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Who we are

Founded in 2003, RobotShop Distributon Inc. is proud to put robotics at your service. We specialize in personal and professional robot technology and offer a wide range of robotic products and services in this sector. We have offices in USA, Canada and France. Our head office is located in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada.

Our mission

At RobotShop, our mission is to put robotics at your service!

Our vision

At RobotShop, our vision is to be the World leading source for personal and professional robot technology that help increase the pleasure, knowledge, liberty and security of individuals. We are also committed to promoting and advocating the interest and necessity of robotics use towards positive ends, allowing humanity to attain a better world.


(Extracts of unsolicited communications received from clients)

Guest, December 22nd 2014

Fast shipping. Great ordering process. Will DEFINATELY buy from again in the near future! 

Guest, December 21st 2014

I am extremely satisfied with the way you have handle my order including the delay because of security validation. I understand my first order is quite high (near $2000) and that you have to make sure that it is a genuine transaction. Thanks

Greg, December 19th 2014

Very happy with the customer service I received. I placed the order and then sent a request asking for a change - you did it without hesitation and my complete order arrived quickly. Thank you!

Mike, December 19th 2014

Very responsive employees. Fast shipping. We will be buying more components in the future! 

Suzannah, December 18th 2014

made a last minute change to my order and your team was great! I recieved product very quickly - thank you 

Christopher, December 18th 2014

As always, excellent help from friendly knowledgeable staff. Pay raises all around!!

Peter, December 17th 2014

I don't have the product at this time. But your people are really good, vey polite and knowledgeable. If they could not answer my question ,they would tell me so and find the answer from some one else. I will shop with you guys again if the situation requires it.

Taylor, December 17th 2014

I think you are doing great and have great communications with your customers

Chirk, December 17th 2014

The support service is very impressive. They answer me really quickly and are able to find the information I need.

Stetz, December 15th 2014

Your customer service on the phone was excellent. My experience with the tech support through e-mail was also fantastic. I am excited to receive my shipment.

Jean-Francois, December 15th 2014

Excellent customer care and prices are competitive 

Pam, December 15th 2014

Robotshop has been wonderful to work with. We are a middle school in Southern Indiana and sometimes we have trouble working with companies because of our rules and regulations we have to follow being a school. Thanks for everything. Our Science Olympiad teacher feels great that he found this company.

Beverly, December 14th 2014

Wonderful service and products. Questions were answered quickly and products arrived quickly. Very happy with my purchases. 

Sonam, December 14th 2014

Over all it was a nice experience, prompt respond and reliable information. 

Amanda, December 14 2014

My question was about packaging of an item. I was sent a photo of the item (it appeared your staff person snapped a quick pic on their phone). This was exactly what I needed. The service could not have been better. Thanks! 

Dhoot, December 14th 2014

Very happy with the rapid response to some technical queries. Thank you. 

Tom, December 13th 2014

I had a small back order issue with my order and the folks at RobotShop worked with me and had it resolved in less then 24 hours. I'm very satisfied. 

Igor, December 13th 2014

Very effective - quick&reliable!!! 

Guest, December 12th 2014

Fast and quality service. High satisfaction. 

Luc, December 12th 2014

You are doing great! Communication with the customer is excellent. Thanks!

Khalid, December 12th 2014

I'm happy to deal with you and I will but more stuff soon and the customer service is excellent.

Andrew, December 11th 2014

Super easy Web site to use. Super fast shipping

Andreea, December 10th 2014

You were great. You gave me all the information I needed and when I changed my order to something else you were prompt with the delivery. Thank you very much Robotshop, I will certainly buy from you again and I am recommending you to my friends as well! 

Guest, December 10th 2014

Very helpful and prompt. Due to my unusual shipping circumstances (very rural, no mail delivery to physical address) special circumstances had to be made, and Robotshop accommodated me on both occasions I have used them. 

Tony, December 10th 2014

Very good customer support team . They answer question very fast and very helpful . Thank you guys.

Jerry, December 8th 2014

Very fast service, easy to get help. 

Jose, December 8th 2014

Congratulations to RobotShop Team!! I never had a good service as you give me , you have a good attention , a quickly support and an amazing attention. I hope find in your service more items for my projects. 

Fiorella, December 8th 2014

Excellent customer service

Mike, December 8th 2014

Great response on a question about an add on plate for the robot. Still hoping all will arrive in time for Christmas. 

Claude, December 7th 2014

I think you are doing very well ! Efficiency and client mindness, kindness on top.

Frederick, December 5th 2014

Your website is well organized and easy to search. Your response to my question was outstanding! You gave me more info than I expected and it was much appreciated. 

Ali, December 5th 2014

Your support is very good very effective, Because you reply is point by point very systematic using very easy language, Though non technical and new people can understand very well .All answers promptly in time just and perfect. I will rate it 100%

Sergio, December 5th 2014

I like shop with yours store, because the attention is priority! 

Ken, December 4th 2014

You have to ask?! Given that you solved my problem and did it super fast all the while maintaining a friendly, responsive, and positive attitude deserves top marks.

Brian , December 3rd 2014

Very quick and very thorough response to my questions. I also applaud the advice to purchase a product less expensive than what I was inquiring about - because of a better expected outcome at my level of experience. I appreciate that honesty. Look forward to purchasing from you. Thanks. 

Daniel , December 3rd 2014

You folks really do go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. The schematic was key to allowing me to use this shield and thanks also for the link to the Eagle software that allows me to open .sch files in the future. I’m still waiting for the probe (not ordered through you) so I haven’t done any testing yet, but the information you provided so far should be a tremendous help.

Bojar, December 3rd 2014

Even though the product I ordered was not available for immediate shipment, the way you folks handled the refund, including the communication, shows that you truly care... You've got my vote!!! 

Ranjan , December 2nd 2014

Customer service is awesome . I wanted to amend my order and it was taken up very quickly and revolved. I really like the product selection as well. Keep it up. You guys rock!!. Will order again !! 

Majedah , December 2nd 2014

I would say I'm very happy, the customer support experience was very helpful with fast respond to resolve the problem ,and quick reply to my emails ,i will recommend this product to everyone i know it deserves the 5 stars thanks :) 

Guest, December 1st 2014

Quick delivery. Cheaper than Amazon.

Guest, November 30th 2014

Pleasant and helpful customer service, great store. Keep it up! 

Guest, November 29th 2014

Robot Shop had everything I was looking for, at an extremely affordable price, and super fast shipping. Thank you so much.

Dean, November 28th 2014

Very fast response to my questions. Looking forward to buying more from RobotShop.

Patrick, November 28th 2014

Product support and customer satisfaction is RobotShop's key focus for sure. You guys took care of my defective part right away and sent me out a
replacement. I couldn't ask for better service.

Danielle, November 27th 2014

I could not ask for better service. Your company is fast with its delivery and effecient in spotting trouble spots. I did expect you to send me an e-mail concerning a back order item. This gave us the option to continue with present order or to modifiy it, which we did. We appreciate greatly your services. Thank you!

Ken, November 27th 2014

Enquiry and quotation process was very slick. Samples ordered earlier arrived in a timely manner sooner than expected. Overall, very good.

Guest, November 26th 2014

Great customer service!

Guest, November 25th 2014

This seller is great i posted a question on fb before i purchased they answered very fast and 2 days later my ez robot controller was in my hands. i will
shop from them again for sure

Guest, November 25th 2014

Very helpful in answering and made good suggestions. Very patiently answered repeated questions. One of the reasons for my ordering is the great pre-sales
support. I am assuming if I need any support after the sales, it would be the same.

Guest, November 24th 2014

Fast shipping, well packaged and terrific service. Do not hesitate and order from RobotShop now

Bo, November 23rd 2014

Overall, my answers I received were quickly answered in a detailed message to help me solve for robotic questions in the best way answered. I couldn't ask
for more help, and I know if I did, RobotShop would be right on it!

Guest, November 23rd 2014

Without a doubt a better than perfect transaction. Thank you.

David, November 22nd 2014

Your guys are great, with a great selection, great customer service and quick shipment.

Madison, November 22nd 2014

Very good information, helped me out a lot! Great team of people for sure.

Paul, November 21st 2014

Your tech people are amazing and definitely helped me, when I was stuck trying to figure out what I needed to complete my project. I am very grateful for  your help and I can't wait to get started installing my new radio gear. Thank you so much!!

Bernie, November 21st 2014

Excellent Service!

Guest, November 21st 2014

Great service. Package tracking was spot on. All ordered items have functioned as expected. Excellent selection of hardware that inspires the imagination to
build. I will certainly be visiting them for all future projects.

Richard, November 20th 2014

All I can say is awesome service!!!

Jane, November 20th 2014

Reply to my inquire was prompt. The answer was complete so no additional questions / e-mails were needed.

John, November 20th 2014

Very thorough and knowledgeable response. Thanks!

Paul, November 20th 2014

Great thoughtful, well-researched feedback about my question regarding a certain item.

Scott, November 19th 2014

The response to my question about VEX wheel compatibility was quick, helpful and accurate.

Philippe, November 19th 2014

Super, I get the answer for any question I asked. Thank you Robotshop!

Damian, November 19th 2014

The customer service was very helpful and quick to reply to any questions I had. Keep up the great work.

Paul, November 19th 2014

Everyone at RobotShop has been exceptional. At no fault of their own there was a problem with a part I bought. The team moved heaven and
earth to make sure it was taken care of. They kept me updated and let me know they cared about resolving the issue. Without a doubt the best
customer service experience ever!

Guest, November 18th 2014

Robot Shop is a great place to get fun, educational gifts that also reflect today's technological society in a positive way. I have never had a difficulty finding something to purchase for young people of various ages. The delivery was smooth and I like how our orders are acknowledged and tracked.

Guest, November 18th 2014

Extremely easy to use web site, fast shipping and great packaging... Can't wait to use the items..

Jean-Pierre, November 17th 2014

Everything is perfect, products, services and delivery.

Phoenix, November 16th 2014

Very fast response to a quick question! Thanks!

Eric, November 16th 2014

Excellent customer service, prompt replying and satisfying answers.

Philomene, November 16th 2014

You are doing FANTASTIC! Really I love Robotshop! Thank you for being there and offering such a good and quick service!

Robert,November 14th 2014

I am delighted with the support that I have received from the RobotShop Technical Team regarding my A4WD1 Rover with PS2 Control and an ALD5 Arm. The RobotShop Technical Team displayed the kind of professionalism, knowledge and patience that I established as the norm during those times in my career that I was in Technical Support/Customer Service/Business Development roles. It would have been a pleasure to have them on any of the teams that I managed.

Laurence, November 13th 2014

I've always received a rapid response to my queries with positive outcomes.
Guest, November 12th 2014
Shipping was quick, great website to search

Sue, November 11th 2014

I have been extremely impressed so far. Unfortunately the litter box did not work for the cats, but was lucky that we were able to trial it and then return
it. Thank you so much. I could not pick a number betwen 1 - 5 to rate above, wouldn't let me pick, but I'd say a 5 so far.

Volodymyr, November 10th 2014

Fast fixing then shipping for reasonable price. Satisfaction guarantied. Highly recommended company.

Guest, November 10th 2014

RobotShop - They are the best. Any questions - they will go to the ends of the earth to help you. I knew nothing about what I was buying for my grandson -
they helped me find everything I needed for what I was buying. Without their assistance I wouldn't have had all that he needed.

James, November 9th 2014
Communication is key pillar to all success, I think you all have mastered that.

Mark, November 9th 2014
Great response, exactly what I needed. Thank you

Allan, November 9th 2014

Quick and prompt response. Very satisfied.

Kathy, November 8th 2014

It really helped me to be able to ask questions. Your staff was very helpful and quick to reply.

Ian, November 8th 2014

Both pre-sales and after-sales customer support have been excellent at all times. You can always tell as a customer if customer support actually cares or not or for that matter knows their products. Robotshop delivers.

Dave, November 8th 2014

Your customer service is 2nd to none. I have never had such good support from any online shopping site and I do a lot of online ordering. 

Mikolaj, November 8th 2014
Your customer service is pretty fast and helpful. Keep it up.

Robert, November 8th 2014

Was very pleased to see that they fully honored their company guarantee of the product I had bought. I had a dust bucket that had cracked and they had the part in stock and covered the cost of the part with their own warranty. 

Quinn, November 8th 2014

I was very impressed with the speed of your order fulfillment, and your customer support (both took less than one day!). Keep up the good work!

Norma, November 8th 2014

I give a five stars. Excellent couldn't be better. I want to thank you with all heart for all the help you have given me and explanations in detail on what I needed to do.

Alonso, November 7th 2014

Great experience shopping here. I had 1 defectuos servo and they make the warranty valid. Definitely will shop here again.

Allan, November 7th 2014

Great customer service with fast helpful responses.

Jorge, November 7th 2014

Excellent service and communication!

Bosco, November 7th 2014

Excellent service, fully satisfied.

Reagan, November 6th 2014

I purchased three products from robotshop.com. I received everything in a timely manner! I loved the robots and the lie detector kit I received and even when I had a small issue robotshop was there to fix it quickly and made sure I was satisfied! I would highly recommend purchasing from this website! The prices are great and the products are even better.

Germain, November 6th 2014

Very reactive email service!

Sandra, November 6th 2014
I have ordered through RobotShop before and my experiences have always been good. The emails have always been very pleasant and informative. My inquiries are responded to very quickly. So in short, I would recommend RobotShop to a friend without hesitation. Thanks so much!
Timo, November 5th 2014

Customer service is fast and helpful.
Guest, November 4th 2014
Roboshop has given me great service with my order; quick to deliver and accurate. All parts worked as expected.  I will shop there again and will recommend it to my friends
Guest, November 3rd 2014

Hi. I think your answer was so so detailed. Quick and good response. Thanks.

David, November 3rd 2014

Very quick response and total satisfaction!

Larry, November 2nd 2014

Great job getting back with me. Most of the time when I do these type tickets it takes 1to 2 day.

Guest, November 1st 2014

Both pre-sales and after sales support have been excellent at all times. Highly recommended

Guest, October 31st 2014

The customer service team at Robot Shop has been extremely helpful. They helped me get the correct information for my purchase order and assisted me in revising my order when items weren't available. My experience with Robot Shop so far has been very positive, and I hope to do more business with them in the future. 

Guest, October 30th 2014

It was fast and cheaper than Amazon.

Eric, October 30th 2014

Great service. Upon determining that I had a backordered product in my order, I was offered the option to split my order
into two partial shipments. My questions were answered promptly, and the shipping was fast as ever.

Guest, October 28th 2014

Convenient, fast, efficient, reasonable price. What more can you say?

Ryan, October 28th 2014

I think you are doing great. Thanks!

Catherine, October 28th 2014

Excellent communication and very good reactivity of the customer service, quick refund of an item with an extended delivery time following a break stock.For my next order, I'll probably have more luck! Thank.

Sebastian, October 26th 2014

Every time I ask for bid or make order, reaction is fast and proffesional.

Michael, October 25th 2014

My experience with customer service has been amazing. I purchased a Tarat 810 hexa multirotor frame but then realized the payload that I would need to carry would require motors and props that would not fit the frame. They were very happy to work with me and return the frame and then allow me to purchase a larger frame that would accommodate my needs. Thank you robot shop you have been awesome.

Chris, October 25th 2014

All my needs are met whenever I deal with anyone in your company.

Guest, October 25th 2014

They repaired my Neato under their 5 year warranty period with no issues or hassles. A great experience with fast turn

Scott, October 25th 2014

Shipping is very quick to my location, the selection of products is fairly comprehensive.
As for the customer support itself I haven't needed anything corrected, so the initial phases of the system are working
great. It's fair to say thatrobotshop.ca is my first choice for purchasing stuff lately.

Peter, October 25th 2014

I received excellent advice that solved my problem within a very short time span. Impressed and happy with the service.

Michael, October 25th 2014

Superb. Very helpful to this newbie. Response time is amazing. Even providing urls for products better suited for my
application. Thank you!

Charlesworth, October 25th 2014

Your follow up to ensure that your customers are not forgotten, speak volumes.

Guest, October 24th 2014

Service is faster than predicted, efficient and friendly.

Pim, October 23rd 2014

Very clear and detailed answers to my questions. my thanks is great

Brian, October 23rd 2014

Always great to deal with!

Joel, October 23rd 2014

I think you guys did a great job. I could not of asked for a better job. Thank you.

Ian, October 23rd 2014

Got clear answers on what I needed for my project. Excellent service, glad to have come across robotshop.

Peter, October 23rd 2014

Quick and effective, thanks!

Marko, October 22nd 2014

The answer was prompt and satisfactory.

Geri, October 22nd 2014

Your company has been fantastic to work with! You're a 5 in my book. Thank you!!

Guest, October 19th 2014

Freakin' quick I wish I had used it sooner.

William, October 19th 2014

Your response was quick. You offered a solution to my problem and it worked. I am quite amazed at this level of service.

Don, October 19th 2014

Great work, keep walking :) Nice site with lots of unique products which are also with good price .

R, October 18th 2014

Very fast service in addressing and fixing my backorder issue and implementing the required changes. No problems I
shipping and items received. Doing excellent.

Chris, October 17th 2014

Wow, that's excellent information! That's likely the best, most useful tech support reply I've ever had :) Many, MANY thanks, that was exactly the info I needed.

Curtis, October 16th 2014

I am pleased with the responsiveness of RobotShop in performing my orders, and in keeping me informed of things like shipping and back-orders. Good job, folks.

Guest, October 15th 2014

Robotshop service was the faster I've ever seen. I'm not lying. You're very efficient. Thanks a lot.

Aaron, October 14th 2014

Customer service is always top quality. Every time I've asked questions, whether sales or technical, the responses are always thorough. They have always taken the time to find the correct answers.

Charlesworth, October 12th 2014

Your follow up service is very good, gives a customer that personal touch that is lacking in so many other business.

Guest, October 12th 2014

RobotShop has very good service. My product was shipped quickly and I received it quick too. Everything I ordered was there and in excellent condition. I will definitely be purchasing from RobotShop again and recommend them to anyone.

Matthieu, October 12th 2014

Always great support from the first email sent (very fast reply!), to when the problem is fixed... Great work, great
staff. Keep it up Robotshop!

Ted, October 12th 2014

Good shop. Quick shipment when in stock. Good quick communication. I will continue to use the Robotshop.

Thomas, October 12th 2014

Your customer service has been perfectly satisfactory on this ticket. Thanks!

Matthias, October 10th 2014

Perfect products, perfect service, friendly contacts. keep it up.

Zhibin, October 10th

I must say I am impressed by your custom service quality and efficiency. This made me feel very comfortable to shop with you guys. I will definitely continue shop with you and recommend you to my friends as well.

Guest, October 9th 2014

These are the best prices I've seen so far for the items im looking for, keep up the good work!

Pierre, October 9th 2014

Dear Robotshop, you are part of the best of all online stores I know! I love receiving email that give me a status of my  order, you are quick and dedicated to get parts delivered. keep up the good work!

Dave, October 8th 2014

Very good. Quality products at fair prices. Prompt shipping.

Clement, October 8th 2014

My order arrived very quickly, and the staff is very helpful.

Mario, October 8th 2014

Material received very good, very good service after and during transaction.

Guest, October 8th 2014

Nice work on pricing and free shipping in Canada for over $200

Gianluca, October 7th 2014

sérieux et de compétence à la fois dans l'acquisition et dans l' expédition effectuée en Italie

RIZWANUL, October 7th 2014

It was a great experience. Specially I want to mention that Jeffrey helped me a lot giving all the useful advices.

Brad, October 6th 2014

I like the site, it looks good and runs smooth. The customer support was FANTASTIC getting back to me within just minutes of posting my question.

Guest, October 6th 2014

This website is awesome.

Timothy, October 6th 2014

Fast and courteous... Thank you!

John, October 5th 2014

Technical team was incredibly helpful. You were quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable.

 Keith, October 5th 2014

love your stuff and staff keep it up.:) you guys rock!!

Brian, October 4th 2014

Greatest customer service ever!!! Two thumbs up!! If I had three thumbs you would get that one also!!

Guest, October 3rd 2014

Information for each product such as reviews/parts listing of what's in the box ... and lets not forget about the fantastic prices on kits for all areas. i think i just found my calling for getting started in the robotics world.

Duane, October 2nd 2014

The support and timely answers I get really help me with decisions. YOur support offers great advice

Matt, October 2nd 2014

Great service!

Pablo, October 2nd 2014

I will keep using robotshop - I know I can trust the company!

Mark, October 2nd 2014

love your site and products, so glad I found it, now I wish I had more free time to build all the things I imagine

Allan, October 2nd 2014

Received order today in good condition thank you I do like the fact you kept in touch by email on the order this is very important keep up the good work thanks Al

Rolandas, October 1st 2014

From my huge experience in business, this shop and team are the best example how should work e-trade company. Excelent service: warranty, communication etc. Great thanks and respect.

Martha, October 1st 2014

We had a question soon after receiving the order. That was answered promptly, we liked that. After dealing with Sabertooth for quite a while, it was determined that the unit was defective. When my husband told me that the unit must be returned for replacement, I said that I wished we had ordered this from Amazon since they are so good with no hassle returns. I was not in the mood for hassling. To my pleasant surprise, RobotShop shipped the replacement upon receiving the RMA, and we later returned the first unit. We like this kind of service, thanks RobotShop. If the occasion arises we will do business with you again.

Dave, September 27th 2014

They have done a good job with me... helping me finding a replacement part for a Back ordered part..! Will buy again!

MRRIV, September 27th 2014

Excellent Customer service! Very Fast response! Very Reliable company! Hope deal again in the future. Package arrived
fast, all well and in order Thanks

Gregory, September 24th 2014

Excellent support. Prompt response with good resolution. 

Witold, September 22nd 2014

I'm very satysfied with your efficient service. Thank you very much for your help.

Leland, September 22nd 2014
I was quite happy with your responsiveness. I sent an email requesting a quote for particular parts, and the inquiry was answered within just a few minutes of submission.

Alain, September 22nd 2014

Only one word : perfect.

Natasha, September 21st 2014

Excellent customer with prompt replies. Also great security for payment options.

Elizabeth, September 19th 2014

Thank you for the assistance. The response was very quick and handling was excellent.

Valerie, September 19th 2014
Awesome response and customer service. New cord was received in 3 days! I am really pleased, thank you!

Movie Maker, September 19th 2014

I have always been satisfied with your EXCELLENT service. I was waiting for my backorder and I had to cancel it because something came up where I needed the cash more at this time for something else. It had NOTHING to do with you guys. Keep up the GREAT service!!!
Nicolas, September 19th 2014
I think we can't have a better customer support. I received a defective Neato Botvac 80 and I immediatly had support for it after I reported the problem. Robotshop sent me another robot and a returning shipping label for free. This is what we can call excellent service. Now my new robot works fine and I'll never regret buying from Robotshop.

