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Robot Construction Kits can be distinguished from normal robot kits since they use modular parts and allow you to assemble different robots using the same parts. A robot kit on the other hand only allows you to build one robot. Robot construction kits are a great investment because they tend to include everything you need […]


Lynxmotion SES V1.1 Construction Kit

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About Robotis BIOLOID Robotis Bioloid is an educational robot kit for building various robots such as an autonomous exploration robot, quadruped puppy robot, hexapod spider robot, dinosaur robot, bipedal humanoid robot and more. Boiloid is made up of three basic components: the CM-5 central controller, the AX-S1 sensor modulefor feedback and the special modular robot […]



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  The RoboBuilder robotics kits from a Korean company of the same name (or is it IRobou?) is now available for purchase from RobotShop. The kits, which are similar to the Bioloid robotics kits from Robotis, employ modular components, like motors and sensors, to allow builders to quickly create a wide variety of robotic creations. […]