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Aquaproducts Commercial

Aquaproducts commercial robot cleaners will suit your needs when it comes to small hotel pools, school pools or even semi-olympic to olympic pools. Not sure which commercial pool cleaner suits your needs? View our commercial robot pool cleaner comparison .

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Repair Center, Lifetime Warranty and free delivery at RobotShop

Posted on March 05, 2010

By Vincent Abry & filled under RobotShop.

We want to remind you that on this blog at the RobotShop we are the best! Here are three of the main benefits that make us different: - The Repair Center also called the Robot Hospital is one of RobotShop’s strong points. We repair the Roomba discovery and 500 series (vacuum cleaner robots) and Scooba [...]
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Aquaproducts is promoting their Aquabot pool cleaners in Canada! [CENTER] http://www.robotshop.ca/content/images/banners/aquabot-promotion-homepage-en.jpg ... robot manufactured by Aquaproducts. This promotion does not include models in the Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot line. [CENTER] http://www.robotshop.ca/Images/xbig/fr/pool-rover-junior-aquabot-fr-B.jpg ...
2010-05-05 16:16 by ForumAdmin
[LEFT][FONT=Verdana] Order ANY Aquaproducts Robot Pool Cleaner before July 31st 2009 and have a chance of obtaining ... http://www.robotshop.us/Images/small/en/aquamax-biturbo-commercial-robot-pool-cleaner-T.jpg [/CENTER]
2009-07-15 15:52 by ForumAdmin
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