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Troubleshooting a robot, building a custom robot or simply searching for the right part is significantly easier when there are others who are not only knowledgeable but are willing and able to help.


RobotShop Help


RobotShop understands that selecting the ideal robot, building a custom robot and troubleshooting are important to users.


The RobotShop Learning Center is intended to provide both new and seasoned robot builders with the tools, information and contacts they need to build ever increasingly complex robots. The Learning Center itself is a dynamic tool which will grow and change over time.


Membership is free and anyone can post threads about any robot-related topic ranging from generic ideas for robots to specific/complex programming issues. The robotic community has proven time and time again to be open to helping new hobbyists. We hope that you too will share the knowledge and skills you gain when building robots.


RobotShop’s staff includes technicians and engineers capable of helping you with a variety of different issues pertaining to products offered through RobotShop Distribution Inc.


Product Information: Many parts manufacturers try to provide as much information about their products as possible. Often manuals can be downloaded prior to purchase and you should strongly consider looking through the manual to see if it has been written in a way you can understand. RobotShop makes every attempt to include as much information about a product in the product page. Information such as PDF files, ZIP Files (including software), Videos and more can be found at the bottom of each product description when available.

Technical Support: Most manufacturers offer technical support either by telephone or e-mail. These technicians and engineers are specialized in their products and as such should be asked only specific information pertaining to their product lineup. Users are encouraged to contact RobotShop before contacting a manufacturer directly.

Forums: Some manufacturers have created forums to encourage users of their products to share information, questions and ideas. Often these forums encourage users to submit their successfully completed projects (using their parts).



Search engines: Google and other search engines are proving to be the fastest way for users to find the information they need. If you find parts or additional information that you found useful, do not hesitate to contact RobotShop via the Support Center.

Robotic Books:

Do not be fooled into thinking that a robotic book that came out in 2003 is not relevant in 2008. While new, technologically advanced products are brought to market every day, understanding the basics/fundamentals is what will help you in the long run.


Robot Magazines:

Robot magazines contain a wealth of information, and back issues can often be ordered. There is often a section that educates the reader about an aspect of robotics and sections that showcase other’s accomplishments.





The robotic community has proven time and time again to be open to helping new hobbyists. We hope that you too will share the knowledge and skills you gain when building robots.


Schools: If you are a student in high school, college or university, there are most likely ressources within your school library available to you free of charge. Consider also talking with teachers (some may be more interested and/or available than others to help you).


One response to “Basics: Where Can I Find Help and Resources?”

  1. peter ernest logar

    I know that now most of Robot Industries have new, small and very fast “SPIDER TYPE” Robots with Vision Systems and they are becoming to be much much cheaper than they were some years ago!
    It must be relatively easy to use some of these Robots to sort Peppers by any color, specially for Small Pepper Growers, those have now difficulty to hire Employes because of the interiorization of the Industry and since these pays better fees. Since sorting takes away a lot of time of these Growers and is a tiresome and slow work, Robots could sort the peppers by their color, by their physical aspect (if they are crippled, smashed, broken or rotten) , as well be able to fill them into Bottles or Packaging them into other Packages.
    I searched for a long time trough Internet all around the world but up to now I find no Sorting Robot to sort these small Fruits, only sorting Pills, Tablets and Capsules in the Pharmaceutical area, but if they can do this, certainly they can also pick up Peppers from a conveyor-belt, have a look at the Peppers and put them in the right sorting place!
    Who have such a Robot with Software and special Grippers or will be able to produce one?
    I think the fasted one at the moment on the market is the “Adept Quattro” Robot, but thy have no “Gripper” for these tiny little Chili Peppers!
    Can “Robot Shop” help me to find such a Sorting-Robot or an Ideal Gripper?
    Please answer me!
    I would be very glad to get some news from you!
    Best Regards
    Peter Ernest Logar
    Tel: 55 31 32212092 —— e-mail:
    Rua Sabino Barroso, 50 – Apt 204 – Cruzeiro
    Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brazil – 30310-200

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