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We’re always curious what our customers do with the parts they purchased. Dimitri Dekyvere was kind enough to share a video of the versatile LEGO robot he created using the new EV3 construction system along with LEGO compatible Mecanum wheels. The M3CANUM DOG is a very compact, 4WD Mecanum driven robot with sensor feedback, able […]



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Use this tools to compute, the resulting robot speed, the required motor RPM, and the corresponding wheel diameter. Solve for Vehicle Speed: Equation: Speed = (RPM (diameter * PI) / 60) Solve for Motor Speed: Equation: RPM = ((60 * speed) / (diameter * PI)) Solve for Wheel Diameter: Equation: Diameter = ((60 * speed) […]


Speed and RPM Gauge

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Are you looking to make a wheeled robot and not sure what size wheel you need? Here we provide an insight into some of the equations which affect your robot’s speed and distance traveled. Angular Velocity The velocity (feet per second) of a robot is directly related to the angular velocity, w (in radians per […]



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Designing a mobile robot and wondering what wheels (and how many) you should incorporate? You’ve come to the right place. Mobile wheeled or tracked robots have a minimum of two motors which are used to propel and steer the robot. Hobbyists tend to choose skid steering (like a tank) because of its simplicity to design, […]