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Robotics is moving fast, and soon enough, applications (“apps”) made specifically for robots will become a multi-billion dollar industry. The new FlowBotics Studio software development platform is the ideal tool to create such “robot apps” and includes everything you need to make your robots smarter, easier to use and more functional. The FlowBotics Developer Zone is for anyone who is interested in creating robotic apps – from the curious but inexperienced enthusiast to the seasoned robotics developer. This website has the resources for anyone to get started quickly with creating their first FlowBotics Studio application.



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In this lesson, we take a look at Radio Frequency Identification, RFID for short. These systems use data strings stored inside special tags (or transponders) to uniquely identify people or objects when they are scanned by an RFID reader. These types of systems are found in many applications such as library books, animal identification, inventory control systems, and […]


Phidgets Lesson 4

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This lesson will help you choose and install a sensor for detecting objects. There are plenty of sensors that can do object detection, each offering different pros and cons, so you need to decide which one will fit your project best. When choosing a sensor, you need to ask yourself how you’ll be using it. […]


Phidgets Lesson 3