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Business Opportunities

A partnership with RobotShop interests you? RobotShop has different business opportunities to suit your needs.

RobotShop Dealer Program

Dealer Program

RobotShop is looking for dealers interested in Robotics. If you would like to sell our products in your store, please fill the reseller application form and return it by the Support Center or by fax. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an answer within 5 business days.

Minimum first order: 1000$ Dealer Program Application Form

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RobotShop Manufacturers and Distributors


Why Manufacturers Choose RobotShop

  • Unsurpassed international visibility
  • Excellent relationship with our suppliers/manufacturers
  • RobotShop is partnered with the leaders in the industry such as iRobot, LEGO and Innovation First among many others
  • Confidentiality: RobotShop never shares sensitive sales data or communications between manufacturers.
  • High visibility and SEO optimization (web searches always lead to RobotShop)
  • World class bilingual (English/French) sales and technical support with highly trained technicians and engineers.
  • RobotShop is specialized in residential and commercial robotic technology.
  • We excel in distribution optimization and logistics.
  • Distribution network in Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and Internationally.
  • Why Manufacturers Choose RobotShop
  • RobotShop has been around for many years and continues to grow.
  • Manufacturer page: Each manufacturer has their own page where all their products are displayed. Also, these products are placed in their respective categories for unsurpassed visibility.
  • Product descriptions are also translated into French for even more visibility.
  • Customers will know immediately you are the manufacturer simply by looking at the product description.
  • Increased visibility with product reviews in popular robotics magazines such as ROBOT Magazine and Servo Magazine.
  • Easy to navigate website layout.

By partnering with RobotShop, your products and brands will gain significant visibility worldwide in multiple markets, including:

  • Hobbyist and custom robot developers: a large segment of our customers are always looking for innovative products such as yours.
  • Research and Development Organizations: Professionals and engineers alike prefer to purchase all their parts from one location.
  • Government and Military.
  • Designers and Manufacturers: many of our products are sold to manufacturers to be used in their products or their production process. When a part is successful in a company?s prototype, the company often seeks out pricing by quantity which RobotShop offers.
  • Education and Competitions: RobotShop's established customers include all levels of schools as well as student competitions.
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RobotShop Accelerator for Inventors & Developers

With our excellent visibility and worldwide appeal, RobotShop is without a doubt the best partner for commercializing and distributing your robotic inventions.

If you are an inventor and/or developer and have a patent and/or commercialization license from your university, following a Masters or PhD for example, but you lack the resources and know-how to bring your product to market, the RobotShop Technology Accelerator can help you. So who can benefit from the RobotShop Accelerator? Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovators / developers
  • Students
  • Universities
  • Startups and small companies

Our method is proven, simple and efficient:

  1. Contact: Begin the process by contacting our engineering team via the RobotShop Support Center under 'Accelerator / Inventors' with as much information about your creation as possible, including:
    • Description of the product and what it does
    • Images / videos of the prototype(s)
    • Target market (children, teens, schools, hobbyists etc)
    • Patents / Intellectual Property obtained / pending
    • Specifications (dimensions etc)
    • Any conflicts of interest with other parties (investors, teammates etc)
    • Any other information you deem relevant in order to help us make a decision
  2. Optimization: Our engineers are specialized in simplification and optimization of technologies with the goal of mass commercialization. We help you to target opportunities and market segments offering the greatest potential and work with you to adapt the product to suit these needs;

  3. Manufacturing: RobotShop pairs your product with the most suitable manufacturer(s) and takes care of all the overhead. RobotShop represents over 300 manufacturers at this time;

  4. Distribution: RobotShop invests in the initial stock with the intent to sell the product on our websites via our global distribution logistics;

As the inventor, you collect royalties on all sales and can focus on enjoying life and inventing new things. RobotShop is here for you and expedites what used to take years and thousands of dollars to make happen.

For more information, please visit the RobotShop Technlogy Accelerator Program FAQ. Read the FAQ

Here is the video version of the press release



-If you are a manufacturer and are interested in producing inventions from our inventors and developers, please contact us via our online Support Center by selecting the 'Manufacturers' category.

-If you are an investor and are interested in investing in the Accelerator, please contact us via our online Support Center by selecting the 'Accelerator' category.

-If you think the Accelerator program is right for you, or would like to know more information, please consult the FAQ section before contacting us.

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Robot App Developers

In the near future, the intelligence behind your robot's behaviour will not be restricted to their physical platforms; most of the intelligence dictating their behaviour and actions will be in the cloud. This intelligence will be transferable to all robotic platforms, real or virtual. Information, knowledge, and skills will be available instantly. The robot developers are the new heros of science and technology and they know what is coming. They understand technology's evolution. Once robots are connected to the Internet, what is the next logical step? The next step is the Web for Robots where apps will become a multi-billion dollar industry. Developers that will have started to experiment early to sell and build their Brand will have huge advantage. Start developing and selling robot apps now.

Visit the Robot App Store FAQ
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