Ron, September 17th 2014

I've contacted you support folks twice and both times I was very impressed by the speed and accuracy of the responses.

Steve, September 17th 2014

Awesome customer service - have bought many times from RobotShop. Will continue to do so.

Davey, September 16th 2014
Terrific support. Item was sent right away and was packaged well. I love the new Roomba and would highly recommend RobotShop.
 Bruno, September 15th 2014
It was very fast and precisely. You gave me the right information in a fashion time. Thanks very much.

Robert, September 15th 2014

 I commend RobotShop Technical Support for responding quickly to my emails and providing me with valuable information for my first foray into robotics at age 69. I also commend RobotShop Sales for courteously answering my questions and amending my order to include 1 item I forgot on my original order and a 2nd item I did not previously know I needed. Having been in Customer Service/Technical Support for 20+ years, I assure you that the services I received from Robot Shop/Lynxmotion have been first rate.

Nick, September 15th 2014

Very prompt and professional - very good service thank you!

Bryan, September 14th 2014
I love the Lynxmotion Vtail frame! So damn good looking! Very well made and stiff! I can't wait to see it fly!

Chemsafe, September 14th 2014

Everything went exactly to plan and the vacuum cleaner has worked very well. Great customer support. An excellent experience.

Elisabeth, September 13th 2014

Prompt replies and service when we had a technical issue with the kit - very satisfied with response and solution.

Marie-Rachel, September 13th 2014

You have great customer service, quick to reply.

Titanium, September 12th 2014
RobotShop to date has provided me with excellent products, documentation and delivery. I do not hesitate to continue to use RobotShop for all my electronic and robot needs.

Mrclean, September 11th 2014

Prompt and answered my question. thanks 

Wesley, September 11th 2014

You were very helpful with my enquiry.

Chemsafe, September 11th 2014

Product delivered on schedule. Your Help Desk gave reassuring and correct advice. Thank you for the great support! 

Alexander, September 11th 2014

The people responding to the email were great; they were quick to respond and very helpful. I was pleased with the service from RobotShop overall.

Mario, September 10th 2014

We are satisfied with the support. A very fast and helpful answer about the the 4D Audio Module. 

Anthony, September 10th 2014

You have been very helpful in this project.

David, September 10th 2014
VERY VERY GOOD service and fast delivery.

Thank you very much.

Deb, September 8th 2014

I appreciated the kind reception from all whom I talked to. Everyone was knowledgeable and made me feel important. Thanks again and I look forwards to receiving my purchase.

Lance, September 7th 2014

A+++++++++ customer service

Ron, September 7th 2014
Your support people answered all of my questions in a timely manner.

The order process was very straight forward and Canada Post says it should be here tomorrow (A day earlier than your estimate).

So my overall experience was very good and I will be back again and will recommend RobotShop to my friends.

Donald, September 7th 2014

Very fast and efficient answers to questions 

Davor, September 5th 2014
I had an issue with my order and the very next day I received support from a real person @robotshop, who actually really wanted to help me. What can I say? Thank you
Michael, September 4th 2014

You did an amazing job answering my question and finding what i needed.

Anthony, September 4th 2014

I've had multiple questions answered by robotshop.com and as a result if I ever need to buy anything dealing with robotics I'm coming here first.

Patrice, September 4th 2014

Quick and helpful reply. Very satisfied with your staff. 

Bhaskar, September 1st 2014

I am very satisfied with the very helpful advice I received. I also appreciate the fast response.

Kelvin, August 31st 2014

My questions online, were answered quickly and in an easy to understand straight forward manner. Keep up the good work. 

Claude, August 31st 2014

Just great, great service, great shipping, nice product line.

Bambi, August 29th 2014

Fast reply & instructions.

Nick, August 27th 2014

Pretty darn good!

Jae-Hak, August 27th 2014
Very well explained and answered fully. Thanks.

John, August 27th 2014
Doing fine. I'm glad you carry a wide variety of robotics components. Service is speedy and feedback responsive.
Azhar, August 27th 2014

Robotshop is doing Excellent. It is very convenient for customers to source and purchase the items from single source. 

Ross, August 23rd 2014

Response early next day...great service. Also Products shipped and received in Markham in 2 days standrd shipping. 

Alexey, August 22nd 2014
Very operative, professional team. Great thanks.

Richard, August 22nd 2014

A real good service ! Thank's RobotShop.

Felix, August 20th 2014

Thank you for an easy transaction; now I am 100% Satisfied, Great Communication. 

Hannah, August 20th 2014

The Robot Shop team are fantastic, they've answered all of my questions in a simple helpful way. Thank you! 

Jackaroe, August 20th 2014

i really like your Customer service : quick and quite good. would recommend it for sure

Guest, August 20th 2014

Your customer service team is extremely helpful and polite, even when dealing with a "High Maintence" customer as myself. 

Cristian, August 19th 2014

Excellent customer service, very patient

Guest, August 19th 2014

Great selection of hard to find parts at reasonable prices

Guest, August 17th 2014

The purchase of my neato vacuum through RobotShop.com was informed by the fact that they warranty this product for five years. The tech support is also good at responding to emails; usually the turn-around takes no more than a couple of hours.

Saad, August 16th 2014

I am very pleased and satisfied with my ordering experience. Fast delivery and reasonable pricing. Phone and email support were both excellent. Thank you.

Lance, August 15th 2014

A++++++ as usual Really fast shipping and A+ customer service 

Adrianna, August 14th 2014

You are always so helpful and accommodating.

Guest, August 14th 2014

So far excellent on-line experience. Will definitely be back. Thanks.

Bryan, August 14th 2014

Very fast service, sooo happy =)

Guest, August 14th 2014

I'm a first time visitor, and will be bookmarking this site and coming back to shop. Well designed and easy to navigate. The customer reviews are particularly helpful.

Guest, August 13th 2014
Your support is very, very nice. Thanks for everything!
Evan, August 11th 2014
1. I always get response from you timely.
2. My english is not very accurate and professional, but you always reply me in patience. Thank you so much!
Anton, August 11th 2014

Very impressive!

Kennedy, August 10th 2014

Thanks for your greatest service. 

Guest, August 10th 2014
Fast, reliable, professional. Thank you so much.
Annie, August 10th 2014

When I phoned for assistance with my order, the lady on the phone was incredibly helpful. Thank you!

Donna, August 8th 2014

You were very efficient and helped me gain confidence in my relationship with you. I will be looking for other things you might be able to help with. Thanks 

Mario, August 8th 2014

Great to deal with. Prompt and professional. :)  

Hassan, August 6th 2014

While I was initially perturbed having a piece of the robot missing, I do feel as if Robot Shop did everything possible to ensure that I was satisfied as a customer.  

Lance, August 6th 2014

Dialfonzo is the man... i've done business with you guys before and i will continue to do business with Roboshop because of the hands down best customer service ever 

Guest, August 6th 2014

Website is very straightforward to use.

Ophelia, August 6th 2014

Fast reply, patient and helpful! I feel taken care of :) 

Elizabeth, August 5th 2014

I love the unit, it does exactly what I need it to do. The service on the malfunctioning units is supreme, never seen anything like it.

Guest, August 5th 2014
You've been more than helpful and thank you so much for your input as you're making our project much easier along with making us now have a sense that it's feasible!
Elos, August 3rd 2014
Quick reply. No sale's pitch. Honest response highlighting the pluses and minuses of the product. In short, I have complete faith in RobotShop providing me with exactly what they claim to have.
Guest, August 3rd 2014
PS: I just wanted to note that it's rare to work with businesses, especially web based, and find the level of customer service that you'll provided. I will definitely point my friends toward your site and look forward to working with your team in the future.
Peter, August 2nd 2014

You folks are doing very well! Good products, good prices, fast and cheap delivery. 
Guest, August 1st 2014

RobotShop was great. She was responsive and very helpful. Thank you!
Qiong, August 1st 2014

The service is wonderful and people are really nice. I have wonderful experience with them. 

Guest, August 1st 2014
Robotshop got the best and excellent service ever.

Guest, August 1st 2014

It's quite enjoyable looking at your products and thinking about ideas for projects. I've made one order already and plan to keep robotshop.ca my main store for robotics and microcontrollers. The product info gives me clear relevent info I need, and some products have videos that give me the confidence to plan future orders. The pictures are clear and detailed. Thank you!

Craig, July 31st 2014

Honest and helpful.

Renee, July 31st 2014

I am very happy with the experience. The helpdesk was very knowledgeable with my questions and researched my previous orders with Lyxnmotion, that occured prior to Robotshop acquiring them. I'm sure I will be contacting the helpdesk in the future with my son is inexperienced in robotics.

Carlos, July 31st 2014

Excellent service from the beginning. Very good experience with you, looking forward to keeping Roboshop/Lynxmotion as a permanent supplier. Congratulations! 

Peter, July 30th 2014

Great experience. Thank you!

Fred, July 28th 2014

I am very pleased and thank you very much for your truly excellent after-sales service.

Joe, July 28th 2014
Fantastic. My order was processed and sent very quickly and is set to arrive a few days before the initial estimate. My questions were answered quickly and completely! Couldn't ask for better service, thank you!
Martin, July 28th 2014

The motor on my Litter Robot II was not functioning correctly. I was initially surprised to find out that that warranty coverage due to buying the item through the Robotshop.com had extended it from the manufacturers 18 months to 5 years. I was requested to follow some recommended steps to ensure it wasn't user error and when no solution was found I was asked to send the base of the unit back for repair. I didn't want to pay shipping costs so I requested a replacement motor be sent and I would install it myself. My request was granted free of charge. I couldn't have been more happy, or surprised. I will not hesitate purchasing any other robotic devices from Robotshop.com due to the extended warranty and the quick and perceptive customer service. This incident hastened my purchase of several robotic items I had been mulling over. The customer service in that case had been equally exemplary.

Guest, July 28th 2014

I am impressed with the fast response time. Good customer care.

Guest, July 27th 2014

Your agent was very helpful. Answered all my questions and left me with no doubt that you knew what you were talking about. You also responded in a timely fashion.

Matthew, July 26th 2014

I ordered the products for a current build and the purchasing was very easy and the user interface was quite good. I will definetly be using robotshop.com for future purchases. 

Christiano, July 25th 2014
Even with my difficulty in English, able to talk and match what I was looking to buy. I was very well attended. Thank you very much.
Pauline, July 25th 2014

Response was quick and comprehensive. It has encouraged me to use robotshop more.  

Michael, July 24th 2014

I was pleasantly surprised with the response when I reported a problem with my package. I was not sure what could be done but did not expect a full replacement to be sent. This was done without question after I provided a photo of the problem. This shows a commitment to complete customer satisfaction. I will definitely purchase from RobotShop in the future. Thank you!

Paul, July 24th 2014

You were helpful and worked with me to make sure we got the Z18 3D printer at the right price. Outstanding customer service!

Nils, July 24th 2014

The response to my requested change was very fast and was carried out without any complications. Very good!

Pascal, July 24th 2014
You're awesome! This is very nice and it simply mean you are listening to people! I'm very excited by what is coming :) I hope we will talk again! Thank you
Guest, July 24th 2014

There was a small mix-up with an incorrect phone number but the rep who contacted me to resolve it was great, very professional and quickly resolved the matter. I appreciated how careful the website was with my info and how well it was dealt with.

Patty, July 23rd 2014

I was very pleased with the fast response and detail of explaination that was given to me.

Brent, July 17th 2014

Quick, accurate responses. My questions were answered professionally and in good time.

Carlos, July 16th 2014

Thanks! My first experience with you was excellent! Look forward to continue purchasing soon!

Richard, July 15th 2014

Thank you for top notch customer service.... I will continue to shop with you guys for all my robotic needs....

Richard, July 15th 2014
Thanks so much... you guys are awesome..... that's why I keep buying from you...Cheers....
Lance, July 14th 2014

I think Robotshop customer support does an excellent job communicating with customers... i had a bad experience with a product i bought and y'all took care of it right away and that means a lot to me! THANKS again
Vito, July 14th 2014

They did a fantastic job of following process and was empathetic to my problem, as we all know problems/issues are a plenty and being able to address them systematically helps everyone. I am floored with the customer service department and technical team that handled my case. Will shop here again (once I have money :) ). 

Lance, July 14th 2014

Thanks again i really appreciate it that y'all are taking care of this for me. I plan on doing business with you in the future. Robotshop has great customer service and once again i truly appreciate the fast response and the way you take care of your customers.
Kim, July 13th 2014

My question was answered very quickly. Great customer service. Thank you. 
Guest, July 13th 2014
Very impressive in rapid response and exchanges! 5 STARS POSITIVE! I always recommend RobotShop to my friends.
Judy, July 11th 2014

Your customer service is excellent! We were able to solve our problem without having to send the litter robot in for repairs. I also appreciate that the litter box CAN be repaired at that you sell parts for it. I get so frustrated that so many companies just want you to throw out the old and buy something new. Thanks 

Alex, July 10th 2014

I am extremely satisfied with the service and speed of delivery.
J.M, July 8th 2014

Thanks for a fast response and excellent attention. 

Guest, July 8th 2014

Everything about the sales process was great. Thank you for all your assistance. 

Yeo, July 8th 2014
The technical support I received was very prompt and useful in helping me troubleshoot the problems. You are very knowlegeable and patient. Excellent service. Will definitely recommend robotshop to my friends. Thank you!
Tony, July 7th 2014 
Thanks so much for your help. Your quick and applicable reply to my question(s) was much appreciated. Your company seems to have exemplary customer service.
Joseph, July 5th 2014 
Your customer support is EXCELLENT!!!!!! I was contacted by your staff immediately after submitting my question. 
Ahmet, July 4th 2014

Good communication. Polite and high-quality service. Thank you
Charlene, July 3rd 2014

Very pleased with the repair service provided and the prompt and very helpful e-mail communication throughout the process. 

Charlene, July 1st 2014
I'm so pleased with your 5-year-guarantee and excellent customer service. I will make it a point to buy all my future robots from you, and will tell all my friends to do the same as well!
Xiaoxiao, June 28th 2014

The customer support was very useful, and it helped me a lot, thanks again for your appreciated work at Robotshop.
Patrice, June 28th 2014

Very fast response and shipping from the support team. Quite impressed. 5 stars  ;-) 
Ruben, June 27th 2014
You really answer any question I have in less than a day ;) 
Xavier, June 27th 2014

Very good experience: fast and flexible.
Jerry, June 25th 2014

Great service! Timely answer!

Benoit, June 25th 2014

Thank you so much for the quick response and attention given to my request. Will gladly keep in touch for support and future purchases.

Guest, June 24th 2014

There is no other robot shop I know of that comes even close.

Guest, June 23rd 2014

The return of this item was seamless and the lady that helped me on the phone was probably one of the nicest, well informed people that I've spoken to in a call center ever.

David, June 22nd 2014

RobotShop is doing a great job, i get all my robotic parts from them, they replace defective devices promptly and do care a lot about their customers. Its your one stop to getting all your robotic needs. This is not a commercial, just a happy customer making a comment.

Karen, June 22nd 2014
The person who helped me was very knowledgeable and helpful. I am thrilled that she authorized replacing my unit. I just purchased a roomba for my daughter's shower last month and am now planning to purchase one for myself, because you stand behind your products. 

Thanks again for the troubleshooting help and for giving me the best possible outcome to this situation.

Nick, June 21st 2014

I'm new to the hobby of multi copters and ordering from Lynmotion and the responsiveness of your people has been great. Thanks! 

Guest, June 20th 2014

 The experience has been excellent, I have had no problems and the interaction has been prompt and concise.

Edward, June 19th 2014

We enjoyed shopping at RobotShop.com for both its large selections of products and for your courteous and helpful customer service.

Karen, June 15th 2014

Your technician was very helpful and responded quickly to my inqueries. I was very relieved this kind of help was available.
Jeff, June 13th 2014

Cool site...I design & build my own multi-rotor craft, and plan to start experimenting with robotics. Really happy I found your site!

Mael, June 12th 2014

Perfect service

Guest, June 12th 2014

Incredibly prompt service. 

Guest, June 12th 2014

Received my roomba today. Am excited to try it out when it is fully charged. Happy it came so quickly after I ordered it. Loved the fact this vacuum has a 5 year warranty and if anything goes wrong you can fix it. 

Yuval, June 12th 2014

I enjoy your service. I love to walk through the website, It's easy and great fun.
Fernando, June 11th 2014

Thank you very much, you are the best :)

Kim, June 9th 2014

Thank you for your prompt help and kindness. We are very satisfied with your service.
Guest, June 8th 2014

Totally awesome site! I'm going to buy stuff from you guys for sure! Was only just researching for a new hobby, but looks like I found one. Not sure what I even want to do yet, butmy money is coming your way! NICE site, products, etc. Way cool!

Marcel, June 8th 2014
I have been dealing with Robotshop a number of times in the last few years and always found the service prompt and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend Robotshop.

Mark, June 6th 2014
RobotShop provided a number of great options, was a tremendous help. I am very satisfied with robotshop.com and will continue to shop there.

Guest, June 6th 2014

Quick, Friendly, Reliable!! Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!! 

Vivek, June 5th 2014

The customer support was very quick in their response and It really helped a lot. Keep up the good work guys. 

Bob, June 5th 2014

Dealing with the support staff was a dream. I was having difficulty with the automated ticket system but they helped me solve the problem I was experiencing. 

Nigel, June 5th 2014

Very helpful. Quick response. I am well pleased with the service.

Marcus, June 3rd 2014

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! Terrific customer service, I'll be sure to keep shopping at RobotShop.
Iwireall, June 3rd 2014

It was a pleasure working with tech support and your shipping was very quick. Your technicians are very knowledgable and helpful. Thanks so much for your help and quick response. 

Thomas, June 3rd 2014

I'm very happy with the customer service you provide and will definitely recommend robotshop to others and purchase again. thanks! 

Denise, June 2nd 2014

Service is more than excellent. Prompt responses to questions.They were more than helpful.

Miheer, June 1st 2014

Robot Shop was extremely prompt in dealing with the issue and setting up an RMA. I like that they sent me a replacement unit and a pre-paid shipping label without any hesitation. I will 100% recommend RobotShop to friends and colleagues and will shop here again in the future. 

Sean, June 1st 2014

The reply of your service-members was astonishingly fast. I really appreciate this great service and will further recommend RobotShop.

Prasad, May 24th 2014

The reply was quick and exact. Great customer service.

Stephane, May 24th 2014

The shipping was quick, the customer service was excellent, and my overall experience was great. Will definitely order again. Thank you, RobotShop.

Trevor, May 23rd 2014

Answered my question and gave me some other options, you guys are great.

Rich, May 23rd 2014

Fast and quick resolution of problem. Great response!  

Tom, May 23rd 2014

Customer Service was very, very helpful with our latest order from Robotshop. They even were able to accommodate a special request - we needed the invoice sent to us for bookkeeping reasons immediately. I will now frequent Robotshop more often both professionally and personally. I will also advise other engineers, technicians and enthusiasts to do the same.

Jeff, May 22nd 2014

Great, quick service to get an RMA. Thanks for the easiness of the process. I was worried at first but then was completely relieved how easy the process was!

Gino, May 22nd 2014
Very pleased! Fast help and very friendly staff. 5 stars!
Lazaros, May 21th 2014

I got a reply a few hours after my email. The reply covered all the points I raised in a very satisfactory manner.
Very professional and efficient.

Lincoln, May 20th 2014
I felt the support went above and beyond what I expect from retail support. Thank you.

Olivier, May 20th 2014

The service is very good and reactive. Thanks. 

Jay, May 16th 2014

Holy crow! Ordered Wednesday, here on Thursday! That's service! I love the selection, prices are better than most places, free shipping over $250.

Ron, May 15th 2014

Feedback from questions was very fast and had no issues in placing my order. 

Clark, May 15th 2014

I am very impressed with your company. You are so easy to deal with. Orders are easily placed and sent out right away. Keep up the good work!

Russ, May 14th 2014
The answers are clear and understandable. My objective is complicated. My knowledge is limited. With the information provided I am able to resource other information to verify communications. Thank you tech support.

Jean, May 14th 2014

Fantastic. fast respond and follow-up. 
Owen, May 14th 2014
Fantastic technical support... Answered all my questions and went above and way beyond anything I've experienced recently in the world of customer service. I'm close to making a decision on the product, and thanks to the support I've received I'll definitely will be buying from RobotShop. Thank you very much
Sean, May 14th 2014

The service I received on my return was above what I expected, all my emails were answered quickly and the return was made hassle free. Thanks

Markus, May 11th 2014

Very helpful guidance. Thanks for your suggestions. Makes me very comfortable buying from you guys! 
Dacota, May 9th 2014
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you for your 5 star service!

David, May 9th 2014
Your customer service was a pleasure to deal with. They were fast, friendly, and helpful.

Stephen, May 2nd 2014

You are doing everything right! 

Simon, May 1st 2014

I was amazed at the quick turnaround on sending the missing part. Will definitely do business with RobotShop again!

Jim, April 30th 2014
I am actually extremely pleased with my experience with Robot Shop. I was pleased with the web portal and vast array of parts and offerings. I was pleased with the purchase process on-line. Then, I goofed up my address and received a pleasant call and email from your office folks to rectify that. My parts are on the way and you have earned a life-long customer at this point. I look forward to purchasing more robot and engineering parts from t]you in the future. Thanks
Frank, April 30th 2014
Robotshop folks were fantastic, efficient, friendly and well informed. Great service!
Frank, April 29th 2014
I am very satisfied with my purchase. I am impressed with your response time to customer inquiries.

Larry, April 26th 2014
Your people on order line are so knowledgeable and accommodating. thx

Nicolas, April 26th 2014
All questions got answered. perfect support and fast response. I appreciate that.

Roger, April 26th 2014
I feel very satisfied with all the help given. It helped a lot.

Jeremy, April 25th 2014

I am happy. The customer service agent has been very prompt and helpful. I appreciate all that she has done for me. I think you guys are pretty awesome.

Sabrina, April 25th 2014

Excellent service. Fast and kind. Thank you!

Bill, April 25th 2014
My questions were answered completely and in a timely manner. Thank You!

Douglas, April 25th 2014
Very responsive Thank you.

Matt, April 24th 2014

Very good help. Answered all the questions I had and was very fast with the reply " The next day". Also liked that you gave me different choses to my question. Look forward to building my robot with you. Thank You

David, April 24th 2014

I received very good assistance in diagnosing the problem I was having and a replacement part was sent out very quickly. I certainly appreciate the help and fast resolution. Thank you.

Donovan, April 24th 2014

Customer service responded to my e-mail in less than one day's time. All my concerns were addressed without question. I could not be more pleased with the quality of service!

Trevor, April 24th 2014

Fast and helpful. Your company is great to deal with. No complaints.

