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We all love the Mint, the small floor wiping robot from Evolution Robotics that came out last year. Today, Evolution Robotics is launching their new Mint Plus and you can preorder it at RobotShop. We expect to have it in stock on the first weeks of October 2011. Not only does this advanced version look amazing with its shiny black body, it […]


Sexy Mint Plus

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For those curious to see what is inside their Mint, but unwilling to void the warranty by opening the robot up, have no fear – RobotShop had the exciting opportunity to open up and disassembling one of Evolution Robotics’ Mint Automatic Floor Cleaners for you. If you thought Mint was cool on the outside, wait till you see […]



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Roomba‘s manufacture, iRobot recently filed a patent for a new indoors navigation system. The system is called “Celestial Navigation System” and is intended to be used on domestic robots that work indoors. This navigation system is intended to compete with the new generation of domestic cleaning roots such as the Neato XV-11 and the Evolution Robotics Mint. These robots can precisely navigate […]


iRobot Celestial Navigation System patent

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As announced in the recent RobotShop Press Release, the Mint, a floor wiping robot  by Evolution Robotics, is finally out in the wild and available at RobotShop along with all of its robotic floor cleaning friends. After vacuum robots, now it is the turn for floor wiping (or Swiffer) robots to clean our houses. This […]