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Dino Segovis has created an all-terrain robot on a roomba platform.

The “Urban Roverbot” is a mobile robot which is not satisfied with rolling on flat surfaces, that would be too easy :-)

No, the prototype by Segovis is inspired by Mars Exploration Rover and can roll on broken ground amongst stones.

It is 30 cm long and weighs 3.6 kg.

Since 2002, used iRobot Roomba robots have become the playground for developers and all do-it-yourself types.

Roverbot has been built with a Parallax Ping Ultrasonic sensor module (available at RobotShop) for navigation, the Rocker-Bogie used in the Mars Rovers for suspension, and an Arduino Microcontroller (available at RobotShop).

A short video demonstration:

[via wired]

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