Stephen, April 22nd 2014

Anybody can sell anything over the web. When I had a series of technical questions, RobotShop answered and my system is running as a result. Try that with Amazon.

Anitha, April 21st 2014

Wonderful customer support!!!
Brandon, April 21st 2014

Fast and helpful response.

Matt, April 18th 2014

You were very quick to inform me of the backorder and make arrangements to get something else as soon as possible. All in all, a very smooth interaction with your organization. I will definintely be recommending your site to others.

Natasha, April 17th 2014

This was my best investment, the Neato is working so well and the kit for pets is a great asset to it. The house is clean without me loosing all the time to do it. Great product, highly recommend it!

Ricardo, April 17th 2014

RobotShop has everything a complete robotics bazaar and low prices

Scott, April 16th 2014

No problems. Good, timely communication. Give everybody a raise!

Milner, April 16th 2014

Really great service!

Guilhem, April 16th 2014

Got a quick and good answer to my question. Thank you. 

Giovanna, April 14th 2014
Everything about the experience with the Support Center was perfect. Kind contact person, clear reply with pertinent and sufficient information, customer satisfaction-focused procedures.

Mohamed, April 14th 2014

I was really satisfied with the replies and help provided by your customer service. The replies were fast and precise.

Guest, April 13th 2014
It's up to my expectations. Quick delivery in good order, simple to put in use and efficient to work.
Grace, April 12th 2014
The young lady was extremely helpful, from finding me in the system, to taking my order. I have always found the Robot Shop staff efficient and patient. Thank you

John, April 11th 2014


Trevor, April 10th 2014

5 star. Excellent response. Exactly what I needed.

Dan, April 10th 2014

I love the quick responses to my questions, as well as the expert advice RobotShop gave us. Thanks, great customer service!

Trevor, April 10th 2014

Very quick and informative info. 5 stars for sure.

Robert, April 10th 2014

Excellent company to work with, concerns were dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Thank you.

Guest, April 9th 2014

Very nice, courteous, and quick responses. Very pleased.

Tracy, April 9th 2014

The Robot shop has continued to keep in touch with me in regards to my order(s), back-ordered items, updating me on their shipping and answering any question(s) I may have. Wonderful Job!! 

Troy, April 9th 2014

Very professional and understood that i was not an expert. communicated in terms i could understand as a novice.

Nripendra, April 8th 2014

It was great doing business with you. It was very easy to get the quote from your company. Thank you.

David, April 7th 2014

This went perfectly. I couldn't have been happier.

Remontoo, April 6th 2014

Very helpful and quick, thank you so much.

Guo, April 5th 2014

Very effecient and helpfu.

Terence, April 4th 2014

Appreciated the super quick responses and resolution!

Eugene, April 4th 2014

Order arrived very quickly!

Stephano, April 4th 2014

Quick & crystal clear answer.

Rimantas, April 4th 2014

Thank you very much for quick and great support. I received answers to my questions fast and it helps me clarify solution for my customer.

Bruce, April 3rd 2014

Very prompts, very polite, very knowledgeable.

Vladimir, April 3rd 2014

Everything was processed quickly and the support staff was very responsive.

Luc, April 2nd 2014

I am impressed with the quick reaction of Robotshop. Within 24 hours of the return of the material, I got a credit certificate and I used it to partially pay a new order that I received the day after ordering!

Armando, April 2nd 2014

I just would like to thank the excellent care of RobotShop.

Jon, April 2nd 2014

Prompt response, and I got the information I needed.

Larry, April 1st 2014

Quick response and informative suggestions/recommendations

Cristofer, March 27th 2014

Great service, really quick response and very accurate. Keep doing the way you are..

Davies, March 27th 2014

I have had other dealings with RobotShop and have ALWAYS been very satisfied with working with your employees on questions or concerns.

Benoit, March 26th 2014

Very good response time on inquiries and helpful for trying to find solutions.

John, March 24th 2014

Immediate acknowledgment of request,very quick response, greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work!

Paul, March 22nd 2014

Fast response that was a big help for an unusual question.

Tim, March 22nd 2014

Very prompt action on the change order. Very fast delivery.

Bill, March 21st 2014

The response was complete and quick, i am completely satisfied.

Anitha, March 21st 2014

Very prompt on every request and very helpful to find the related items that we need. I really appreciate.

Larry, March 19th 2014

I have always received excellent service, fast repairs and parts that I have order have been shipped very fast.

Antoine, March 17th 2014

You have a great service and fast delivery!! Thank you! 

Maria, March 15th 2014

You are the best, thank you for the excellent product. God bless you.

Christopher, March 15th 2014

Hey thank you for being here. As a kid I always wanted to build my own robot. Back in the 80's that wasnt such ns easy task to do. I bought tons of books tryin to figure out how to make a robot. Books were aplenty, modular parts were not, nice that times have changed. Anyway I am sure you can expect more of my business!

Craig, March 14th 2014

I am VERY satisfied with The RobotShop folks!!!!!! You're GREAT!!!! 

Witold, March 14th 2014

I think you are doing great. Your response was quick and very informative. Your answers were clear and complete. Thank you.

Britt, March 14th 2014

Great customer service!

Brian, March 13th 2014

Your reply, with the instructions in English, came back to me within 2 hours of my request. Great customer support, thank you.

Tom, March 12th 2014

RobotShop has been totally superior.

Davio, March 12th 2014

Hi guys, I think your customer service is great! Thank you for the great service.

Antoine, March 12th 2014

Nice support team

Kelly, March 12th 2014

Very helpful and stress free process. Courteous customer support reps.

Adam, March 9th 2014

Support handled the matter very well, replacement part was shipped promptly. Almost as if I had purchased from a brick and mortar store. Very satisfied.

Alain, March 9th 2014

Best Customer service I've had in a long time. Thank you very much.

Ricardo, March 7th 2014

As always RobotShop cares about giving their customers personalized attention, in my case the solution was immediate.

Donald, March 5th 2014

With respect to my request to replace my original order due to back ordered items, my experience was 100% positive. The change was made immediately and the order shipped the next day.

Sondra, March 5th 2014

I was very surprised how quickly your response time was. I look forward to dealing with RobotShop for a long time.

Carlo, March 5th 2014

Very good communication. Very positive experience.

Thomas, March 4th 2014

Perfect support, many thanks

Linda, February 27th 2014

Very satisfied. Extremely fast and efficient with an easy follow-up. Would not hesitate to recommend Robotshop inc. Thank you!

Deann, February 26th 2014

Your employees were polite & professional. Their response time was fast and they were pleasurable to work with.

Doug, February 24th 2014

I was extremely impressed with the sevice I received! You're always worried about customer support when you order an expensive item online but I couldn't be happier. Service was fast, courteous, helpful and straightforward. I would recommend your company to others, and will buy from you again myself.

Guest, February 22nd 2014

Thank you for providing such a friendly and courteous staff to answer the phone in sales. It makes all the difference. Cheers

Raj, February 20th 2014

The support team was extremely responsive, often responding to my emails within an hour or two. They helped find suitable replacements for the backordered items and even offered some advice on how to use the replacements best.

Jaie, February 20th 2014

Thank you for handling an odd question with a great answer and humor.

Daniel, February 19th 2014

The best customer service on this planet! I transfered too much money by mistake, I got money back and best customer service while I was stressed out by my mistake.

Ron, February 19th 2014

Roboshop was very helpful in reprogramming the robot and getting it to run. I'm thankful you were there to help. Thank you.

Dipik, February 16th 2014

We had a shipping issue that the staff resolved very quickly and efficiently. I'll definitely be back.

Guest, February 16th 2014

Fast and Efficient ! Thank you

Guest, February 15th 2014

Greatest customer service ever

Alex, February 9th 2014

Simply superb. A very complete answer to my question and the answer was given before I expected.... really fast. Well done!

Noor, February 6th 2014

Very nice customer service! they answered all of my problems in a short period of time.

Patrick, February 5th 2014

Perfect assistance. Keep up the good work!

Terry, February 4th 2014

Your customer service is amazing. This is how customer service should be done. I emailed my problem and the next day a replacement was sent out and a shipping label was emailed to me for the return. I couldn't be happier.

Paul, February 3rd 2014

Awesome company to work with professional high standards and the highest quality of product.

Julio, February 1st 2014

The staff has been friendly and explained what I needed very clearly and patiently, despite the fact I am totally ignorant about robotics. I really felt I was being listened and helped in a very professional manner. A great example of customer support! Thanks!

Nassur, February 1st 2014

A very fast , clean service! I am very happy for shopping at robotshop.

Joe, January 31st 2014

Service and correspondence has been great. Communication through your process has been timely and perfect, great response time to e-mails.

Matt, January 29th 2014

The service was outstanding and provided in a very sufficient time frame. The instructions were very clear with visuals which helps a lot. Very much appreciated the service experience I received!!!!

Greg, January 29th2014

Thank you for your prompt reply. It's nice to have good service.

Jan, January 29th 2014

I found return of malfunctioning robot to be quick and efficient. No fuss , no muss.. Very satisfied with return process, will be buying from Robotshop again ( and hopefully not having to use returns).

Neill, January 28th 2014

The responses were very quick to arrive, and a satisfactory answer was provided.

Guest, January 27th 2014

Ordering on line was so easy - most straight forward ordering process ever!

JVP, January 26th 2014

Communications is excellent. Buying experiences so far have been very good.

David, January 26th 2014

very helpful and informative! thanks!

Chris, January 26th 2014

Fast, courteous, polite, and incredibly helpful. I believe I will be buying a CatGenie because of it.

Elliott, January 26th 2014

Being totally new to robotics and the ideas I have, the support team have been excellent in helping me along my path to building my first robot.

Balazs, January 26th 2014

Fast and perfect solution to the situation. Great!

Mark, January 25th 2014

I was very impressed with the way tech support handled and communicated the issue.

Alex, January 24th 2014
Prompt, communicative and approachable, willing to help

Pascal, January 23rd 2014

Excellent service and great answer to my question in short time.


Amadon, January 22nd 2014

Very happy you have an actual human being reading your emails. Prompt reply. Don't change a thing!

Bertrand, January 22nd 2014

Five stars, I'm really satisfied. I had quick and comprehensible answers that helped to solve my problem.

Molly, January 21st 2014

I am very satisfied with the customer service of RobotShop. I was contacted immediately regarding a back-ordered part and was provided with options in a timely manner. We were able to find an alternative and the order was switched out without any extra hassle on my part. I would definitely recommend RobotShop.

Steve, January 19th 2014

Your staff got back to me in a professional and timely manner. They were very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Thank you very much.

Joseph, January 16th 2014

I contacted supporting regarding a missing piece in the kit I had ordered. Your customer service agent,  handled it promptly. I am extremely impressed and happy with your service. I'll be shopping at Robotshop again! Keep up the good work!

Ayako, January 13th 2014

It was very easy to have my robot fixed from the beginning to the end.  Very quick response to my online questions and emails. You also gave a very easy to follow instructions. Thank you.

Karen, January 13th 2014

Excellent service! Very easy to talk to when I had questions , quick to reply!

Claudio, January 13th 2014
1 mail 1 solution! Very satisfied. Thanks

Zack, January 11th 2014

You guys rock. I'll definitely be ordering from here again whenever possible for my hobby needs. :)

JL, January 11th 2014

Awesome, awesome oh and did i say awesome.

this is what happen,i was waiting for a product to be back in stock before placing an order, and i did just that, a few hours later i got an email saying that that item was just out of stock again and there would be a small delay to get my order, i followed up with a request stating that my project came to a screeching halt and if robotshop could help out, i would really appreciate it. No more than an hour later, i got a reply saying that robotshop located the bits i needed and were being shipped. The very next day it was at my door, how much better can service get?

I am so please with how you go out of your way to be the best, keep it up!

Ken, January 11th 2014
support was fast, and answered my question on point !

Ellen, January 11th 2014

Your customer service is excellent. Your responses were prompt and you were kind, courteous and very helpful. I couldn't be happier.

Almohanad, January 10th 2014
This company is sooooo perfect, they are very profissional
Guest, January 10th 2014

All the staff were very helpful with dealing with the ordering process. Shipment hasnt arrived yet but its only been a day. Overall extremely impressed with the customer service.

Matt, January 10th 2014
I do a fair amount of orders with Robotshop - so I don't really know which order this survey is referring to. What can I say? I love Robotshop. Service and products are great.

David, January 10th 2014

I'm really impress about how effective you are even if I lost my purchase recipe. Pretty fast delivery, 100% satisfied.

Guest, January 8th 2014

Happy customer.

Charles, January 8th 2014
I am totally satisfied with the performance of the customer service people who dealt with me. It seems to me that Robotshop is 100 percent committed to excellent customer service.

Tony, January 8th 2014
Great Service and a quick response and you have other hard to get items that no-one seems to stock.

Paul, January 8th 2014

I must say compared to other companies you are very quick, honest, and have great customer service.

It has been a pleasure to be a client, you have been helpful in every aspect and question.

Guest, January 4th 2014

Your selection is second to none and your customer reps were completely professional so you can count me as a future customer.

Pamela, January 3rd 2014

Thanks for making the difference! Excellent support.

Mark, January 2nd 2014

Very responsive customer service.

Glenn, January 1st 2014

Your comments were very helpful ! I was surprised that I received a reply to my question within hours, as a beginner with virtually no electronics knowledge or background the information was priceless ! Thanks for great customer service !

Evan, December 31st 2013
Robot shop has some of the best customer service I have experienced. Your customer service was great at getting back to the customer as soon as possible. Keep up the good work.

Benigno, December 30th 2013

Quick, fast and efficient. Thanks.

John, December 29th 2013

Excellent customer service. You should be proud of your people, they ARE the "company". Well done.

Suzanne, December 27th 2013

Great Service - Thanks!

Patrick, December 26th 2013
Very fast to get RMA number, clear and straight to the point. Very friendly, great shipping time. Everything is positive.

Parker, December 26th 2013
My experience with customer service was brief, helpful and informative. Excellent services!

Vic, December 26th 2013

Awesome technical support!...Tech team really knows their stuff as well as their products!<

David, December 25th 2013
Robotshop service and support is very prompt and efficient.

Scott, December 24th 2013
I really appreciate your technical support taking the time to answer my question. Many companies won't bother to find out the answer to a question that requires someone to actually check something and then know what they are talking about to reply with an answer.

Steve, December 23rd 2013
You answered all my questions which gave me confidence in their products and any potential support that may be needed in the future.

Andrew, December 23rd 2013

You have been very helpful and prompt. Thank you

Guest, December 23rd 2013

Very quick service, thanks a lot

Jeremy, December 22nd 2013
Response was bang on.

Anton, December 22nd 2013
Quickly, friendly, helpful!

Vic, December 21st 2013

The Technical support team at RobotShop has been outstanding! Based on the technical support that I have received to date, I plan to utilize the on-line RobotShop website to source the sensors and microprocessors I need for my project.

Roger, December 21st 2013

Excellent service and fast shipping. Thank you

Timothy, December 20th 2013

Very quick to respond and very much interested in improving quality of service.

Adam, December 20th 2013

Prompt, knowledgeable, & quality service. Thank you & keep it up !

Molly, December 20th 2013

When I need help for my robot, I jknow I can count on you and get a proper helpful immediate response, It is always helpful, clear and straight to the piont, This is a GREAT website!

Vicki, December 19th 2013
5 stars for prompt service.

Eric, December 19th 2013
Excellent Service.

Michel, December 19th 2013

Thanks for the excellent support!

Curtis, December 18th 2013

Was excellent.. my inquiry was concerning products, and with my limited understanding as it was a gift purchase for my nephew.. i was pointed in the right direction and I'm quite confident I ordered everything he will need. Thanks again. 

James, December 18th 2013

Excellent, quick response. I would order from RobotShop again. Thank you.

David, December 16th 2013

Answer was really fast and very good, had all the information I needed and even more. Very good service :)

Oleg, December 15th 2013


Andrew, December 14th 2013
Super fast shipping and response.

Jonathan, December 14th 2013

I bought a kit for ages 8+. However I am an adult and even im learning terminology I never before. I love your business. Thank you!

James, December 14th 2013

Excellent support and customer orientated resolution. This is why we buy from you guys.

Adolfo, December 13th 2013
Very satisfied. Thank you.

Haas, December 13th 2013

Excellent and timely response.

Ted, December 13th 2013

I am very satisfied with the help I received from you.

Tiana, December 13th 2013

I was very pleased with the level of service from RobotShop.

Lorenzo, December 13th 2013

Great service, quick and professional.

David, December 13th 2013

I am very satisfied with the response , timing was good and right to the point.

Mark, December 11th 2013

I've appreciated the quick response from the staff regarding the changes that I had made to my order. Very professional.

Dan, December 11th 2013

Excellent response and customer service.

Nathalie, December 11th 2013
Your reply to my inquiry on a backorder was professional and efficient. From the start your company/website was honest with the possible date of filling the backorder. In fact, it was that honesty (and not trying to make promises you can't keep by underplaying the date of backorder) that kept me from cancelling my order and looking elsewhere for the same product.

Cabe, December 11th 2013
Fast, friendly, easy to use site, thanks so much!

Stuart, December 11th 2013

Promptly answered my question, offered to special order, and suggested a good alternative.

John, December 9th 2013
Real person to answer the phone is a big plus for me. Emailing tech questions seemed inconvenient at first but the replies were fast, knowledgeable and complete. Components were shipped and received on time. Thank you!

Kriegel, December 8th 2013

Your Service is ****ing awesome :) really, this is not a joke! kind regards from a happy customer in Switzerland!

Thuan, December 7th 2013

Good price and excellent in service

Van, December 6th 2013
Excellence is always appreciated.

William, December 6th 2013

Overall service was excellent and I plan on using you for any future projects.

Laura, December 6th 2013

Everyone that I communicated with was very friendly and responded quickly. I appreciate the help! Thank you!

Lisa, December 6th 2013
It has been very easy to deal with your company. Your employees have all been very friendly.

Chris, December 6th 2013

Very helpful, repairs were made quickly, warranty was good, my cats are happy they have their Litter robot back. Thanks for your help.
Bruno, December 5th 2013
Fast communication. Lot of in stock of my item when others big sellers are out of stock. Good prices. Very fast shipping.
Jocelyn, December 4th 2013
I received a clear and elaborate answer, along with web links to the documentation I need. Thank you!
Crunchking, December 4th 2013
The help was great. It helped me zero in on the perfect robot kit for my grandson.
Germain, December 4th 2013
Excellent! Friendly and fast response was greatly appreciated.
Sergio, December 4th 2013

Very good attention and service. Very friendly. Products received in time. highly recommended! 
Dirk, December 4th 2013

A whole bunch of parts were replaced and I landed up paying only for shipment and a new battery. Excellent and fast service. Neato, the floors are waiting patiently on your return.
Adolfo, December 4th 2013
You were extremely supportive and helpful!!! Thank you!!!!!!
Ricardo, December 4th 2013
RobotShop is very responsible. I was happy with the staff, informed them that my package just arrived. thanks
Rosen, December 3rd 2013
It's been easy and efficient. Thanks!
Stephen, December 3rd 2013

Quick and effective answer!
Martin, December 2nd 2013
Very prompt and helpful response. Thanks.
Allen, December 2nd 2013

As always top notch service..THANKS  

Francisco, December 1st 2013
Customer service is perfect, have replied and solved the problem in very short time.

Minette, November 30th 2013

Your online store is a great site for shopping and is very consumer friendly.  

Vic, November 30th 2013

Tech support is awesome! 

Sergio, November 30th 2013

Very good attention. Quick answers to questions. Very reliable. Satisfied buyer! 

James, November 29th 2013

Keep up the good work!

Daniel, November 28th 2013
You guys rock!

Mario, November 28th 2013

Astonishing service. Feel free to quote me. My replaced board arrived today and it appears to be working fine. Thanks.

George, November 28th 2013
Excellent service. The moment I advised RobotShop it appeared the Adapter I had received was not working, they sent me a replacement, and then asked me to return the original using the enclosed postage sent with the replacement.

Daniel, November 28th 2013

Prompt and very helpful communication. Couldn't ask for better service! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Michael, November 28th 2013

Awesome company. Very supportive.

Ashraf, November 27th 2013

I will always be buying from Robotshop, Inc. even if the price is higher though their prices are competitive. The high profile customer service deserve this privilege.

Sevastos, November 27th 2013

Very helpful, detailed and professional. I will surely do business with you in the future.

Stephen, November 27th 2013

Excellent response content and time. I really like RobotShop. I was asked for a Christmas List and I put "RobotShop.com". Thanks!

Fidel, November 27th 2013

All the questions have been resolved quickly and clearly. Excellent!!

Muhd, November 27th 2013

Best service!!

Olga, November 27th 2013
Very satisfied with the answer i had! Looking forward to purchaise again from you.

Daniel, November 26th 2013
Response was quick and answer to question was exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thanks!

Jeff, November 25th 2013
The answer from your center is very helpful to me. It solved my problem. Thanks!

Donald, November 25th 2013

Super quick and spoke non-technically and very concise.

Nitin, November 24th 2013
Good communication very fast response.

Marco, November 23rd 2013

I'm very pleased with the service and speed of delivery from Robotshop. Robotshop is my #1 site for all my project!

Becky, November 23rd 2013

Excellent, friendly, and fast responses.

Charles, November 23rd 2013

Quick and precise answer to my technical question.

Ademola, November 22nd 2013

I'm 100% satisfied with your customer support. All my mails were replied in less than 24hrs. It's been good doing business with "robotshop.com". I will recommend you to anyone.

Paul, November 22nd 2013

Great site with lots of data, fast answer to my email with good answer details etc.

William, November 22nd 2013

Quick shipping! Thanks

David, November 22nd 2013
Excellent service

Nicholas, November 22nd 2013

The technical support group for this company is very helpful and extremely charitable with their knowledge of electronics. I highly appreciate the work you guys do, and keep it up!

Bojan, November 21st 2013
I was very pleasantly surprised by the speed and response and willingness.

Patrick, November 21st 2013
Very fast reply, thanks!

Duncan, November 21st 2013

Very quick and useful response to my question. Great.

Guest, November 21st 2013

I was referred to your site due to the unique products. Just amazing. I have bookmarked and intend to come back. As far as the web design, it is attractive, easy to use, and brings the focus to the products.....................Man, this site has upgraded pretty awesomely, love how the search bar is in your face, good job.
Dave, November 20th 2013

I realized after ordering that one item was listed as out of stock. Your staff went the extra mile in finding me a replacement so my students could get to work as soon as possible. Thanks, and I will put your website on my list of "favorites"!

Elena, November 20th 2013
The answer was short and to the point ! Gave me the info I needed to make my purchase. Thank you!

