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Pet Feeders & Fountains

Automatic pet feeders and fountains help you take good care of your pets and simplifies your life. With regular feedings and constant supply of fresh water your pet(s) will live longer and better.

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  • Automatic Pet Feeder (Medium)
    Review by Lance-4440
    Love the 8 settings per day and being able to measure the portions down to the second. Wish we had ordered the auto pet feeder years ago
    (Posted on 6/25/14)
  • Automatic Pet Feeder (Medium)
    Excellent Product
    Review by Michael
    We ordered two of the medium feeders before going on a weeks vacation. We set them up three days before we left. They were easy to program and worked exactly as represented. They worked perfectly while we were gone even though we lost electricity while we were away. Would highly recomend
    (Posted on 6/19/14)
  • Automatic Pet Feeder (Medium)
    Reliable and Accurate
    Review by Jean
    This feeder is far above any of the other automatic feeders currently available. I've tried several and have been disappointed with them all for one reason or another. This one dispenses food accurately (very important to me) and is so easy to adjust the amount or manually give a little extra. It is well made and not unattractive. I was so pleased with the first purchase that I bought another because my two kitties require different food. I feed them 6 times a day.....so many other feeders do not have this capability. My only complaint is that the lid is very difficult to open and close, but this is a small nuisance for such a great feeder. And my little guys love it too!
    (Posted on 5/18/14)
  • Automatic Pet Feeder (Small)
    Great product
    Review by Danotov
    This is a really well engineered automatic pet feeder.

    The included timer can be set for up to 8 feeding periods per day. This reliably determines the amount of seconds food is dispensed each time.

    I feel my cat and I have a healthier relationship now that he has stopped meowing at his food bowl every time a human is near it.
    (Posted on 4/28/14)
  • Automatic Pet Feeder (Small)
    Consistent and Reliable
    Review by kermit101
    I've had two of these feeders for six months now. They both output at a very consistent kibble-per-second rate, so I know the cats are getting the correct amount of food. No problems with the food jamming or anything else. It's a little difficult to clean properly around the auger and it takes patience to get the lids to screw on and off (I'm thinking that there must have been a defect in manufacturing), but overall a reliable feeder that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
    (Posted on 4/26/14)
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