here’s a neat design by Nils Volker for a spherical rolling robot. The robot propels itself forward by turning about its axis, and can change the direction of motion by dynamically changing the axis of rotation. This seems to be a more efficient design than having a suspended pendulum which causes the sphereical robot to […]


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After ten yeras, the array of creations made with the LEGO’s Mindstorms kit is pretty impressive. One of the latest things to amaze me is this NXT 3D scanner created by Philo. The device uses several motors and linear actuators to probe the surface of an object and precisely record its shape. The scanner, which […]



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The LEGO company is producing a special, Limited Edition, version of the Mindstorms NXT brick. The brick will be black, and LEGO will only produce 1998 of them, to commemorate the creation of Mindstorms in 1998. Owners will get special goodies, like bragging rights, and special programs with the purchase of their brick. The first […]



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The Christmas season is upon us, and it’s time to whip up your gift lists. Why not put a little robot love on there? Here’s some great suggestions for robotic gifts. We’ve featured 10 great products that will make excellent gift ideas for your robot loving friend or relative.   LEGO Mindstorms NXT   I […]



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I get a lot of emails and comments posted from folks asking questions about robotics. Unfortunately, most of them are rather specific and I just don’t have the time to answer them all individually. Thankfully, that’s where a few cool products, books, and websites come into play. Back when I first got started in robotics […]