Kellen, November 18th 2013

My customer service experience was the best I have ever had. Keep up the great work. Your tech support department is awesome :)

Emmanuel, November 18th 2013
Great support, fast reply and comprehensive information.
Matt, November 18th 2013
Perfect, thank you. You guys have been incredible, customer service beyond expectations!

Vic, November 17th 2013
Great tech support...these guys really know what they are talking about!

Gregory, November 17th 2013
Customer service is still at a very high level. Very high orientation on the problem and customer satisfaction. Thank you again for your professional service. Everything is fine. Recommended!

Farida, November 17th 2013


Cricke, November 16th 2013
Great service Thank you

Eduardo, November 16th 2013

Fast and efficient. I'll recommend to a friend!

Jan, November 16th 2013
Friendly, fast, efficient
Jay, November 15th 2013
Wow. Thank you so much! This website has great service.

James, November 15th 2013
Excellent service! When I wanted to return my items I thought it would be nothing but trouble, boy was I wrong! Not only was the return done very quickly but I was given help in purchasing the correct products. I will buy from robotshop for all of my parts needs!

Andrew, November 15th 2013
Your support was amazing. First rate. Top notch.

William, November 14th 2013

Customer service was quick and very helpful.

Cindy, November 14th 2013

Very pleased with the quick response.

Augusto, November 14th 2013


Julian, November 14th 2013

My question was answered quickly and accurately, thanks.

Sharon, November 13th 2013

Superior service,superior feeling.

Andrew, November 13th 2013

Your support is always top notch. I know of no online retailer who is better. Responsive and helpful always. Accommodating when ever possible.

Never change this. It is what keeps me coming back over and over. A competitor's price would have to be ridiculously lower before I'd consider ordering from them and then I'd conclude that it was too good to be true. *Please* keep this competitive advantage!

Ann, November 13th 2013
I could not thank the technical support more because their answer was precise and very understandable and they help and guide you to make the right decision in terms of choosing or not choosing the product. Their perspective is to provide customer care and not much to focus on trying to solicit a sale. Wonderful experience.

Josh, November 13th 2013
My question was answered fully, accurately, and concisely. Thanks for the great support! 

Mohammad, November 13th 2013
Very prompt response

James, November 11th 2013

You were outstanding. You were on top of the problem and kept me well informed. That the service was fantastic.

Joshua, November 10th 2013
Great site. Useful videos for beginners and its good i can track my package along the way.

Josh, November 10th 2013

Answered my question fully and concisely.

Eric, November 8th 2013

Thank you very much for the prompt and fast service tech support gave me. My new parts works fine. Again Thank you for excellent service.

Curt, November 8th 2013

I appreciated the quick response and accuracy.

Paulo, November 7th 2013

Very good! Very satisfied.

Roland, November 7th 2013

What a service ;)

Nizar, November 6th 2013
You're technical support is awesome your are giving me all the support and details needed to built my first robot. thank you and keep it up.

Michael, November 6th 2013

Sales answered the email the next day, and I purchased then and mailed the next day. Very Good what more can be said. A+
John, November 4th 2013
Customer service was outstanding.

Joe, November 2nd 2013

I am ecstatic over the prompt response and valuable information I received from your technical department. I e-mailed detailed questions one evening and received a reply early the following morning. I will be making a purchase soon. I wish all internet experiences were this professional and courteous.

Maria, November 1st 2013
I am very delighted that you have replied to my query very fast. It has greatly helped me to decide if I should proceed to buy from your esteemed company or to source for alternative. I have already placed the order as soon as I read your reply. Thank you very much and I hope you can keep up with this level of excellent customer service.

David, November 1st 2013
Thanks for the quick and helpful replies.

Roland, November 1st 2013
Better than excellent ;)

Enrico, October 31st 2013

Hello, I am very satisfied with my ordered products, as well with RobotShop excelent support to the need I had with fast processing my order. Thank you.

Barb, October 30th 2013
You guys are so quick with orders from acknowledging them to receiving them. Just got my XV-21 from the post office... in record time again. Thanks for the prompt service.

Fleming, October 30th 2013

Excellent customer service.

Roland, October 30th 2013

Excellent and competitive pricing.

Julien, October 28th 2013

Order received very quickly in France, I am very satisfied. The support is very efficient. Thank you for the forum in French.

Henriquer, October 28th 2013

Quick response very impressive. Solved my problem! no cons.

Tushar, October 28th 2013

Good support! really quick response and also very good suggestion that helped us choose the right product.

Connor, October 25th 2013

On a side note I just want to say that your website is awesome! I'm a university student at McMaster in my final year of engineering, and nearly everyone in my capstone project course is using your site. Great prices, fast shipping, and good products.

Connor, October 25th 2013

On a side note I just want to say that your website is awesome! I'm a university student at McMaster in my final year of engineering, and nearly everyone in my capstone project course is using your site. Great prices, fast shipping, and good products.

Olaf, October 24th 2013

You are very helpful and fast responding.

Chuck, October 24th 2013

Great support from the team and I was very happy with the results.

Chuck, October 23rd 2013

All of my communications with customer service has been exceptional. The customer service agent has responded quickly to my questions with complete answers.

Franco, October 22nd 2013

Product , shipping and price very good.

Brent, October 21st 2013

Excellent and timely feedback very useful information.

Suzanne, October 18th 2013

Everything was perfect

Istvan, October 18th 2013

As always excellent service, very quick response and resolution. Thanks

Gerald, October 17th 2013

Great service and I highly recommended this to my colleagues. Will place another order very soon.

Al, October 16th 2013

I have to say I am very impressed with RobotShop customer service. I received a defective part and the replacement service was outstanding. They put the replacement on order for me, paid the shipping on the replacement and the return, and issued a UPS pickup. all within less than a day of my email to them. Great people to do business with!

Jordan, October 7th 2013

I was extremely satisfied with my experience with customer support. Even though there was an issue with my order, I received a very quick, courteous, and professional response. I was told the cause of the issue, what was going to be done about it, and a couple other extra things that I myself thought was over and beyond expectations. First time customer to this site and will definitely be my first stop for my future project needs from now on.

Guest, October 6th 2013

I am very satisfied with the speed of reply and the precision and accuracy in replying all of my questions. Usually I would expect one or two of my question accidentally missed or not replied, but the support center answered all of them. Great Job!

m elmendorf, October 6th 2013

On the phone your operator was very nice and helpful. When I submitted my problem, I received an answer with a solution in a very short time. Very helpful.

Richard, October 6th 2013

Excellent! Near-immediate reply with the solution. Thank you.

Drex, October 5th 2013

The customer service was excellent, and they helped me with everything I needed; it also didn't take long to hear back from them!

Dan, October 5th 2013

I'm very satisfied with the service I received. The respond was fast and useful. That was the main reason for ordering the products from your website. Hope to work with you in the future.

Veikko, October 4th 2013

Great follow-up response, impressive! Keep it up, guys and gals!

Milton, October 3rd 2013

Products of high quality, arrived in perfect condition, excellent service.

Elias, October 3rd 2013

Quick, accurate at their responses and very helpful customer services.

Quentin, October 3rd 2013

It was perfect, clear and fast!

Elias, October 3rd 2013

Quick, accurate at their responses and very helpful customer services.

Tim, October 2nd 2013

Great support and very quick. I just got my items todays and I love the packaging and the items themselves are super quality. I am looking over the site to make another order right now as I type this. Thank you so much.

Nizar, October 2nd 2013

I had the best technical support from you guys. You been very supportive in addition you were responding to our emails very quickly. Thank you and keep it up.

Nancy, September 29th 2013

very satisfied with the professional service....... fast and courteous

Chris, September 29th 2013

Device delivered on time; luxury shockproof packaging. The device works really fine, more, is actually efficient and recovers dust.

Heather, September 29th 2013

I am happy with the way you handled my issue. Thank you.

Jenn, September 27th 2013

I have been incredibly impressed with your website!!! Your customer service is the best I've seen. I don't normally write fan mail but I love you guys!

Nick, September 27th 2013

Excellent communication from RobotShop on order items available. After clarification on what's in stock the available items were shipped immediately. Great work!

Nick, September 27th 2013

I've never been more satisfied with customer service. I will continue to come back to shop here.

Roman, September 26th 2013

Very fast, complete answers to the questions, good support! It was nice to work!

Stu, September 25th 2013

You guys rock, so informative, thank you!

Nicholas, September 25th

Your support guys are awesome! It's rare that someone goes beyond answering the question asked to address the underlying issues and elaborate to give someone, like me, the understanding required. Really impressed and very much appreciative of your help. Keep it up!

Tanya, September 23rd 2013

Super good 2 days only really fast and easy!!

Michael, September 23rd 2013

Great site with great people. its a pleasure dealing with you.

Bob, September 21st 2013

Excellent and prompt response. Thanks!

Tim, September 19th 2013

So far, you guys are awesome. Fast, responsive and kind. All of my questions have been answered and I feel you guys have the staff and support to back it all up. Thanks for helping us choose our first Robotic Vacuum. Cheers

Sandy, September 19th 2013

Thanks so much. I really appreciate the information and the feedback. It is amazing that you offer this longer warranty period and it is heartening to see a company really stand behind their product. We are really looking forward to getting our fixed Litter Robot back. Thanks again!

Israel, September 18th 2013

customer service quickly replied and completed my request

Grace, September 18th 2013

I am always very satisfied with the customer service at your place. I have been dealing with you for several years and your advice and service is always excellent

Courtney, September 18th 2013

very satisfied with the quality and speed of service

Clint, September 16th 2013

I had a simple question and was answered in a professional, timely manner. I would like to add that I didn't even make a purchase, and you still helped me. Thank you very much.

Grace, September 16th 2013

THANK YOU!!! It was exactly as you said. We had gone on vacation and had unplugged all appliances. Since I wrote to you, in a panic, Roomba has fully charged and is ready for action! You guys are fantastic, I always receive fast and helpful suggestions from you, your customer service is exceptional. Thank you again.

Eric, September 13th 2013

I am nicely surprised with your quick and pertinant service. Very serious shop, thank you.

Guest, September 13th 2013

Great company to work with. Communication on products A+

Milton, September 13th 2013

Products of high quality, arrived in perfect condition, excellent service.

Chuck, September 12th 2013

Wow great job , I am very impressed, Thank you very much you have made my day. It is actually a prototype for an rc toy so hopefully we can do more business in the future. Thanks again Chuck

Chuck, September 12th 2013

I received yesterday the replacement batteries you send me. Really appreciate the professional approach and direct response. The service from Robotshop was excellent. Thank you very much.

John, August 25th 2013

Very courteous and professional support. What I like especially is that when you are unsure of a response to one of my questions, you write back in a timely way and tell me that you're working on the problem or direct me to someone who knows, instead of just not answering at all and making me wonder what's going on. Thank you for your support.

Jonathan, August 25th 2013

Just perfect!

, August 25th 2013

Great service, great price. I will buy again from roboshop. Thanks

Sharon, August 24th 2013

My experience was extremely positive. After filling out the online ticket, a representative responded very quickly. I sent her a picture and she was able to determine that the problem could be resolved by sending a replacement part. She then arranged for it to be delivered by Canada post. I am very impressed with the customer service- five stars!!! You really made my day!

, August 24th 2013

Your service is beyond belief, very fast and easy, i am very satisfied thank you.

Lance, August 21st 2013

Thank you for your fast response. Quite frankly your service and attention to this matter has simply overwhelmed me. I am in the tech business and have never witnessed the quality, the trust and general concern for their clients from the other companies, that your and yours has exhibited. Simply unbelievable and very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!! Please advise management and other staff of my complete satisfaction with RobotShop!!!

Loukas, August 20th 2013

I would like to comment on the immediate response / reply to my request for technical advice. All the suggestions and comments in your response were very clear and explanatory, answering the questions in my request form. The impression from the technical advice and the operation / service of your company, is of a very professional, very well organized company. 

Rok, August 19th 2013

I think you represent a responsible, quick and professional crew, with whom i will be making business also in the future. Thank you!

, August 19th 2013

Great Service, Great Tech staff

Lia, August 16th 2013

I was impressed by how quickly this situation was dealt with and by the ease of the replacement/return process. 

Thank you so much.

, August 16th 2013

They were courteous, fast and helpful and gave good advice and is appreciated!

Felix, August 15th 2013


, August 10th 2013

I have received very fast and good support. Thanks!

Celso, August 10th 2013

Thank you for your help. It's was very important to me.

Guest, August 10th 2013

The response is very fast and shopping is very convenient. The website is very easy to navigate with plenty of information provided.

Rian,  August 9th 2013

Very prompt response received. Thank you

Grant,  August 7th 2013

Our order delivery was considerably delayed, but it was Canada Post that was at fault. Your service and follow-up were timely, and professional. We look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

Guest, August 7th 2013

You provide; swift answers on questions, kindness in telephone and good feedback orders.

Steven, August 7th 2013

Your customer support was very helpful in listening to my issue, starting a UPS search to find my missing package and keeping me informed of the progress. Your service was great. Thanks.

Denyse, August 7th 2013

So helpful! Many solutions were provided and worked to fix the issue! Thanks so much!

Li, August 6th 2013

Support engineer gave us very useful and effective suggestion and help for my son's Robotic project "Smart arm". 

We will purchase this kit because we believe your company is reliable and trust-able for the customers.

Daniel, August 5th 2013

Excellent Customer Service. I like the email updates i get regarding my orders. When I had an issue with one of my parts a replacement was sent out immediately.

Dan, July 28th 2013

Great feedback and prompt response to back ordered products. Keep up the good work guys. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Guest, July 27th 2013

Taken care of immediately. Sent the replacement items BEFORE the wrong item had to ship back without charges. 

Excellent service; Thank you!

Paul, July 25th 2013

Very patient with my questions and very detailed in your advice. Problem fixed! Thanks very much!

Susan, July 24th 2013

I continue to be most pleased with the helpful service and information I receive from Robot Shop. My Roomba is all better!!

Jordan, July 14th 2013

Great personalized responses. Very fast. PLEASE keep up the awesome approach to customer service!

July 13th 2013

You are by far the most prompt and professional customer service team I have ever had to deal with.

BB, July 12th 2013

After having the Litter Robot for one week...i'm very pleased. My two cats are older at 13 years and one is on the large size, but both are using the machine like champs. My workload has gone down considerably....and I'm a happy camper. Thanks! My two Littermaid units are headed for the recycling bin.

Terry, July 11th 2013

Very easy to change my order, and a quick reply to my email.

Guest, July 11th 2013

I like RobotShop efficiency and fast shipping!

Mike, July 11th 2013

Your company is making prototyping robots very easy!

July 10th 2013

Your service is first class. It is the best of any online store I have dealt with. Well worth 5+ stars. Thank you.

Judy, July 10th 2013

Your customer service is awesome-hope roomba behave with the new parts. Thank you

July 7th 2013

I am impressed by the quick and courteous response I received. I fully expect to keep buying from RobotShop in the future.

Cedric, July 6th 2013

Really fast answer and comprehensive understanding of the situation and my request. Will definitely order again through this store.

July 6th 2013

The response was quick and to the point, answered my questions with clarity and a feeling of commitment. Thank you.

Matko, July 6th 2013

Appreciate your fast response and your work to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Jerry, July 5th 2013

Prompt and very informational. Great job and look forward to working with you in the future.

David, July 5th 2013

You guys go way beyond my expectations!!! Thanks for all the help. My project will be a success because of your support.

James, July 5th 2013

Very happy dealing with Roboshop over the years. This last week my order involved a cancellation then additional products being added to another order all were handled with ease.

July 2ed 2013

Interaction was very easy. Tech assist was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Thanks again.

June 29th 2013

Your company is right on target for communication with customer.

June 28th 2013

Thank you for your promptness and for the effeciency that this has been dealt with. I look forward to getting my vacuum back as I have come to rely on it so much.

June 27th 2013

RobotShop personnel are very helpful and accommodating.Thanks

Daniel, June 27th 2013

5 Stars - Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry and suggesting products unknown to me in helping solve my hardware issue.

Chuck, June 26th 2013

Excellent service. Refund received promptly. Thanks.

Simon, June 25th 2013

Excellent answer, quick shipping time! Thanks

Nicolas, June 24th 2013

Excellent interaction, very nice e-mails, fast solution to my problem => excellent.

Charles, June 24th 2013

The prices are very competitive, the choice of items offered in stock is great, and the shipping costs are very reasonable. I am very satisfied with the customer service, I will definitely order again.

John, June 22nd 2013

My question was answered full and completely. Thanks for great service!

Anton, June 21st 2013 

Nothing to say. Perfect.

Vicki, June 20th 2013 

You were VERY helpful with our return process. We were very pleased with the speedy responses through email and also the understanding and compassion you showed when we shared that we had gone through a flood and needed to extend our return date. It was unfortunate that the product we ordered didn't work out for us...but, we are happy to say that RobotShop provided a very positive shopping experience. We hope to purchase from you again some day in the future!

Ghazali, June 20th 2013

Very considerate in customer service.

Clifford, June 19th 2013

Above average service - greatly appreciated

Chris, June 19th 2013

Ordering process was great. Any questions I had were answered in a professional and timely manner.

Talia, June 18th 2013

Excellent service and fast response.

Bryce, June 17th 2013

Swift response and good service. I was impressed.

Ken, June 17th 2013

The support staff was very responsive to my needs. I am very happy with the outcome. I still need to receive a part that is on back order, but very happy with how quickly my items shipped. Thank you

Tronix, June 16th 2013

Very fast reply from my inquiry and dealership request.

Britt, June 14th 2013

Prompt service and quick resolution of the problem. Great customer service! Thank you.

Muhammad, June 14th 2013

Super fast response.

David, June 13th 2013

Excellent help provided in a very timely manner! Thanks

Gbrandt, June 13th 2013

You guys really take you business to great lengths, I was total happy with all the solutions you gave even though I did not buy the unit from you, you still took the time to help.. I will be back in the future for parts, your price are more than fair.

Luke, June 11th 2013

Great communication, would definately recommend to everyone!

Guest, June 10th 2013

Above all praise!

Robert, June 9th 2013

Good contact. A part was unavailable, but was replaced with an upgrade at no extra charge. Delivery was quick. Thank you.

Bob, June 9th 2013

Excellent and fast response. Because of this good service I placed an order today. Thanks!

Guest, June 7th 2013

Very responsive and friendly support regarding delivery.

Guest, June 7th 2013

Your patience and cooperation was beyond all expectations :) Thanks you!!!

Samantha, June 6th 2013

My questions were replied to in under 12 hrs with a complete answer which was awesome! Keep up the great work!

Guest, June 6th 2013

First class service. I emailed the price quote request with the Part SKU, and I was given a complete quote in PDF format within a day or two. The list had more than a page or two of items.

Guest, June 6th 2013

Very easy communications and absolutely no problems creating an RMA

Matthew, June 6th 2013

I have never seen such quick and pertinent customer service ever!!!

Marie-Noelle, June 6th 2013

I cannot believe how fast you replaced my Neato. Thank you

Bob, June 6th 2013

I asked a short question about what I had to order to convert my Sumo Terminator to an A4WD. You responded within 15 minutes. I ordered the recommended parts within 15 minutes. This customer is happy. :)

Guest, June 5th 2013

I am very happy with the care. My answers are resolved quickly. I feel protected in terms of my buying online.

John, June 3rd 2013

Outstanding and prompt. Correctly diagnosed my problem.

Chad, June 3rd 2013

Thank you very much for the quick response, and for adjusting my shipping fees due to the late arrival. Great service!!

Guest, June 1st 2013 

Great! I love this one stop robot shop!

Gilles, June 1st 2013 

Very good service, rapid and right to the point. Thanks

Jerome, June 1st 2013

excellent customer service, fast and clear written communication. Fast shipping, excellent packaging, all good!

Guest, May 30th 2013

Your technical support was very satisfactory, all my questions have been answered, and I have placed an order based on the response, I feel confident that should I have aquestions they will be answered to my satisfaction. I am looking forward to receiving the kits and finding out about the computer interface.

Light, May 29th 2013

Fast and helpful service. Very pleased.

Tapio, May 26th 2013

5 star, your company has nothing to improve upon, everything was easy, clear, seamless, perfect and professional. Actually more than so, congratulations on a more than perfect score.

Mr.Infospacer, May 25th 2013

Very good service and shipping. Planning to make my projects with your shop.

Laurent, May 25th 2013

Excellent service!

Britt, May 25th 2013

Prompt service and quick resolution of the problem. Great customer service! Thank you.

Michael, May 24th 2013

You helped me all the way making sure I get the correct equipment for my project I will use RobotShop again in a split second. Thx!

Ronald, May 24th 2013

Ended up with two small orders, and had wrong address for shipping on both. Customer Service combined orders and corrected the address promptly before order was processed. Well done.

David, May 23rd 2013

For a first time customer, I found RobotShop community a real help. I asked and someone helped me with the product. That is A++ in my book and I will frequent the site more now that I have had such a good experience. Keep up the good work people!

Andrew, May 19th 2013

You folks impress the h*** out of me. Great supplier.

Adrian, May 19th 2013

Confusion on my end was handled quickly, politely and well from your end. A solution was found and I am very satisfied. Thanks, A++++

Mika, May 19th 2013

Excellent response time and dealing with problem!!

Dwijaya, May 18th 2013

I'm really greatful for your services. Thank you for attention & cooperation.

Gaston, May 18th 2013

My answer has been replied very fast, and very good. Excellent customer support.

Emilio, May 18th 2013

Really good support, quick and effective.

Mlrc, May 18th 2013

I have just received the parcel today. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Definately I would not hesitate to use your service again.

Jean, May 17th 2013

Fast and efficient answer to my question, they are sending the parts so I can repair the Aquabot for this swimming season.

Lucas, May 17th 2013

Very helpful and extremely quick response was greatly appreciated.

Thomas, May 16th 2013

Very quick helpful responses to my numerous questions on the Neato vs. Roomba vacuum.

Hugh, May 16th 2013

You do a great job answering questions very quickly and is very knowledgeable.

Richard, May 15th 2013

Your customer support service was informative and very helpful.

Bertina, May 13th 2013

I was impressed that they took to time to call and confirm my address as I put my cell number there and it did not match the number connected to my MC. Good control.

Theresa, May 13th 2013

I was serviced in a very professional and timely manner. It will a pleasure doing business with your company.

Paulo, May 12th 2013

The customer service is very responsive and professional. I received all the information that I requested on the expected time. Thanks

May 11th 2013

I really appreciate your fast respond and solving the issue, which wasn't your fault. Definitely I will shop again from this website.

John, May 11th 2013

Service was prompt and successful!

Joel, May 11th 2013

Your company has a very quick and efficient technical team. When I send an e-mail with a question I get a very prompt response.

Fabien, May 11th 2013

Perfect helpdesk ! Thank you !

Francois, May 10th 2013

Really good service. At last an online shop you you don't feel like you talk to robots.

