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The Drive Motor Sizing Tool is intended to give an idea of the type of drive motor required for your specific robot by taking known values and calculating values required when searching for a motor. DC motors are generally used for continuous rotation drive systems, though can be used for partial (angle to angle) rotation […]


Drive Motor Sizing

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Lessons Menu: Lesson 1 – Software Downloading / Installing & Interface Lesson 2 – Basic Code Lesson 3 – Sensors: Potentiometers Lesson 4 – Sensor: Infrared Distance Lesson 5 – Actuator: Servo Motor Lesson 6 – Sensor: Force, Bend, Stretch Lesson 7 – Sensor: Accelerometer, Gyro, IMU Lesson 5 Hardware: Computer / Laptop or Netbook […]



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Choosing the right DC Motor (or DC gear motor) for a specific application can be a daunting task and many manufacturers only provide basic motor specifications. These basic specifications might not be sufficient for your needs. Listed below are ideal motor specifications and whenever possible, ways to approximate values.   BASIC SPECIFICATIONS Below is a […]



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This tutorial is intended to complement RobotShop’s Drive Motor Sizing Tool by providing you with a step by step explanation as to the calculations behind the dynamic tool. In the image below, half a mobile robot is shown. Although in this scenario only two out of the four wheels are driven, the equations below can […]


Drive Motor Sizing

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At RobotShop, we carry a wide variety of servo motors but it only becomes apparent once all the major kinds are put side by side. From left to right, the picture above shows the Dagu Micro, the HS-85MG (Mighty Micro), the HS-422 (one of the most popular servos), the HS-785HB Winch, the Servocity Heavy Duty Pan System, […]


Hitec HS-35D Micro Servo Motor

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It’s that time again! Time for the March celebration of GoRobotics’ 10th Birthday. We’re once again giving away fabulous robot prizes to 3 lucky winners. Previous contests have been great, and we’re excited to be doing it again with prizes from our sponsors Pololu, Super Droid Robots, Zagros Robotics, Solarbotics and No Starch Press. There […]