Derek, May 10th 2013

Glad we could add something to the order, the process was very easy, and the response was fast. Love that I could pay with paypal. So far the experience is wonderful.

Peter, May 10th 2013

I got a very fast and precise answer on my question.

Samson, May 7th 2013

Quick response. Very good insights provided. Really impressed with the level of service.

Luis, May 7th 2013

Excellent technical support, quicky, kindly. Thanks you

Gilles, May 7th 2013

Excellent service, congratulation and thanks for solving my problem. Gilles Langlois

Peter, May 6th 2013

Very fast and clear response!

Hugh, May 6th 2013

Your tech team does a great job for your company. I really appreciate the level of support you provide.

Michele, May 6th 2013

I truly liked the quick feedback I received with pertinant information regarding pricing and file upload etc..

May 6th 2013

I had a question about a particular item, since the back of it wasn't shown on the product page. I received a reply the next day that settled the question, plus the rep noted that an additional photo would be added to the page for future reference. Terrific service!

Guest, May 4th 2013

Good, I'm impressed.

May 4th 2013

Exceptionnel service, fast shipping. Good support. 10/10

Peter, May 2nd 2013

Prompt, polite and informative. First contact with you and suitably impressed.

Patti, May 1st 2013

Amazingly fast and courteous service - thanks!!!

Brittany, May 1st 2013

Custumer service at RobotShop has been the best of any company I have ever dealt with. You guys are always prompt with response, helpful with suggestions and information, and always friendly! I continue to be impressed. Thank you so much!

Deryck, May 1st 2013

Answer was clear and consice and answered question well.

Katherine, May 1st 2013

Amazing customer service. Couldn't have handled any better. Gives me confidence to order from you in the future and recommend you to others. Thank you very much. Katherine

Hugh, April 29th 2013

The technical support was very helpful and prompt. I really appreciated getting answers in a timely fashion

Andrew, April 28th 2013

My order was just submitted yesterday. I would have no problem recommending RobotShop as sharing the #1 spot for best Open Hardware business practices! All too often, Open Hardware companies sacrifice customer service and support for affordability and RobotShop Customer Service not only responded to a specific request in which they were under no obligation to do, but they also did so in a timely manner! That they would go so far out of their way to accomodate what was stated at the outset a sub-$100 order will undoubtedly motivate me to go out of my way as a customer to order from them in the future.

Greg, April 28th 2013

Your response to my situation was outstanding! I feel very well taken care of and i will be sure to make it known as part of my word of mouth advertising. Since i am a mechanical engineering student with two robotics classes to go i will do my best to bring business.

Michael, April 26th 2013

Fast response with useful information.

Justin, April 25th 2013

Very quick, friendly and helpful service. Your RMA process is very straight forward and your customer service rep was very professional and courteous. Thanks for helping me solve my issue quickly and easily.

Meghane, April 25th 2013

No question asked, fast response and simple process (nothing complicated). I am very happy of the service !

Robert, April 24th 2013

First class service and response.

Reuben, April 24th 2013

The support was exceptional. Thank you very much! I will definitely place all future orders at RobotShop.

Wendy, April 22nd 2013

I can't say enough wonderful comments about the support we've received. Quick responses and friendly service. Thank you!

Laurent, April 20th 2013

Very quick and professional answer. Really great. Continue. Thanks a lot. Regards 

Gianluca, April 19th 2013

The technical support is just amazing, fast and detailed replies, one of the reason that will makes RobotShop...my first shop! And after collecting all the hints received by the tec support guys....I can't wait to place my first order!!! thanks!!!!

Don, April 18th 2013

I was very satisfied with sales and technical support. You answered all my questions and guided me at every point in my decision and offered me alternatives. You made sure all components were compatible. I was very pleased with the whole process.

Mariant, April 18th 2013

I am amazed by the excellent customer service you provide. Congratulation for managing to reach this level of service for your clients. Thank You!

David, April 14th 2013

you supplied a precise answer to a precise question . . . thank you for the support I needed.

Jesse, April 13th 2013

The support person I talked with was very knowledgeable and a huge help. He answered all of my questions and got me back on the right track with my build. I will use this site for all my future needs!

Steve, April 13th 2013

Excellent support. I received very quick feedback on a question and was able to have my order modified.

Ricardo, April 12th 2013

You have a great team, very good attention. I will continue visiting them. Thanks

Jackie, April 11th 2013

This is the best customer service for an RMA that I have ever had. All companies should have this process.

Patricia, April 11th 2013

My experience with RobotShop was very good. You were always polite and very helpful.

Gundlach, April 11th 2013

Very pleased. When I called in the customer service rep was very friendly and helpful. Then the quote I requested was sent back to me within a few hours. You exceeded my expectations. Thanks.

Katrina, April 10th 2013

I was always very well informed. Very quick friendly service. Im very happy with Robotshop.

Marie-Helene, April 10th 2013

Merci pour votre excellent service, votre rapidité et votre grand soucis à l'égard de votre clientèle!

Georgina, April 9th 2013

Am very impressed with the quick response even after having it for a number of years. This is a rare service on our current world. Keep up the good work. Would recommend this product to everybody.

Dan, April 9th 2013

I was very impressed that you would make the effort to refund a portion of my shipping charge when I gave you my updated address. That was a very classy move. I also appreciate the 5-year warranty on your robotic vacuums.

Giorgio, April 8th 2013

The reply to my questions was prompt, detailed and professional. Many thanks.

Michael, April 8th 2013

As a complete novice not knowing what I should buy, your support staff was wonderful and knowledgeable about RobotShop products. It was a pleasure to have someone respond with accurate information. Would highly recommend your site and you support staff, excellent work!!!

Claude, April 6th 2013

Vous offrez un très bon service d'information. Vous êtes expéditifs et tout est clair.

Sandro, April 5th 2013

What can i say????? Fantastic/Amazing, something in this direction!!!! :)
Thank you so much for all the help provided!!!
Now its just a matter of time for ''full hands'' on the project :)

Paul, April 4th 2013

You provided me with the information that I needed to correct the problem. Roomba is now functioning as it should. I'm very pleased with the service I received and would likely purchase my next domestic Robot from you in large part due to the consistent high quality service I've received over the years.

Istvan, April 4th 2013

Amazing customer support, something I haven't seen for a long time. Keep up the good work.

Connie, April 2nd 2013

Fantastic service! Very prompt reply and fixed our litter robot immediately. It now seems to be working much more smoothly - thank you so much!

Sean, March 30th 2013

Prompt response and the person was very nice. I admire the patience to explain all of the information to me.

Guest, March 28th 2013

The speed of responce is amazing!

Burhan, March 27th 2013

Excellent service, very fast and easy experience.

Felix, March 27th 2013

Your techs were very thorough and quick to respond. Thanks.

Shuang, March 27th 2013

Thank you for your quick response, we have gotten the quotation and the information we need. This is very important and comfortable for customers.

Henrik, March 27th 2013

Incredibly good shop. Recommended for the best. Looking forward to getting my product in the mail soon. 6/5 stars from me:)

Beverly, 24 Mars 2013

I can not think of any way possible to improve your company. Your team responded to me immediately, and took care of my issues that I had with your product. Thank you.

Kurt, March 24th 2013

Excellent response time and relevance.

David, March 23rd 2013

Customer service is excellent, as well as the product. Thank you.

Weidong, March 22nd 2013

very good technical info provided by your tech guy via email.
Thank you very much.

Vask, March 22nd 2013

Thank you very much RobotShop...your services are very important and helpful in our project.

Preecha, March 20th 2013

Thanks for changing the delivery address. The reply was fast and it didn't take too long to change an issue. It was so fast that I even received my package the following day.

David, March 20th 2013

Amazing service, as always! I emailed with a battery problem, next thing I know there is a replacement on its way. It was here two days later! You guys are the best and I have been giving you as much word of mouth advertising as I can!
Thank you.

Kris, March 20th 2013

I had to re-order some stuff and you guys made it easy. I will continue to buy stuff from your site. Thanks and great job!

Peter, March 20th 2013

Perfect customer service - thanks!

Elvis, March 18th 2013

fast response and amazing shopping experience!

Nic, March 17th 2013

Responsive, polite, professional, timely...

David, March 14th 2013

Your service was phenomenal. I believe you solved my problem in under 10 minutes from submission of the ticket. I have placed my first order and look forward to a continued relationship.

Fred, March 13th 2013

I couldn't have been happier with the excellent support provided by the Robotshop " Équipe Technique".
Thanks for your efforts.

Guest, March 11th 2013

The time it took to reply was most satisfactory, and the fact that the part on back order could be swapped with a different part so easily for me was a fantastic surprise. Not a lot of companies will do that for a first time customer, let a lone any customer. You guys ROCK!

Eric, March 9th 2013

My questions were answered speedily and in a very courteous manner. Thanks so much for all of the help!

Hervé, March 8th 2013

Fast and perfect ! :)

Bhamb, March 8th 2013

Prompt service and replies, definitely shop again.

Geoffrey, March 7th 2013

Always a pleasure to purchase from Robotshop.

Guest, March 7th 2013

You folks are THE BEST! Seriously; your phone manners are warm yet professional, you communication skills are flawless, the products I have purchased from you are top quality and exactly what I expect for prices I deem fair, your tech support understands and answers my questions. What else can a customer ask for?

Colin, March 7th 2013

Best customer support I have encountered.

David, March 3rd 2013

The feedback on my question was prompt. You website is very good and the prices are great. Cheaper than buying in Australia, including delivery.

Ana, March 1st 2013

it's great! just snap of your finger you got the answer.

David, March 1st 2013

This is my first order with RobotShop and definitely not my last. Great customer service!

Rod, February 19th 2013

You guys are doing it right. I like the fact that you are so proactive in replacing the bad part immediately before you require me to send you back the wrong part. That is outstanding and I cant ask anything more for such a positive response in handling the complaint. You responded also so quickly within a few minutes of receiving my email on a Friday afternoon even though it was almost 4pm when I know you are about to close. Keep up the good work. You can be assured that i will be a repeat customer and I will highly recommend you to my friends.

Abhaya, February 16th 2013

Totally Satisfied. The person responding was very very friendly and helped me like me no other. The customer service has made me so happy that I will never buy products available here from any other place. Robotshop has treated me very nicely.

Matthew, February 15th 2013

You guys rock. Keep up the good work!

Bob, February 13th 2013

The response was quick and accurate. Look forward to dealing with you in the future. Our school is instituting a competition class on robotics and we will definitely seek your support and knowledge. Thank you.

Dominic, February 9th 2013

I've always had exceptional support from you :)

JG, February 8th 2013

I want to thank all the team at Robotshop, mainly the sales department, excellent service!

Alex, February 7th 2013

Uh... You folks are the best; polite, quick, knowlegeable, friendly...

Jeff, February 7th 2013

I am pleased with your support and think I have found my "reliable" source for Arduino supplies and processors.

Alexandre, February 6th 2013

Unbelievably quick. I had sent a ticket with my account number about two malfunctioning products and received new ones in less than 24 hours, no questions asked! Although the manufacture is poised very close to my house, the speed at which the product arrived was really amazing.

Dave, February 3rd 2013

Very fast, very straightforward. I tend to avoid buying over the internet, but my brief experience with you guys has been great. Even something like a backorder is handled very well. Good, fast and clear communication. No complaints!

Donald, February 3rd 2013

I was very impressed with your prompt response, stating the correct specifications, and that you would correct the error. Most companies ignore you.

Jessica, February 3rd 2013

My response was timely, and got a better answer than i expected. as a result, im looking forward to building one cool bot. thanks guys! ^_^

Rick, January 26th 2013

A prompt acknowledgement of my request with a promise to respond shortly was very reassuring. The response, which did come soon after, delivered exactly the information I sought.

Dimitris , January 24th 2013

I think this is one of the best services I have ever had. Very prompt in your replies, very efficient and I received the item in the UK only three days from the day I ordered it. Amazing!

Joshua , January 19th 2013

Thanks for listening to my suggestion. I'm happy to know your support guys are friendly and conscious, and will definitely bear this in mind when I next need to purchase any robot components!

, January 17th 2013

You guys are the best, thank you all for your excellent support!

Christian, January 15th 2013

Wow the robot shop has one of the best support I have ever used thank u

Dave , January 12th 2013

Awesome support staff!! Great job. I am used to being ignored or not answered. You guys are the pinnacle of customer service. Not sure why other companies have such a hard time providing good customer service. You guys rock!!!!!

Miroslav, January 10th 2013

I am very pleased by the care this return was handled with. I am definitely a returning customer and I are getting 5 Starts Rating. You deserve it, CERTAINLY.

, January 8th 2013

Very happy..I really like the way you keep me informed of the status of my orders and back orders.
Excellent Job...I will continue to give you my business!

, January 4th 2013

Robotshop.com is by far the best robotics retailer out there

Rawlyn, December 28th 2012

Fast and helpful; what better response could one ask for.

Sean , December 25th 2012

Great service. Every time I have emailed the company a questions I quickly receive a detailed a detailed response. Products are well constructed and the online directions make it easy to assemble.

Andrew, December 18th 2012

I am very pleased on how fast (less than 24 hours) my problem was addressed and RMA and new unit sent same day. Well done!

Kirt, December 15th 2012

I had some stupid questions and Support was patient and gave good solid help. I was very happy with the information I received and the speed of it's delivery.

Daryl, December 7th 2012

Very impressed with service and correspondence. I will purchase my next Robo Vac from you when this one wears out.

Greg, December 4th 2012

Very quick on returning e-mails. I am looking forward to the replacement part and future purchases from the company. You really take care of customers. Thanks again.

Edward, November 28th 2012

Very quick to respond to emails and super fast shipping. Thanks so much. cant wait for my order to arrive.

Nelson, November 25th 2012

One of the best services i ever experienced.
Thank you very much and we will keep in touch!

Rick, November 20th 2012

Response was quick, accurate, and complete.

Colin, November 17th 2012

The service was very helpful. They kept me contacted as too the status of my order and he options I have. Eventually they were even able to put something together to send out my entire order even though some items were on back order.

Sebastien, November 15th 2012

Very fast answer to all my requests and very nice people!

Alina, November 14th 2012

Very quick response, they were really helpfull and educated.

Timothy, November 14th 2012

My wife controls the purse strings lol. When she saw how quickly you replaced the track for us the first thing she said was, "we'll shop there again". I am picking up robotics to replace/supplant pc gaming as my hobby; what a way to earn our business! Now my wife will be quicker to let me shop with you, and she did most the work and enjoyed it.

Alvar, November 14th 2012

Superior customer service.

Judith, November 13th 2012

Excellent service and communications. The orders I place with your company are shipped in a timely manner. Overall satisfaction EXCELLENT.

Sam, November 11th 2012

Best customer services I ever had.......keep it up guys.....:)

Travis, November 10th 2012

Your staff went above and beyond to resolve our issues. We received 3 emails in 4 hours and had a new item shipped and deliverd in 3 days. This kind of service has made a great impression and assures a long manufacturer/purchaser relationship. Thank You

Richard, November 10th 2012

Great service. I was impressed by the almost instantaneous response to my initial inquiry (none of this "we'll get back to you within 48 hours"), the ease of the transaction and the speedy shipping. Hats off to you for a job well done. You will definitely get a return customer out of me!

Fred, November 9th 2012

I was very satisfied of the feedback from your customer service. They did reply to my questions and remarks in less than 24 hours, and were very efficient to accelerate the delivery. It's my second or third order in your shop and I already recommended it to several friends.

Richard, November 7th 2012

Customer support experience was exceptional. Easy to order on-line right through to final delivery and notification / tracking. I will be sure to recommend to others wishing to execute a team function that would involve buidling robots.

Andrea, November 3rd 2012

Great in answering all my question in such a short time. You show you care about your costomers. Perfect!

David, November 3rd 2012

My issue was solved quickly and to my satisfaction. Your customer service is the main reason why I like to purchase from you instead of from competitors or the companies that manufacture the items. Keep up the fantastic customer service and I will remain a loyal customer. Thank you!

John, November 1st 2012

RobotShop answered my question quickly and completely. They also took the time to bring up another point in case I was not aware of a potential issue that could occur from my project. I think they did a great job. Whenever I am cosidering doing business with a new company online for the first time I always try their tech dept first. If I don't get good results I won't do any business with them. RobotShop gave a great first impression and we will be doing business very soon due to their response. Thanks.

Gad, October 11th 2012

Very fast answers. Thanks very much.

Haq, October 11th 2012

I was very happy that my questions were answered promptly and accurately.

George, October 11th 2012

Excellent! prompt, detailed and informative. Thank you!

Terry, October 8th 2012

Quick response! Very good customer care. Thank you!

Eric, October 7th 2012

Fast reponse, do the right thing to correct the issue. Best customer service I ever seen in a while.. :)

Gloria, october 7th 2012

Prompt reply, situation quickly rectified free of charge and with minimum hassle. Thank you! Will very happily order again soon. 5 stars.

Art, October 7th 2012

RobotShop made it very easy for me order an item that wasn't in their catalog. As a result of this transaction, I am likely to place additional orders with RobotShop in the future.

Lee, October 6th 2012

The customer service has been very fast, professional, accurate and I am very impressed with how quickly things are moving. I will definately be a customer.

Jim, October 6th 2012

You guys have always been great and love your packaging.

Abhaya, October 5th 2012

AMAZING !!!! 5 stars

Victor, October 5th 2012

Great service when the product manufacturer is having issues. Quick responses to email and immediate action is taken to resolve the problems I have had. Quite impressed and will likely be purchasing any further robot vacuums from you.

Igor, October 5th 2012

The problem with my registration is effectively resolved. I really supprise for such quick help from MyRobots.com team. Thank you a lot!

Connie, October 4th 2012

Great job and very responsive.

Shahar, October 3rd 2012

Generous, quick and efficient support. Could not ask for more.

Ken, October 3rd 2012

Response to my questions was immediate and thorough. Thank you.

Ryan, October 3rd 2012

Very good, quick response.

Paul, October 3rd 2012

I like Robotshop because of quick response, professional and helpful support, competitive pricing and wide selection of products.

Bruce, October 3rd 2012

Replacement arrived today - great service!

Riccardo, October 3rd 2012

I am very satisfied with your costumer support. Answers to any question I made was both useful and fast.

Stern, October 1st 2012

Your replies are prompt and professional.

Gary, September 27th 2012

I really appreciated being able to make a change to my order after it was placed (before it was shipped of course).

Antonio, September 27th 2012

Extremely helpful staff. A pleasure to deal with Robotshop. Highly recommended.

Richard, September 27th 2012

Prompt, concise, helpful, friendly.

Kate, September 27th 2012

Answered my questions promptly and provided helpful suggestions.

Robert, September 27th 2012

I love my Neato Robot. Now that I have one I don't know what I'd do without it. Even though I have a technical issue with the menu screen the robot continues to function (it's a solid performer), the tech support has been very responsive and the customer service has been outstanding (the replacement unit has just arrived). 5 stars for sure!

Matjaz, September 27th 2012

Excellent technical support.

Grif, September 26th 2012

I appreciate you staying in touch with me over the status of my order. I will admit that I was a little disappointed that my items were on backorder, but they came into stock very quickly, and were promptly shipped. Thank you for the excellent service. Keep it up.

Tom, September 25th 2012

Thank you RobotShop. I have made several purchases, and every time I have had fast shipping, high quality products and great customer support. I will continue to come back often.

Len, September 24th 2012

+ 5 star's, for the fast shipping,fast service and good deal on parts. Please keep up the Good work.

Bob, September 24th 2012

It was great! I received a quick response with complete info! Thanks so much!

Guest, September 23rd 2012

Excellent, everything was shipped correctly and on time.

LaMae, September 23rd 2012

I think your support team is the greatest and they are very prompt answering an email about one of my Dirt dogs.

Allen, September 21st 2012

Very patient working with a beginner. I had difficulty with LCD display until your customer support told me of the pin change from the sketch. Thanks.

Ken, September 21st 2012

Thank you so much, your reply help me to select the right parts.

Nilla, September 20th 2012

Thanks for excellent answers regarding our order!

Besher, September 20th 2012

Received a response to my ticket in a very short time. Issue was dealt with promptly, and I was very impressed by the service.

Aritrim, September 19th 2012

Excellent customer support. 2 thumbs up.

Marvin, September 19th 2012

Product did not last very long but I feel like I was treated fairly by The Robot Shop by shipping a replacement right away. A+ service

Patrick, September 19th 2012

I like your site very much. Good pictures and tutorials. Friendly and every question is anwered fast. Good team.

G.H.D, September 19th 2012

The response was prompt, with adequate detail. Thanks

Aaron, September 17th 2012

I was impressed with the technical support. They responded quickly and answered my questions thoroughly. I had follow up questions that were also answered with the same attention. Thanks!

Daniel, September 17th 2012

I was well informed in a reasonnable timeframe!

Dustin, September 16th 2012

Very quick response with an answer that fixed the issue. Very helpful by offering to do even more if the problem still wasn't fixed.

Dustin, September 16th 2012

Very quick response with an answer that fixed the issue. Very helpful by offering to do even more if the problem still wasn't fixed.

Ricardo, September 16th 2012

Awesome assistance! Im happy with your support!

Franck, September 16th 2012

The overall service is excellent and fast. You did a great job and responded very fast and beyond my technical problem. Though I need a replacement I'm very happy about your service in general.

Jim, September 14th 2012

I have been very impressed with the level of communcation from RobotShop. Thank you.

Bruce, September 13th 2012

Keep up the good work. Partial shipment arrived about 2 minutes ago.

Steven, September 13th 2012

Having items added to a pending order was easy and without fuss. Many thanks for taking the time to update my order!

Ernest, September 13th 2012

Excellent, very fast answer.

Dan, September 12th 2012

Very fast response and trouble free.

Haipeng, September 12th 2012

Excellent service.

Gary, September 11th 2012

Response from your group was quick and efficient, and I felt that your staff actually know what they are doing and talk to each other. My order was a little complicated but handled well and with no necessity for extra questions from my end. Thanks.

Anas, September 10th 2012

Good work, I will surely come back if I needed something from you. You have good and quick responses. Keep up the good work.

Eric, September 9th 2012

I was very satisfied with the support and service.

Nina, September 7th 2012

Your services are excellent!

Leo, September 7th 2012

I'd recommended Robotshop to all my college friends!!

Petri, September 7th 2012

Very friendly and helpful! I forgot to add something I wanted to my order and the customer service representative was able to add it for me and update my invoice via email.

Vincent, September 7th 2012

The order was processed very quickly and I am very satisfied with the service.

Brenda, September 7th 2012

I am so pleased with the Robot Shop and would advise anyone to shop there. The customer service is beyond excellent.

Mark, September 6th 2012

Quick and helpful response to my support query.

Dave, September 6th 2012

Your customer service is the best that I know of. I personally have not had any problems with your products. My mother bought a Neato XV-11 on my recommendation (I love mine!), but she ran into a few issues. Your customer service helped her each time, no questions asked. My mom still raves to everybody who will listen about how helpful your CS people are. Keep up the high levels of customer service and I will remain a happy customer. I would even spend slightly more to get a robot from you than risk buying from some fly by night outfit. Great job!

Tim, September 3rd 2012

A very good experience.

Jorge, September 3rd 2012

Very quick and accurate response.

Kristina, September 3rd 2012

Professional technical support!

Regina, September 2nd 2012

Happy with communication and service I've received so far.

John, September 2nd 2012

The answer was very complete and provided the information I needed to make a decision. Thanks

Alain, September 1st 2012

Excellent service merci.

Bruce, August 31st 2012

Replacement arrived in 2 days, entire process was painless.

Pauline, August 31st 2012

The reply was extremely helpful. Now that I understand the 2 machines better, I have decided to get both for my son. I got the Neato for him for his birthday this month. I will be getting him the Mint plus for Christmas.

Jose, August 31st 2012

Customer service is excellent.

Burçak, August 31st 2012

The service provided is excellent and very quick!

Doug, August 30th 2012

Very friendly and professional customer support.

Justin, August 29th 2012

Robotshop was able to respond and ship a replacement robot for a broken part prior to hearing back from the manufacturer. This allowed for very little down time and the service component is impeccable. Very well done Robotshop.

LaMae, August 29th 2012

I can't believe how kind your support group is.

Jean, August 29th 2012

Very nice peoples, and very reactive. Thank you.

Hadas, August 28th 2012

I got an immediate answer. It was clear and helpful. Thanks!

Michel, August 27th 2012

Even though I purchased my Roomba elsewhere, you helped diagnose the trouble and pointed me the right way to tutorials for repair. Now my Roomba is back up and running!

Yahya, August 26th 2012

Thanks for your support. Really your support is perfect. Thank you robotshop for helping me.

France, August 26th 2012

You served me very professionally and I will recommended roboshop to all my friends.

Amir, August 26th 2012

The support center is well organized and responded to my questions very fast.

Robert, August 24th 2012

Very fast response for my missing and broken part. Thank you!

Carolynn, August 24th 2012

I was very impressed by how responsive you were to my issue. Completely erased my disappointment with the defect.

Kevin, August 22nd 2012

My inquiry was answered the next day and the assistance that I received was spot-on. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Simonetta, August 22nd 2012

Awesome service. I got the answer immediately and the product replaced very quickly.

Robert, August 20th 2012

Overall I am very happy with the products and service received from RobotShop. Your quick response to questions and shipping orders is appreciated and the web site is easy to navigate and understand how to find items. Thank you for making it easy.

Judy, August 20th 2012

Very quick response to my questions. Hoping to receive product this week.

Judy, August 19th 2012

Got a quick response and the needed information. Roomba is on it's way and I'm happily awaiting it's return.

Annette, August 18th 2012

Very fast reply to query, and extremely fast shipping after ordering! And I appreciate the extended warranty, which is why I ordered at Robotshop and not at the Litter Robot's manufacturer's site!

Jonathan, August 18th 2012

After updated tracking number was sent, everything went smoothly. Our new robot is happily cleaning our kitchen floor as I write this. Thanks!

Guest, August 18th 2012

Everything went very well, pleased with the amount of security and hopefully will receive the package within the next week. Thank you and hope to have more business with you.

Sammut, August 17th 2012

Excellent customer service and return process. Really quick processing of order and return.

Terry, August 17th 2012

I found your staff to be efficient and very pleasant to deal with. It is obvious that RobotShop is very customer-oriented, and ready to tackle any situation that is put before them in a fair and competent manner. Kudos to RobotShop, I would (and already have) highly recommend them to my friends.

Heather, August 16th 2012

I really appreciate the advice and help I have gotten. I heard back promptly , was given helpful suggestions and when it was determined what I needed in order to have the necessary repairs, I got the information right away. I have recommended RobotShop to several other people because of this.

Fabrizio, August 16th 2012

Good job. Maximum availability and passion. They always answer my questions without hesitation and very professionally. I hope to do more business with them.

Jacopo, August 16th 2012

Very quick and effective! :D

Roman, August 13th 2012

You were very quick to respond. You also managed to do what I asked. Overall - great!

Barbara, August 12th 2012

We received the parts and the robot is working well! On behalf of myself and my son, thank you for all of your time and attention.

Barb, August 11th 2012

I am very pleased with the service and look forward to future orders!

Marcus, August 10th 2012

Very wise advice was given to go to your european site, easier, faster and more economic for me, which i did.

Janette, August 10th 2012

You were very quick to reply to my request and helpful when you were unable to assist me further. Thank you.

Rosalind, August 9th 2012

Your service was excellent. I did not expect such prompt service. Thank you.

Benjamin, August 9th 2012

Great service A+!

Wesley, August 8th2012

I was very satisfied with the service of the Robotshop staff. They informed me that my product would take longer to arrive than usual, and then allowed me to modify my shiping method to compensate. As a first-time customer, this has been very helpful to me.

Fabrizio, August 6th 2012

Before making the purchase I asked many questions to the service center. I always answered it very politely and professionally. It has dedicated to me a very long time. I am very satisfied.

Israel, August 6th 2012

Very good service, it is very important after-sales support, are to be congratulated!

Michael, August 5th 2012

I have nothing bad to say :D. It's perfect and the answer to our question arrived fastly :D

Darlene, August 5th 2012

Thank you, you were very helpful and patient; Good Job!. The base was returned and worked perfectly so I would also like to thank the service person who did a fantastic job. It was so nice to have the work done and have it returned so quickly. I love how little work it is to take care of my cat when I use this wonderful litter box. Thanks.

Lili, August 4th 2012

I got a very fast service in same day. Appreciated that!

Ghanshyam, August 4th 2012

Frequent updates and fast response times are great.

Marc, August 4th 2012

Very quick answer, and wise advice.

Vineeth, August 4th 2012

Customer Support is superb. The Product I received was not charging so Robot shop sent me another one. Thanks to Robotshop. Thumbs Up.

Steve, August 3rd 2012

My question was answered very quickly. Thank you!

Roger, August 3rd 2012

I am very satisfied!!! My ticket is actually a sequence of more than 5 rounds of questions and answers. Every time my questions were answered quickly, accurately and patiently. I wish every company's customer support team works like RobotShop!

Yoram, August 3rd 2012

Prompt delivery is a key issue for me. With this order you have excelled.

Guest, August 2nd 2012

Excellent Packaging, Fast Delivery, Excellent customer service.

Mark, August 1st 2012

Responses were prompt and professional. Even after I lost my RMA# and had to ask for it again. Thanks.

Vincent, August 1st 2012

Just perfect! I've never seen before a web-shop sending a new machine before i send the defective one first.

That's what I call speed respond. Thank you.

Jorge, July 27th 2012

Excellent, top quality product, thank you.

John, July 27th 2012

You were far more helpful than any other company I have dealt with. Thank you for fantastic technical support.

Jay, July 27th 2012

Outstanding support and advice. And quick, too.

Karine, July 27th 2012

Response to my email was prompt, courteous and professional!

Pamlyn, July 27th 2012

You were the first company I have found after searching for many months who has helped me with my problem. Thanks.

PJ, July 26th 2012

Such great customer service and such great products. I'm happy to be a customer!

Terry, July 25th 2012

Thanks to your efficient staff, the experience was very satisfactory and the staff was extremely pleasant to deal with. Thanks to you, my Neato is now on its way back to the repair service in Montreal.

Warren, July 25th 2012

You were more helpful than iRobot themselves.

Marcia, July 25th 2012

You have done a great job in keeping me (customer) apprised of the situations (need to partial ship and back order on one item) on my order. Thank you.

Peter, July 25th 2012

Good advice and support. Thanks.

Elite, July 24th 2012

Very good customer service, very fast delivery!

Jeff, July 24th 2012

I have to admit, it's your great service on warranty that has me looking at another one of your robots. I get that stuff breaks, that's why it's good to find a company that stands behind their products. We already have the wall climber and the skimmer bot, but we bought a second home (cottage I suppose) that has an above ground pool so we're considering another robot. They've made me super lazy LOL. :)

Guest, July 22nd 2012

Your policy "answer in 24 hours" is really excellent. Thanks

Alexandre, July 20th 2012

Excellent, as always.

Megan, July 18th 2012

Pleased with fast response and communication.

Harley, July 18th 2012

I appreciate the Robot Shop from my limited experience as a customer (2 orders). Fast shipping and a great website in terms of how it allows me to manage my cart, check on stock and easily revise my selections. Thank you guys!

Alex, July 18th 2012

The service was fast and provided all the infomration that we needed. RobotShop address our inquiry in a timely manner to our satisfaction. Excellent service!

Paul, July 18th 2012

I appreciated the service I received. I asked for material that the robotshop did not currently sell, but I was politely redirected to a website that offered what I was seeking.

I am fond of the robotshop website as well. The graphical presentation is stunning.

Rob, July 16th 2012

First purchase with your company. No complaints. Your prompt email notification is a nice thing.

Marcelo, July 16th 2012

You answered just what we had asked, and promptly! Congratulations.

Mahmoud, July 16th 2012

Super fast and very efficient

Oksana, July 15th 2012

I am satisfied with the service. I had one Item backorder, but support helped me to resolve this situation very quickly and effectively. I was very glad. Because I had a robot course with kids coming in a couple weeks. Thank you. And I will definitely order again.

Steven, July 14th 2012

Your response was very quick, I'm still working on the problem, but your help has made it easier. Thanks.

Amy, July 13th 2012

fast and efficient, thanks!

Myke, July 13th 2012

Nicely done. Thank you for sending the missing cable.

Mo, July 13th 2012

Great! Came today. SUPER FAST. I always likes you guys

Mark, July 12th 2012

Response was fast and exactly the info that I needed. When I have some free time, I'll be buying one.

Dale, July 12th 2012

Excellent response time and very helpful, will always come back to Robotshop!

Jeremy, July 12th 2012

Appreciated the notice of backorder product, and the ease and quickness of changing the order.

Abdullah, July 12th 2012

The answer was quick and spot on! thank you very much.

Richard, July 11th 2012

Very helpful is guiding me toward purchase decisions.

Sung, July 10th 2012

I admit your customer-friendly service is still great.

Paul, July 9th 2012

Good customer service. Have been kept updated with the situation.

Richard, July 9th 2012

Very responsive with great suggestions.

Jackie, July 9th 2012

Very efficient and helpful!

Karvel, July 9th 2012

I enjoy to shop with u guys. Even spread the word, to my nerdy friends, that this is the best online store on the internet to spend money :D

John Conway, July 8th 2012

While I am not thrilled you sent the wrong product on the original order, your prompt offer to do the right thing by shipping the right product plus the return shipping label makes me want to do business with your company again. Keep up the good work!

Richard Spratt, July 7th 2012

Very good advice. I will be purchasing a new Aquabot from Roboshop in 3 weeks after my vacation. Thank you.

Advance Procurement Ltd, July 6th 2012

Excellent Response Time

Hazem, July 6th 2012

The support was good and helpful as always.

Victor, July 5th 2012

Great feedback that was quick!

Johnny5, July 2nd 2012

Thanks. I submitted a ticket to them and they responded EXTREMELY fast and made everything very easy. Seriously, I am blown away by the great customer service here. Not to mention you replying to my thread like every single day. Awesome experience overall!

Donald LeBlanc, July 1st 2012

The technician that helped me responded in a timely manor and was able to answer all questions that i had. With the help i received, i was able to purchase the robot and control system that best fit my needs.

John Thompson, July 1st 2012

The response time to my ticket was outstanding and the RMA for my exchange was processed in a very timely manner. I received the UPS return shipping label by email within an hour after submitting my ticket. I am very pleased.

Thane Hunt, July 1st 2012

Very quick response time and very patient people. Thanks!

Amine Ferdak, July 1st 2012

We like the response time to information requests. Excellent service support.

Karvel Arnarsson, June 30th 2012

Very good. Like to do my shoping whit u guys.

Bill Schlegel, June 29th 2012

I like being kept in the loop on back ordered products as well as my entire order.

Philippe Beaulieu, June 29th 2012

Interface web quasi-parfaite. Il est parfois très facile de se retrouver sur le site International sans s'en rendre compte. Très facile de naviguer à travers les items. J'aime le fait que le client ait accès au code de produit Robotshop ; ça aide à communiquer avec le service à la clientèle. Le service à la clientèle est hors pair. J'ai envoyé un message à 23h et j'avais une réponse le lendemain matin vers 9h!!

Kevin McKenna, June 27th 2012

So far, I am very impressed. You have been responsive and provided some excellent technical support towards my problem. I don't think you have received my return yet but if that goes well, I will be a very satisfied customer.

Nathanial Wiggins, June 23rd 2012

I was directed towards some cameras that would work. I was less excited to hear that what I want isn't easy, but kinda expected it. I bet I can make it all work in LabView and Matlab though.

Robert B Reid, June 22nd 2012

Quick response, to the point information plus link to documentation. Much better than expected.
Thanks Again.

Jonathan, June 22nd 2012

Both times I have needed support you have been fantastic

Dylan, June 21st 2012

You are doing a great job, the order shipped very fast, no mistakes. It was easy to return the product which I made a mistake in ordering. Good job!

Daniel, June 21st 2012

You have done a very good job of keeping us informed and responding to our requests.

Terry, June 21st 2012

Extremely helpful, detailed response. Thank you!

Omair, June 20th 2012

Your answers are well written, concise and well researched. RobotShop gave me links to the exact robots I needed. Thanks.

Sam, June 20th 2012

Excellent service very professional, keep up the good work.

Guest, June 19th 2012

Customer service was very helpful and quick.

Guest, June 19th 2012

Very interesting range of goods - Extremely good service - Recommended shop

Herrick, June 18th 2012

Awesome. Very fast customer service. And update emails to let me know what's going on with my request. Wonderful.

Cindy, June 17th 2012

They were very helpful even though I didn't buy my robot there they sent me guides on how to fix it and where to buy the parts!

Crystal, June 16th 2012

Great website, ultra fast delivery, nice customer service. The kind of website you would like to work with more often.

Caroline, June 15th 2012

Outstanding customer service! Was expecting to have to ship in our broken unit and then wait for repairs and return. Instead, sent brand new replacement unit and UPS call tag for return of old unit. It is refreshing to deal with such a well run company. Thanks!

Stefano, June 15th 2012

I'm very satisfied about the speed of response, and also of assistance received.
Thank's a lot.

James, June 12th 2012

I have dealt with robot shop customer support several times, and they are always fast to respond and helpful.

Jeremy, June 11th 2012

The exchange/refund tool on your website works very well. The process was quick and easy. Furthermore, your customer service reps acted quickly on resolving the issue. A+ service, don't change a thing!

Phelim, June 10th 2012

Excellent and prompt customer support!

Rafi, June 9th 2012

Dear robotshop team!
I have never seen a forum that help his costumers so good. I can almost say that the moment I take my finger from the send button the answers are in front of me. Good bless you all

Lee, June 8th 2012

Thanks for all your help! I will be sure to come to you for all my robotics needs!

Jay, June 8th 2012

Fantastic service! Sent email concerning missing parts, quick email response and package shows up a few days later with the parts.

Barry, June 7th 2012

Extremely satisfied. Prompt email response as well as sending out the correct item immediately. Postage paid return and pre-printed label... wow! I will definitely order more from RobotSHop.

Guest, June 6th 2012

The litter robot is the best invention ever IMHO. My order came immediately and was in perfect condition. I'm very happy.

Eric and Linda, June 6th 2012

Excellent customer support -- frequent updates on the status of my backorder, and prompt delivery when it came in!
Signed: a very satisfied customer!

Evan, June 4th 2012

I received a prompt reply to my question and when I provided further information relevant to my situation, Robot Shop was quick to remedy the issue. The replacement product was received shortly afterwards and the whole process was easy to understand because of the clear direction provided. Thank you again.

Andrew, June 4th 2012

Excellent communication and friendly!! Ready and willing to help and stand behind their suppliers products.

Rita, June 2nd 2012

I returned my litterbox because it wasn't working and lights were flashing. The staff were great and my box was repaired and is now working well. Thank you very much

Trevor, June 2nd 2012

Awesome customer service team, keep it up!

RJ, June 2nd 2012

Really happy with the turnaround time and shipping of a new unit right away, along with the free shipping back stamp. This is pro service and I will be sure to pass on the good word. Cheers.

Robert, June 1st 2012

One of the very few NICE Places to do business with. I was amazed at how important these people made me feel as a customer. I am very glad that there is a company like this one. RobotShop is a place where the customer is important.

Matthias, May 31st 2012

Quick, friendly, perfect. I was surprised because a lot of shops/manufacturers dont have that kind of support. Thanks alot.

Robert, May 31st 2012

Fantastic customer service, very fast resolution. Thank you.

Allan, May 30th 2012

Good service, quick delivery. Robot working like new!

Andrew, May 27th 2012

Quick response and the solution to my problem was greatly appreciated.

Sanchit, May 26th 2012

Very friendly service, timely and polite responses, and helpful considering that I'm not in the country and have difficulty following through. Great service!

Annette, May 25th 2012

I am the most obsessive person when it comes to clean and am also a very sceptical person.  Didn't believe these things would work.  I have had my Mint floor cleaner for nearly two weeks now and don't know how I've  managed without him.  I manage a 7000 sq ft house, am a caregiver to a very ill person, and " Santa's Little Helper" (I named him) has been a life saver.  Shipping was fast and  my order was filled perfectly!  I am patiently anticipating the arrival of the pool cleaner.  Now if you can only come up with something that cooks!

Pierre, May 24th 2012

The order bug is fixed. The support was reactive and sympathetic :) All my questions was answered. My overall satisfaction is on top !

Randy, May 23rd 2012

Answered my question and solved my problem quickly and effeciently.
Thanks much!

Wilson, May 20th 2012

Excelent support. I am satisfied with your services. Is the first time I buy from robotshop and I hope dont be the last! Thank you guys.

Jpicciri, May 20th 2012

All of the Robot Shop responses to my inquiries were prompt, concise and courteous.  The merchandise was sent promptly and priced better than competitors.

Mike, May 19th 2012

I could not be more satisfied with your service.  I submitted a request to replace my broken Neato and all was taken care of within a couple of hours.  Of course the replacement Neato has not arrived yet, but I'm confident that will occur with the same efficiency as all my other dealings with RobotShop.
Thank you!

Kawandeep, May 18th 2012

Robotshop was quick to respond to my concerns in a way that felt they truly valued the customers.  When I was first confused about the shipping receipt, I received a message back clarifying the package was shipped.  When my package was late I became dejected thinking I had wasted my money on faster shipping, I was immediately offered a refund and apology.  This sort of personal attention and service is uncommon in electronics shipping (where typically websites are confusing and there is little human to human interaction), and is certainly refreshing.  I will definitely recommend Robotshop to peers and will continue to use it for future purchases.

Silvia, May 17th 2012

Your response to our inquiry and subsequent follow up was outstanding!

Ralph, May 17th 2012

The support team did a great job dealing with my problem. Got the replacement part in a couple of days & it's the right part. Thanks!

Charles, May 17th 2012

Very quick, very professional.

Jamie, May 16th 2012

Staffs are always helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Guest, May 16th 2012

Great customer support. Website is very user friendly. Have not received my product as yet but i am confident that it is as described.

John, May 13th 2012

Helped out with my project and gave me different options that will help me complete it. I am still in my research stage but will be buying and contacting support again as i complete my project. Thanks

Dave, May 13th 2012

Customer service is always incredible. They remembered to get back to me about the possible availability of a product - and I didn't actually expect a reply, because most other companies would have just deleted my email and forgotten about me. My word-of-mouth advertising made my parents buy a robot vacuum from you, she had some problems with the vacuum, but she had fantastic experiences with your customer service as well. You are THE BEST company in terms of customer service that I have ever dealt with!

Guest, May 13th 2012

I was able to get my questions answered before I placed my order!

Michael, May 12th 2012

Very quick response on my question. Super support service.

PJ, May 11th 2012

Nice to experience real customer care. :-) A1, OK Yea!

Bao, May 11th 2012

It is great that we got the solar module so quick, very efficient.

Ray, May 11th 2012

Support folks are great a definite 5 stars so far, the order arrived on time but one part was defective but that's a manufacturing issue and not the fault of RobotShop as far as I can see, based on my experience so far I don't expect any problems addressing the issue.

James, May 11th 2012

Response time to the question is very good and the questions are answered fully.

Dave, May 10th 2012

I just wanted to thank you for remembering to contact me. Most companies would not have actually gotten back to a customer for something like this. As if I needed more proof that you've got the best customer service!

Keep up the great work.

Guest, May 10th 2012

Just great. I have been a bit like an awful customer, and in spite of this, your sales or PR team was patient, reactive and very efficient altogether (and I even felt such that I should apologize).
So again, Great!

Jerry, May 10th 2012

Very helpful, good product,
excellent service.
Thank you

Steven, May 10th 2012

Great service. I was clearly warned that the order would be delayed when I first created it. I was able to add an extra item to my delayed order. I really appreciated the fact that when I added the extra item was given a simple paypal order form that I only had to check and then click confirm. Keep up the exceptional work.

Adam, May 9th 2012

I am very impressed with the customer service that I have received from RobotShop. They have been extremely prompt with answers to my queries, with useful advice to assess the problem. The quickness and ease with which the problem is being solved is fantastic and they are a pleasure to deal with. If only more companies had such high levels of customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. Keep up the good work. I will definitely give them my business in future:-)

Roger, May 9th 2012

You guys are AWSOME!

Jason, May 4th 2012

Great customer service, excellent communications from the staff, and very quick response time to my inquiries.

I appreciate the support.

Michael, May 2nd 2012

Your response was quick you resolved my problem. I am satisfied
Thank you

Clifford, May 2nd 2012

The representative offered a quick reply along with a replacement solution. Great!

Jim, May 2nd 2012

The items I wanted were in stock, the customer service was prompt in answering questions, and everything was shipped and arrived in a reasonable time....can't ask for more than that.

Nicolas, May 2nd 2012

Delivery arrived sooner than thought, and support answers quickly to any question. It's really convenient !

Maes, May 2nd 2012

Super service - my present has arrived on time.
Happy customer

Carole, May 2nd 2012

Like everytime I had to contact you,I have only good things to say about your customer service. It is nice to see that we still have company who cares about their customers.
Thank you

Ivan, May 1st 2012

I would like to thank RobotShop and especially to commend them for their assistance in having my lost-by-UPS order reshipped. I received it in fine shape a couple of days after it was reshipped.
Please expect another order from me any minute now!

Jamie, April 28th 2012

Very helpful. Useful suggestions for action given and considerate treatment. Thank you.

John, April 28th 2012

I was glad to see that it only took one email to handle to cancel my order once you told me that part of it was going to be backordered. I like the prompt way you refunded my money to my paypal account. thanks

Jacob, April 27th 2012

This customer wrote a comment in his order: Have fun putting this together! and how bout a test, can you put a post-it note or any other note from the person that assembles my order just to see if you guys read the comments. Thanks!

We sent this package and wrote a nice note to the customer on a post-it indicating that we read all comments and we see everything.

The client wrote back: I want to say thanks for proving me wrong in my search to see if you read the comments, numerous other companies that i have ordered from do not! I also wish to thank you for the organized and safe packaging of my robot supplies, the box was not damaged in any way, thanks for being an awesome company!

Paolo, April 22nd 2012

I am absolutely satisfied with your service.
Great job.

James, April 21st 2012

I am very pleased. RobotShop has managed to add a small item to their spare parts inventory at my request. Who else is going to go that extra mile for a customer? Many Thanks, Jim.

Guest, April 20th 2012

RobotShop is highly regarded in the online community, and I am glad to hear that you take good customer service so seriously. That sort of thing is harder and harder to come by these days.

Frank, April 20th 2012

Excellent service. Each of the 3 orders I placed since February have been processed, shipped and delivered within 72hrs.

Andrew, April 20th 2012

This is my first order to RobotShop. Placing the order on-line was easy. I was advised when placing the order that some items were on back order but a reasonable availability date was stated. Then, the day after placing the order I wanted to add to it and sent an e-mail to customer support whereupon RobotShop amended the order and sent me an updated list of items. So far everything is working well for me. I am looking forward to receiving the parts in about a couple of weeks.

Marc-Olivier, April 19th 2012

Good service, in my last order, one item was B/O. I sent a e-mail to remove this item from my order. 30 minute later I receive a message that confirm that the item was remove and that they will ship the rest off my order whit the refund.

MaryAnn, April 19th 2012

A very pleasant company to deal with. You dealt with my problem efficiently & to my satisfaction and I definitely will be a return customer!

Hazern, April 19th 2012

The service is good as you feel that RobotShop cares about your order and it's not ignored.

Javier, April 18th 2012

Thank you very much!!! for the support and the fast delivery!

Stefan, April 18th 2012

Fast updates and responses.

Carole, April 18th 2012

very good customer service, every time I have contacted you company always had a quick response. It is nice to see that for some company the customer is still important. Thank you keep up the good work.

Robert, April 18th 2012

Customer service was very quick in taking care of every problem that I had trying to pay for the camera. In the end they took care of all the online "paperwork" and all I had to do was confirm which is pretty incredible.

Bob, April 13th 2012

I found your responses to my inquiries very timely. You're doing a great job!

Ryan, April 5th 2012

Every time I deal with Robotshop.com, I get incredible service, affordable prices, amazingly cheap shipping, and the best quality products. The only thing that would make the experience better is if there was a physical store next to my home that I could spend hours walking around admiring the selection of awesomeness.

Samuel, April 5th 2012

I'm very satisfied and I like the customer service kindness. I'm glad to have ordered from you and I'm going to order from you again real soon. Thank you and have a good day.

Kimberly, April 4th 2012

Very easy to navigate site for sales. Items were shipped quickly. We had some missing parts from one item and customer service was very responsive.

Louise, March 31st 2012

I am super impressed with your customer support. Great company. I bought a battery a while ago as well and am very happy with it. Thanks Robot Shop. We need more companies like you.

Mario & Linda, March 20th 2012

100% product support. Very impressed, nice not to have to fight for what is right. Thanks and I will recommend RobotShop to all our friends!

Louise, March 19th 2012

Thank you. You are a great help. I have to say I am very impressed with the customer support. Unusual these days. Will definitely buy my parts from RobotShop.

Guest, March 20th 2012

I was worried about the return/warranty situation if I ever needed to use it as it's online. I'm finding out now how easy and painless it is. Robot shop is sending out a replacement unit right away in exchange for the problem one I currently have. AMAZING SERVICE!!!

Reid, March 16th 2012

I am a fairly new customer who has made a few large orders from your website and I was very impressed with the speed of shipping as well as the customer service.

Belinda, March 7th 2012

Thanks so much. We are so pleased to receive these items. We needed them for a competition Saturday and they are working out beautifully. Thanks for the service and your willingness to allow an easy return.

Guest, March 7th 2012

I love your quick shipping! so impressed!

Wagar, February 23rd 2012

Wow your customer service is amazing.

Ian, February 23rd 2012

Thank you for taking care of this so quickly. I am extremely satisfied with my order and I look forward to doing business with RobotShop again. Thanks.

Dick, February 22nd 2012

Thank you very much for the fast response and the simple resolution of this issue. You have made my day.

Ryan, February 17th 2012

Hi there, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the fast shipment and service! Thanks for making this a very pleasant purchase!

Jacques, February 15th 2012

Bonjour! What else can I say about your excellent service ? I do appreciate such a good service and I won't be embarassed to talk about Robot Shop. Thank you!

Danielle, February 9th 2012

Service was wonderful. Took about 2 hours from the time I contacted you with my problem to Robot shop putting a new unit in the mail. I just received it. Could not be more pleased. Very quick and courteous response

David, February 9th 2012

In these days of consumer demands, increased scrutiny on product reliability, and overall expectations for service that lives up to all the pre-sales promises, there seems to be an abundance of disappointment and anger towards many of the major corporations, not the least of which includes the online suppliers. All too often, one is more apt to take the time to write letters of complaints in order to try to correct a wrong or to merely seek an outlet so that one can vent one’s anger, while letters indicating praise for a job well done remain in the minority. Therefore, this letter is one small attempt to perhaps balance the scales.

The team at RobotShop Inc. are second to none when it comes to delivering high quality service. My recent experience with returning a product for a replacement was handled in a most professional manner and I was kept in the picture all the way through the process.

I highly recommend RobotShop Inc. and I would hope that they would copy this letter to Neato Robotics in the U.S.A., the company who manufactured the product in question. Neato Robotics should be proud of the way that RobotShop Inc has acted as their agents in this matter by suppling the highest level of customer satisfaction I have ever experienced.

Gerard, February 7th 2012

Thanks. Excellent customer service! I just want to express my satisfaction with you at this time. I am new to robotshop, but I feel that I will be with you for a while. Keep up the great work.

Jeff, February 6th 2012

Thank you very much for your quick response and action on this. It's much appreciated.

Dottie, February 3rd 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you, … thank you. Thank you so much for all your help over the last few days.

Peter, February 2nd 2012

You are awesome for putting up with my retarded questions!

Wiebke, February 2nd 2012

I am amazed!

That is the most professional way! Thank you try much!

Robin, February 1st 2012

I just want to let you guys in Montreal know that you run a fantastic shop.
This is great service and I would recommend you highly.
Thanks for shipping out another Ping sensor. Keep up the good work on customer service.

Tom, February 1st 2012

Your online dis-assembly, re-assembly, installation instructions are


Eric, January 28th 2012

Great turnover time for the replies (one of the best in the industry, and I've been in the industry for almost 40 years!)

Replies perfectly address the issues at hand (saves a lot of time and frustration ...)

The issue is not yet closed, but hopefully will be :)

Erich, January 27th 2012

Wow, thanks very much. You guys are amazing! As soon as my son figures out how he wants to expand the robot, you can expect another order from us. OUTSTANDING customer support!

Dmitry, January 26th 2012

I appreciate your patience and efforts. I will always remember patience, willingness, and kindness of each of you and the RobotShop as a whole. I wish you strong health and prosperity to your company.

Ezra, January 25th 2012

I haven't found a better site than robotshop.

Neil, January 24th 2012

I love robotshop, everytime i call your customer service the courtesy, respect and help i receive is flawless.

Jacqui, January 23rd 2012

Thank you for your quick and courteous customer support.

William, January 20th 2012

Thanks for the great technical support received on this product. It convinced me to make this purchase.

Daniel, January 6th 2012

Perfect, thanks very much. You guys are on the ball! Your newest loyal customer.

Jack, January 4th 2012

Thanks for the prompt reply. I really like the way you guys operate.

Jimmie, January 3rd 2012

This is new to me and i am 57 years old and i feel like a kid getting in robots and i would love to jump right in! All of this is so great that it helps me live my LIFE! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SHOP AND ALL THAT IS IN IT! your friend, Jimmie

Todd, January 3rd 2012

When I called on the phone about a possible order before I actually made one, the representative of your company was among the most polite and informative that I have dealt with. I was making a Christmas time order and in-stock status and delivery times were very important to me. He did not over promise in order to get my order and was genuinely concerned about my needs. I then did place my order online. I have already and will continue to recommend RobotShop to friends, especially because of the gentleman I spoke to on the phone. If I had his name, I would recommend a raise. Thank you.

Bruce, December 29th 2011

Thank you so much for the details on the engineering comparison between two arms. I really appreciate your help, time and insight. I will be placing my order shortly.
Thank you !!!!

Todd, December 27th 2011

I am very happy with RoboShop's ordering and processing and plan on recommending them in the future.

Thank you, and have a happy holiday season.

Guest, December 19th 2011

Your technical team (Coleman) provided very fast and complete answers via email to my pre-purchase questions. This reflected well on your company and was a key reason I chose to order from you.

Allen, December 19th 2011

Hey, great job on the videos as well on the Robot Challenge. Very informative.

Gerald, December 15th 2011

Just wanted to commend you for fast processing and shipping. Got a Robotrac for my granddaughters and their Dad. Their Dad, my son, always talks about his best Christmas toy memory... Robotrac! What a surprise it will be.

Thank You

Bar, December 13th 2011

Thank you for your patience and kind service!

Guest, December 12th 2011

Fantastic process. Quick, precise, convenient,... No concerns whatsoever.

Guest, December 12th 2011

I just wanted to personally say how impressed I am with you guys. I placed an order this morning, and it's ready to ship minutes later. I'm used to clicking 2 day shipping and it all coming down to how fast the vendor processes the order. Now i will truly get my Lilypad in 2 days. Thanks again :D

Marc-Olivier, December 9th 2011

Hi, thank you very much for your answers. I think I'll take the robot builder bonanza 4th edition.
I've made some purchases since 1 year on Robotshop.ca and I just want to tell you guys that you gave me the best customer service I ever had. You answer really quickly to e-mail and really clearly. It is really appreciated! Keep on the good work!! I can only say great things about Robotshop! Thank you

John, December 8th 2011

Thank you for your invaluable help. I ordered the parts that you recommended. Our son looks forward to building and programming his first robot, which will help fulfill the requirements for the Robotics Merit Badge.

Aurèle, December 7th 2011

Thank you very much for your professional support

Susan, December 6th 2011

I must say that you have one of the best support systems that I've ever dealt with! Always prompt and very helpful! Please pass that on. :-)

Guest, December 5th 2011

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with RobotShop. I dropped my Roomba breaking the wheel caster assembly. After checking out a few sites, you had the best price and it was easy to order.

Anko, December 5th 2011

Thank you for your fast reply and I am happy with your service in resolving the issue. I am looking forward to receive the package. And I would buy more more robot parts at robotshop in the future!

Kind regards and thanks for your help.

Ivan, December 1st 2011

Thank you. Love your products and especially your customer service!  I always recommend your store to friends.
Looking forward to the items to get my children learning and a new hobby.

Leslie, November 30th 2011

Thank you so much for your assistance and great customer service. I decided to go with your suggestion and purchased the DFRobotShop Rover.
Thank you!!!!

BJ, November 25th 2011

I dropped my Roomba a few weeks after I first got it years ago, and broke the IR sensor.  (What a newbie - I was holding it by the dustbin.)  I taped it back on for a few years but eventually it got scraped off and then lost.  This month I found your directions on how to disassemble a Roomba (and reassemble it) and I bought a used infrared sensor from you.  IT WORKS!  It can see again!  I can use walls and it can find the dock!  Your directions were excellent.  The photos were very helpful.  I am so happy.  It was a nice Thanksgiving evening project and now I am thankful for RobotShop!

Drew, November 16th 2011

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and attention to detail on my order.

Adil, November 15th 2011

I appreciate your kindness and your understanding. As to let you know, I still recommend RobotShop as the best

store to purchase robot parts to all of my friends. I am one of the biggest fan of your site "RobotShop.com".

Pat, November 14th 2011

What a pleasure it is to do business with such nice folks!

Vernon, November 2nd 2011

I h­­­­ave tr­­­­­­­ied the p­­­­rod­­­­ucts on this site, and are very, v­­­ery sat­­­­isfied.

Dessa, October 17th 2011

Thank you very much for your friendly and efficient service. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

Marleen, October 16th 2011

You promised about a week of delivery time, I ordered Thursday, my order arrived Tuesday. Very nice!

Dan, October 15th 2011

Excellent prices on the sensors I needed!

Bill, October 14th 2011

Thank you, this is probably the best customer service I've experienced ever, so kudos to you and your company. 4 hours to spare, wow, good thing I didn't procrastinate much longer. With the new Neato coming I might be able to convince the Wife to get a new Mint floor cleaner :) We already have a cat genie and love it.
Thanks again for the prompt attention.

Irina, October 11th 2011

Hello RobotShop! Thank you very much! I ordered Nabaztag ears. In 16 days they came to Moscow. My rabbit is happy! I like your package. Compact. Sturdy. I was worried because I ordered shipping without tracking number, but all went smoothly!

John, September 28th 2011

Thank you. The parts have arrived safely. I appreciate your prompt and courteous service.

Ben, September 14th 2011

Your service is outstanding and much appreciated. Rest assured that due to your response, I will be ordering from you in the future, and will recommend you to my friends.

Dave & Irene,  September 14th 2011

Just to let you know the package arrived today. Thank you so much for your help and making me feel that someone out there cared about my situation. I will definitely deal with RobotShop inc. in the future. Enjoy the rest of the day and thanks again for caring!

Ken, September 12th 2011

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my problem so quickly. I'll be contacting Neato to find out what went wrong, but you guys made it right, fast! Much appreciated.

Robin, September 6th 2011

Thanks for your quick response!
So that was easy and nicely handled and I thank you again for all of your help. I hope the turn-around time will be relatively painless!

Vic, August 30th 2011

The lifetime guarantee is most attractive. You are a great company to do business with.

Sandy, August 23rd 2011

Thank you so much for the informative email, the prompt attention to the repairs and the comprehensive way in which you dealt with my issue. I am unbelievably impressed by your customer service - both of RobotShop
as a whole and you, in particular. Thank you so much!

Althea, August 21st 2011

My previous purchasing experience was excellent. The parts were easy to find on the website, the order process was quick and the shipment arrived intact within a few days.

Chris, August 18th 2011

I just got my robot in the mail. Thank you and I thank everyone with your help. In my small town I hope I can get others in my high school and in the town into robotics because it is really cool. If people are interested, I will refer them to RobotShop!

Jeff, August 16th 2011

Thanks. That's why I like dealing with you guys; you're quick to
resolve issues.

Doug, August 15th 2011

Thanks so much for being so helpful. I'm definitely a loyal customer and
have always been extremely pleased with your service.

Paul, August 1st 2011

I have to say a big thank you for your time and patience with me. I'll definitely buy from you in the future.

Angelo, July 31st 2011

I want to say that I'm very pleased with your prompt answers and service and I would hope that all companies would have people like you on their team. Thank you Robot Shop.

James, July 20th 2011

RobotShop rocks! Thank you for doing all you could. My "robocampers" will be most appreciative.

Bill, July 13th 2011

Thanks, the part arrived just an hour ago very well packaged.

Mary, July 6th 2011

In the last 3 weeks, I have called RobotShop.com a number of times and have spoken to about 3 or 4 different customer representatives. Each representative was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful! I usually dread calling the support line for any company, but I must say that calling RobotShop.com has actually been quite pleasant. The RobotShop.com website was easy to use and the order was also processed and shipped very promptly, which we also appreciated. So, thank you very much! Keep up the good work! Merci beaucoup!

Garrett, June 20th 2011

Thank you for your promptness I am very satisfied with the service I have
received from your company.

Leo, June 16th 2011

Excellent service and I have the product in my hand. Thank you very much.
very good

Jodi, June 15th 2011

WOW! Now that is SUPPORT!!! I just want to say thank you for being super
helpful in all of the information, instructions provided and guidance to get
right to the issue and have solutions offered to take care of the problem!
I am very impressed and more than completely satisfied with your support service!!!
Thank you! Thank you!

Mark, June 7th 2011

Thank you for handling this problem in such a timely manner, I
have full confidence in your company, and appreciate the way you stand
behind your products.

Steven, June 6th 2011

Thank you for your excellent service!

Ernie, May 27th 2011

EXCELLENT SUPPORT - I worked 26+ years at Intel. I have to say, I can see that quality and attention to detail in your company, products and staff. Just excellent !

Steve, May 24th 2011

Thanks again for the email and I appreciate your concern...great customer service!  Will be ordering many more times from you.

Monique, May 23rd 2011

You rock! Thanks for being so quick!

Guy, May 21st 2011

Oh my I am very impressed with your honest concern and prompt reply. Thank you.

Doug, May 17th 011

I must say that all my contacts with RobotShop have been very nice, and I do see that you do have a commitment to customer service.

Rest assured that I will be placing my next order with RobotShop. As I said in another email, I would rather deal with Canadian companies when there is an option, and I see RobotShop as a good option.

Thanks very much.

Pete, May 16th 2011

This is the first time I have placed orders with your company....I'm very
impressed with your customer service.

Frederico, May 12th 2011

Thank you for your amazingly good support, I'll be surely buying again
from Robotshop soon (I need a motorshield now hehe)

Sebastien, May 11th 2011

Thank you for the fast answer and your professionalism.

Frederico, May 6th 2011

I would like to congratulate you all for this wonderful site, it really has everything about robots!

Todor, May 1st 2011

Hello to everyone at RobotShop :) I am the happiest person alive and this is only because this website exists thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have the biggest collection of robot parts I have ever seen. The choice you offer is out of this world coool.

Nivardo, April 19th 2011

WOW excelent service!
And now I can say, fast shipment!

Peter, March 29th 2011

Hi you at Robotshop! This is awesome customer service! I almost have not been able to feed you with info and then you get back to me so fast. Thanks a lot.

Vic, March 17th 2011

Thanks for your constant and warm help to me during the order procedure. We got the parts yesterday. Thank you and have a good day.

James, March 11th 2011

Dear Robot Shop crew,

I am very pleased at all your efforts to make sure my nephew received his robot in time for his robot fair this weekend. For a brief moment I was sweating bullets on how I was going to tell him the bad news it wasn't going to happen. We finally received and assembled our sumobots and are now programming for ultimate competition.

Once again thank you for excellent service and I hope many more happy years of business.

Guy, March 11th 2011

Thank you very much for the reply and the quality of service.
Surprisingly, the board arrived this morning! Thanks to your kind replies I am sure to be a returning customer of RobotShop.

Michael, March 7th 2011

Thanks for your help. I appreciate the promptness and professionalism. These things happen, but as they say... "a product is only as good as those that stand behind it" and it appears that you folks are doing a real stand up job.

Jonathan and Karie, February 22nd 2011

I am so happy to get back my LUCI (Loved Unconditionally Cleaning Instrument) back. The joy in coming home to those clean lines on the carpet gave me much happiness, I look forward to LUCI II and her many years of service to come! Thank you for making this return easy & uncomplicated, I have recommended Neato to my friends!

Kenneth, February 22nd 2011

I am extremely impressed with your support and I'm surprised that it's
still under warranty. (although I am prepared to pay for it this
time). if there is a vendor review site please let me know and I'll
give you 2 thumbs up!

Mitch, January 24th 2011

Thank you so very much for all of your work to get us the replacement! We really appreciate all you did! Many thanks, & it was a pleasure doing business with you!

Bryan, January 17th 2011

I would like to send a great big thank-you to RobotShop!

I know I have had some issues and was not happy with the purchase I recently made. Robot Shop has been nothing but helpful and supportive during this time, trying their best to make the purchase work for me. When we decided it was not going to work, you gave me the option of retuning the purchase (Thank-you) and issuing a FULL refund. I have to say I have been most impressed with your customer service during this trying time. I just wanted to let you know that the way you deal with customers even when they are not happy will keep me coming back again and again to keep buying your interesting and innovative products. Thank-you for being a company that cares about a customer even after the purchase!

Heather, December 21st 2010

Bless you! I even ordered more! Fantastic shop and service! Have a nice day and Merry Christmas! Love, Your satisfied customer.

Roberta, December 2nd 2010

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your speedy reply.
Secondly, I am amazed at how fast and efficient your company is. The product i ordered arrived at my door this evening. I will definitely recommend your company. Thank you.

Nathan, December 1st 2010

I received the Litter Robot very quickly and the cat has adjusted to it already. Thanks so much for the quick response and delivery.

Alexis, November 30th 2010

Thank you so much for your advice. My robot is now running like a champ after his brief dysfunctional interlude. The instructions that you directed me to were clear and abundantly precise, and the parts from RobotShop were perfectly functional- I am ecstatic!

James, November 24th 2010

Thanks for the prompt service. I must say that the robotshop customer service email support is better than most companies that i have used.

Alex, November 1st 2010

Thank you very much! The service with my first purchase with you was excellent and so has this one. I'll be placing my new order as soon as I can. Thanks again.

Cary, October 28th 2010

Hi, Thank You for the fast Service & Delivery of the remote I ordered! Happy Halloween

Anthony, October 15th 2010

Just received the unit, Thank you :)
The enviro-aware paper packaging is appreciated and will be either reused or recycled. These little details make a difference to me.
Now to mention the lightning fast delivery......WOW!!!

Milton, October 14th 2010

As usual I learn a lot from you with every e-mail.

Colby, September 28th 2010

Today I received my order. It was very nicely packed and the gift was a nice surprise, so thank you.

David, September 18th 2010

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what I think of your customer service. Thank you very much for the first rate website, and the exceptional customer care you provide. Your company is second to nobody, you have sent me everything I have asked for in a very speedy, timely manner. Most of all I tell everybody I know about The Robot Shop in Canada. Your customer for life, David.

Bill, September 13th 2010

A quick note of thanks to Vahon and all at Robot Shop. I received the circuit board a few days ago, popped it in and now our LitterRobot is purring away like new. Thank you for your quick, hassle free help. Kudos to you and Litter Robot.

Taylor, August 13th 2010

Thank you very much for all of your support and fast replies. Most websites it takes days or weeks for one email reply. I don't even have to think twice about ordering from robotshop again. Grade A+ service. Thanks :)

Bev, August 4th 2010

Buster returned home today from the Robot Hospital good as new. You've brought him back to life as he had been 100% dead. I thank you and my floors thank you. I would have no doubts to recommend your service to others. I would also not hesitate to use your service again. It was completed quickly and at a reasonable price and from what I can tell after the first use the quality of the repair appears to be top notch. The service was above and beyond my expectations. The whole procedure took only 12 days from leaving and returning to my door. This includes 2 weekends and a stat holiday.

After my experience with RobotShop should I require any parts (ie filters, brushes) I will purchase them from your company instead of going to Irobot.

Katie, August 4th 2010

Thank you--everyone who works at RobotShop is so nice. This is one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Thanks again; I appreciate all of your help!

Frank, August 4th 2010

Thank you so much for your fast and excellent service. I've RARELY had this kind of service from an internet purchase. Thanks again...

Mauricio, July 22nd 2010

Your company has an excellent customer care and as always responds fast and accurate to any situation, question, etc. So there you go guys great job keep up the good work.

Rich, July 13th 2010

Dear Robotshop,
I first would like to thank you for your kindness and professionalism you showed on the phone call the other day. You gave me a quote to repair my scooba and I asked if I could pay by Paypal and I got the e-mail real quick and so I did:).Thank You Very Much.

Dennis, July 8th 2010

You are doing a very good, conscientious job.
Great response time, too!
I want you and your colleagues to know that I for one appreciate it.

Janet, July 7th 2010

I have done most of my shopping online for over five years and yours is the best purchase service I have ever encountered. Your designers and webmasters should be proud to have created a system that is a standard all sites should try to achieve.

Thank you for understanding the customer, offering options, clarity, and a smooth and efficient shopping experience. Your professionalism is appreciated.

Nicholas, July 5th 2010

I was happy to receive the motors this morning. I want to thank you very much for your extra effort in making that rush order happen!
I've been very impressed with the responsiveness of the service at

Antonio, July 2nd 2010

Thanks for you quick response. Not only your web page is very complete (the best I have seen), but your support center is also very efficient.

Rick, June 30th 2010

Thank you for your prompt and professional reply.
I will call you on Wed. to purchase a replacement power supply.
Thank you for the great service!

Joanne, June 15th 2010

Your company is very cool. You are doing an excellent job. I love your twitter stuff and all your social marketing. The toolbar is a fabulous tool and your site is so vital!

Daniel, June 4th 2010

Thank you for your fast delivery on my order, the parts were shipped in a good package and a lot of information is supplied with the CD.

Chris, June 3rd 2010

You guys have a great web site, great products, and great customer service....

Gary, June 2nd 2010

Just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU". Very impressive service, the maintenance kit and light house arrived (notice of same) before my CC was charged. I have unpacked them but have not set up or tried the light house. Once again thank you for the prompt service.

Jeroen, May 17th 2010

Thank you for your urgent response and assistance. I love your customer service! RobotShop.com is my heaven. You guys are phenomenal, and you will be sucking my wallet dry :)

Andriu, May 6th 2010

I already received the Genibo today, thanks so much for all your help during this process, I'm very happy with the customer service you guys have at Roboshop and at Dasarobot.

Pat, May 1st 2010

Just a quick note to thank you for the friendly and efficient service we received. The battery we ordered arrived a day ahead of the estimated time and we were able to track it all the way. Your website is great; your service is great.

Jorge, April 22nd 2010

Many thanks for all your attention - the 4 "bugs" have arrived & I do
appreciate the speed with which you handle shipping.

Dennis, April 21st 2010

Thank you very much for following up on this problem. We are very impressed with your after the sale service.

Wayne, March 25th 2010

I would like to mention the sales rep that took my call was very professional and courteous. If I get my product in the described condition and time frame not only will i be using your facility again but it will be the only one I use for this type of electronics. I am an avid rc hobbiest and was delightfully impressed with making a telephone order.

Telmos, March 23rd 2010

I appreciate so much your website. Have such nice items. In Brazil we don't have a shop like this. Congratulations!!!

Justin, March 17th 2010

I am pleasantly surprised with your customer service.
In the past I've shyed away from online purchases due to poor service, and i want to let you know that i appreciate the prompt responses, and how easy it was to deal with your company on the phone.

Gideon, March 17th 2010

I got my package very quickly and I would like to thank you for the
excellent service.

Raymundo, February 16th 2009

Thanks a lot for your quick response and resolution of this issue. I'm glad I shopped at robotshop because the customer service is great.

John, February 12th 2010

This is the 2nd order with you and I'm impressed

Benjamin, January 29th 2010

I am sure you only hear from customers when something goes wrong.
I just ordered some cleaner from you and it arrived in 2 days.
Thanks very much, great site, great customer service. Keep it up.

Jay, January 15th 2010

It would really help to talk to someone - however I got email help and suggestions very quickly - impressive!

Thomas, January 5th 2010

Just a moment say what a really nice, clean, informative and well-functioning site you guys have.

Neil, December 31st 2009

I'm a huge fan of the iRoomba (I've had 3).
The first I gave to a friend so I could upgrade to the Discovery Series...
That one I traded in for my latest unit.

Advice: do NOT buy a robotic vacuum WITHOUT getting the 'soft touch' bumper. Hard to believe such a simple product can be SO EFFECTIVE! It's an inexpensive add-on, but almost worth (to me) the same as the vacuum itself.

The iRoomba is a GREAT product, but the bumps into the furniture (etc.) can be surprisingly rough (if you own(ed) one you'll know). This 'Soft Touch Bumper' (attaches easily as it is self-adhesive), is a MUST for ANY robotic vacuum owner!

Peyre, December 30th 2009

I have to say I am *really* impressed with your responsiveness and you consumer-friendly attitude! You can be sure that I'll make robotshop my source for parts, the fact you are located in Canada only makes it better.

Mona, December 22nd 2009

Thank you for your help, your amazing customer service and your talent for dealing with cranky blonde customers 3 days before Christmas. I am very excited to see the look on my hubbys face when he gets his gift. Probably the same smile i had on my face 6 years ago when my first roomba arrived.

Chris,  December 16th 2009

Thank You for fast courtious reponse. I will be ordering from your website again soon!

Hal, December 11th 2009

I was happy to see that your IT department pays attention to customer
comments. There have been other times that I have reported problems to
a company and they have neither acknowledged nor fixed the problem. I will
make sure to tell others what great service and interest the Robot
Shop shows their customers

Joseph, December 4th 2009

This robot is really sweet. We now have a good platform to build up our test bed. We thank you for your support. The turnaround over the Thanksgiving Holiday was awesome. I would recommend RobotShop to anyone with a Robotics requirement.

Tony, December 2nd 2009

Thank you for the great service. I will be sure to recommend RobotShop for future electronics needs.

Daniel, November 30th 2009

Got the Mir:ror set today - you've inspired me. Great delivery times. Thanks

Lindsay, November 27th 2009

I am not sure if I can reply to this address or not but I am going to try. I just wanted to commend you on your excellent customer service. I ordered a large product online that could not be shipped to my PO BOX, live in a national park and everyone just has a PO BOX (one of the few downfalls). I dealt with a very nice friendly agent named Julie. She left a message for me yesterday, and I returned her call today, easily changed my shipping address, and was able to carry on with my day. In this day in age it is nearly impossible to find good service anywhere, I really appreciate how efficient the process was. I will be a return customer and will recommend robot shop to my friends.

Mark, November 23rd 2009

I just wanted to write back to you after a recent repair that I had
done on my Roomba. I work as a field tech and I do a lot of repair work for different  customers. One thing that people don't do is to write back and say thank you.

I wanted to do just that. Thank you all for the repairs that you did
and re-repairs. We are glad to know that you are committed to a high level of customer service and we think that you guys and gals rock!!

So please pass this on to your whole team there. We are so glad that
we found a Canadian company that we can count on to help us when we are in need. Be encouraged that you made our day. I particularly like how quickly you resolved our repairs and communicated to us the action plan.

Emma, November 21st 2009

I never thought I'd find a robotic penguin!! It is the only thing my daughter has asked Santa for, this year! She is going to be one happy little girl on christmas morning. Thanks so much!!

Greg, November 11th 2009

I've been an online seller, I know things sometimes happen. It's how you deal with it that matters, I learned that well, so I do appreciate your shipping upgrade. Yesterday I took the time to look around the site for more than just the Arduino package I was interested in, and I see you have many interesting items. I do believe I'll be revisiting your store in the future. 

Allan, November 6th 2009

As an open source web applications developer, I appreciate the simplicity and one-page approach of your checkout system... even if it is written in ASP ;)

Adam, October 20th 2009

I have just received my second shipment, and so far everything appears to be in order. I'm now looking eagerly forward to begin construction of my Hexapod... It has been a great pleasure, doing business with you, and I would like to thank Robotshop in general, as well as Julie and Coleman in particular, for the ever friendly, prompt and forthcoming service you have provided, despite my vagaries and various other bumps along the way. I sure hope I will have reason to shop with you again.

Until such a time as our paths may cross again, I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

James, October 19th 2009

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for answering ALL of my Catgenie 120 questions,and answering them so quickly.The one question you didn't have an answer for,you found by the next day and got back to me with it.Great work Vahon!Thank you for the detailed and fast answers.You and the other Robotshop staff that I have been dealing with obviously know the value of great customer service. I wish Robotshop had been around when i was a kid,I built many models and radio controled models.I took apart and put together everyting I could,I broke some things and fixed many others.The closest thing to Robotshop I can remember was called Heathkit. You could order these kits to build radios and ham radios and things like solar cell kits with little motors, that sort of thing.

Thanks again.

Sharon, September 28th 2009

Thank-you for the great service & good information. 

Lukas, September 25th 2009

Thank you very much for correcting this so quickly.
I very much appreciate the excellent service.

Ryan, September 16th 2009

Everything I ordered showed up a full day earlier than was expected, with everything in perfect condition. Thank you very much for your time and patience with this order and I hope to be ordering from you again soon! Thanks again!

Apostolos, September 8th 2009

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you guys for your fast response and support. I received my package within a week to Greece. Everything is in perfect order as expected.


Angela, August 28th 2009

Wow, what service. I ordered brushes for my vac - on Monday and they arrived yesterday Thursday- what fantastic service. You are quicker than I am, I will install one today.

Keep up the good work- I am sure to tell people about this one.

Diane, August 27th 2009

I have wanted to buy an iRobot Roomba since I first heard of them. My husband wasn't sure the Roomba would be able to keep up with the fur that our long-haired German Shepherd and fluffy cat lose all year round. This year, however, for my 50th bir thday I decided to buy the Roomba 530. It is incredible. Before buying it I had to vacuum several times per week, and because I have had back fusion surgery, vacuuming is very difficult.

I now run my Roomba once a day and it takes car of everything! I was/am so impressed. I was so impressed that I am planning to buy a Roomba (with docking apparatus) for my mother and father in law, and another for my son and daughter in law (they have two dogs - a golden retriever and a husky so I believe it will be of great assistance to them. As well as these two planned purchases, my sister in law is planning to buy one of her own, after hearing me rave about mine. In addition I am going to splurge on myself and purchase a docking station for mine.

So again, thank you for this wonderful product. I have been telling everyone about it and have been asked by many people to observe mine in action. Feel free to use any or all of this email if you are looking for testimonials.

An Extremely satisfied customer.

Adam, August 24th 2009

I received in the mail today an order I recently purchased from Robotshop. I am always very pleased with the service and prompt processing of orders that I receive from your company.

Mike , June 16th 2009

I cannot remember the last time that I received customer service as good as the customer service that I continually receive from RobotShop. You guys are incredibly prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. You go out of your way to help me, such as when you contacted the manufacturer of one of your products to answer a question I had.

Thank you, and keep up the great work! You are on my "tell everyone I know" list!

Marty, June 13th 2009

As a member of a research robotics lab (MIT), I've always had a great and rapid
experience purchasing from RobotShop.  Their selection of small actuators in
particular stands out among other vendors.  I have sometimes needed personal
attention and special handling for large orders, and RobotShop has always
been attentive to these needs.

Mauricio, June 10th 2009

The order arrive today!!, so I get my bioloid expert kit +the motor controller, thank you very much, again a pleasure to do bussiness with robotshop.

Jim, May 26th 2009

Money order will be in the mail tomorrow.  Glad everything is in stock.  As usual, always a pleasure to do business with Robotshop.

Sue, March 19th 2009

In the past few months, I sent my roomba in for repair. You all did an excellent job and I am very pleased to have my roomba functioning again. Will use you again if I need to and will recommend your company to others. Thank you, Sue

DWR, January 8th 2009

Thank you for all your help. I've placed my order on your website for my components. Your willingness to tech support a new-bee who hasn't bought anything from you yet is the reason I'm buying from you, and the reason I'll continue to buy from you.


Thanks again.

Max, November 24th, 2008

To whom it may concern, I want to congratulate you guys at Robotshop for a job well done. I am impressed by your level of service - sadly, that is not something we see every day anymore. You have answered my e-mails quickly and courteously. I placed my first order last Thursday, and today the goods already arrived - well in time for a birthday by the weekend. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Valentina, October 6th, 2008

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt completion and shipping of my order for Roomba brushes and filters. I placed the order on Friday October 3, 2008 and was expecting to wait at least a week for delivery, but to my surprise and astonishment, it arrived on Monday, October 6, 2008 ! WOW !!! That is what I call service ! - THANK YOU AGAIN ! - I will be placing orders to you in the near future, and all of my friends with Roomba vacuums will be advised that your web site is the place to go for their vacuums.

Susan, August 20th, 2008

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support and quick service regarding the automatic cat litter box I had purchased.

I have dealt a lot with retailers online, and you have been by far the easiest and quickest to help solve a problem.

I went yesterday to the office in Boisbriand to bring in the base for the litter box and I was served immediately and they switched the base as it was defective. I brought it home and now it works better than it ever did. The cats went right to it and have totally stopped using the other litter box as the automatic one is working so well, there is no odor at all. It did not work this well when I received the original product, so all I can say is THANK YOU!

Your customer service is amazing. Everyone was pleasant and very helpful.

I am a cat owner (3 of them) who has severe allergies and should get rid of her babies. The automatic litter makes it so much easier to keep the dust down and the litter in.

Again, thank you!

Helen, July 12th, 2008

I am the Managing Director of a web applications development company, and rarely come across sites which demonstrate such clear and intuitive customer interface - even more rarely do I feel the need to pass comment. I simply needed some replacement side brushes but the purchase flow was flawless - clearly your information architect understands the importance of the user experience. I didn't buy my Roomba from you guys but I will certainly purchase other products in the future from you. No wonder your testimonial section is so well populated!

Sander, June 11, 2008

Thanks for your reply.
P.S. I'm really astonished by the perfect and quick support I received today!

Marc, May 27, 2008

To all conserned,

I would like to thank you all for the great products and services you provide. For a long time I have hoped to find a robotics resource webcite with your products and services, and I am also very proud it's a Canadian company.

Great work, Another satisfied customer

Brad, May 20, 2008

Hello, We received our full, complete order of all the Vex stuff. Thank you so much for your fast, accurate service. You are the best.

Thierry, May 1st, 2008

thank you for your fast reply!! I have purchased my old roomba form another source. When i bought my new roomba, i found your shop to be the best option. I love the fact, that you repair roombas. All my future roomba purchases and dealings will be RobotShop.inc!

Payam, April 16, 2008

I just wanted to thank Robotshop for their fast and reliable service. I have been actively ordering from Robotshop over the past year with regards to my senior project and I have to say that so far, I have received all purchased items within 2 days!!! I would submit an order Monday morning and receive the package Tuesday!!! and that's regular delivery!

Thank you

Patrick, April 3, 2008

I received my Lynxmotion BRAT robot on 01/04/08. I just wanted to tell you that really appreciate your professionalism in processing my order. This is (only) my second order but I'm just as impressed as the first time. If it wasn't for a question of time (and money, of course!!), I would order more robot kits from Robotshop as you keep a very good and wide selection of products! Keep up the excellent work. Best regards

Duane, January 24, 2008

Thanks again for the speedy delivery before Christmas and the fast support to resolve the issues. Great support is always the best mark of an excellent company

D. Sherman, January 24, 2008

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service! I purchased this item as an open box sale and it works like a dream. The Litter Robot was shipped free and received very quickly in the times specified.

Colleen, January 8, 2008

I can't get over how helpful your company is , and have always had glowing praise for you all ~ Please continue , it is a pleasure dealing with you!

Aaron, November 1st, 2007

This shipment arrived first thing this morning in the nic of time. I had contacted Canada Post yesturday and was pleasently surprised to find out you had already contacted them to file a trace. I am very impressed with the service I have recieved from RobotShop. I would like to thank you and your team for such great work and excellent customer service! Truly a great resource.

Thank you again.

P.S. - Fantastic website!

Andrew, October 23, 2007

It was great talking to you this afternoon, thank you for all your help. I hope getting all this to work will be as simple as you make it sound. This will be a challenge for me, but I am looking forward to creating the setup I need to make this work.

Thank You

John, September 11, 2007

Good to know! I believe iRobot will only exchange them for
"refurbished" units. I know you did a great job on my DOA Red Roomba a while back. It still runs great. You guys must have a very sophisticated lab/workshop going!

Golam, September 7, 2007

FYI, I just received my order.


You guys are FAST!!! For comparison, I am still waiting for an order I placed on Amazon 2 weeks ago!

Jack, August 30, 2007

Thanks to ROBOTSHOP my ROOMBA now runs great. I am very pleased.

Renee, August 20, 2007

I must say, I have been absolutely delighted with the support your company has offered. These days it's rare to get decent support in person, let alone by email. I manage a web support department, so I'm very aware of how it works. Please be sure to pass my compliments along to management. I am very impressed.

PS, you have a lot of great products, lots of which aren't available elsewhere in Canada without border crossing prices from the US. I will be forwarding your URL to a whole bunch of people.

Isaac, August 15, 2007

Ok. I have revised the entire pdf document and my problem was solved, thank you very much. I appreciate your fast answer to my mail so much. Thanks again and I would like to let you know that it is always a pleasure to buy in your web site.

Mauricio, August 14, 2007

Ok, I follow the instruction more carefully and all work
perfectly!!!,thank for such a great product, and please congratulate the developer of the sabertooth for a great board.

Mauricio, August 13, 2007

I allready have in my hand the paquage and all arrive perfectly, I want to thank you for such a great services and product, also for the technical support and fast shipment even to this far point.
Robotshop is allmost my homepage :-)
Tomorrow first thing in the morning I goin to put all pieces together and hopfully make some test.

Thank you.

Sarmad, May 3, 2007

Yes I managed to convince my team to work around the parts we bought from you guys. You may close the RMA.
I will be recommeding you to future robotic teams. Please send my regards to John in ur tech department as he was extremely helpful and knowledgable.

Rikky, April 5, 2007

It took me a long time, but I want to say thank you very much for returning my Roomba to me repaired and functioning, and on top of that, under warranty as well.

(I looove my Roomba, more that I should!)

Paul, March 26, 2007

Thank you, just the sort of great service I imagined from you. I will try it out over the next few days and if you do not hear from me, assume things are O.K. There are lots of useful parts in your catalog so I will be ordering more items from you in the future. Thank you again for your assistance with this.

Martin, March 12, 2007

Just to let you know I have received the module this morning, thank you! Excellent service will order from you again in the near future.

Pilic, February 21, 2007

Thank you for your prompt response! I am impressed.

Hector, January 30, 2007

Hello Robotshop Team,

I received the motor today and I would like to thank you for the excellent and prompt service!

Shirley, January 17, 2007

We just wanted to say how pleased we were with your prompt delivery service, and even more so, with the product. Having three dogs, two which shed, CleanMate QQ2 has really solved this issue.

Thank you most kindly

Peter, January 10, 2007

The shopping experience with your company has been excellent. I especially like the option to use Paypal and the fact you offer Small Packets Air Mail.


Mary, December 26, 2006

I want to thank you making a young man (and his aunt) very happy this Christmas! This was my first order with your company and it won't be my last. Although I can't order frequently, the customer service is top notch, and I was very pleased with the product.

My computer crashed right after I was able to get my desperate call for help off to you and I could only hope that all went well. You came through for me and I will not forget it!

Happy New Year to all!

Rolof, December 21, 2006

I will keep this in mind if I need more help.

If these service is as great as your perfect response to emails it would be superb.

Again thanks !!!

Tere, December 15, 2006

Hi there,
I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback; I was really impressed with how quickly my order was delivered, and the service was great.
Merry Christmas!

Morag, December 11, 2006

I just wanted to let you know I received my order today, and it looks marvelous!

Thank you so ver much for your speedy and helpful service!

Happy Hollidays!

M. Straus, December 5, 2006

We received our Discovery just this weekend. After anxiously awaiting for the 16 hours of initial charge we literally sat in awe as our Roomba cleaned room after room without incident. As the fever spreads through our respective workplaces we expect a small population of robots to come to Peterborough this Christmas.
We just love the product. It performs as expected and beyond. It is so user friendly yet so technologically advanced.

Thanks so much for introducing us to a simply wonderful product.

Terence, November 21, 2006

as I've come to expect from the RobotShop, and VERY prompt, and thorough answer!! Your effort is very much appreciated. I will be running an order through this evening after I've had a chance to look at the links
you've sent me. Once again, thanx, and we'll be in touch in the near future. Best regards...

Mikko, Novemver 1st, 2006

Hello again,

my package arrived yesterday and I picked it up today.

The delivery was very fast indeed :) Everything went ok, I got the goods I ordered and seems that your customer care and shipment handling both work very well... and I have to thank you for that.

Eric, October 24, 2006

Everyone should enjoy the experience of Ambrogio, the « robotic » lawn mower. Hard to believe but, I gave away my regular lawn mower in the summer of 2005 and I’ve no regrets! Not only is Ambrogio impressive to watch, but this independent robot, as small as it looks, can offer advantages even more significant than a lawn tractor! The grass is cut so thin, that it leaves no residue after the job is done! Even after using Amrogio for a year, it still makes my lawn look like a golf course! With Ambrogio, my lawn is cut with a programmed frequency, and my grass is always at the same level.

No more struggling to find a spot in your garage… practically noiseless, it will never bother your neighbors. It doesn’t cause any pollution, and it functions with a rechargeable battery! Also, the model called « evolution » (which is the model I own), will find it’s own way back to it’s charger!

Thanks to Robotshop!

Liz, October 4, 2006

I just purchased a Roomba Red, and I love it! I've been using it every day, and on the assumption that I'm going to keep it busy for a long time, I'd like to purchase the extended warranty for one extra year.

I have only had Roomba for a week, but I know I'll want to keep it!

Thanks so much.

Rob, August 31, 2006

As a side note, I recently called your technical support line and I was very impressed with how my call was handled.

I will be sure to recommend your shop to friends and family that are interested in a Roomba.

Thank you,

Robin, August 22, 2006

Thank you! You are definitely the BEST! It was a pleasure doing business with you all. I am not sure how much business I will be doing in the next year but I will try to do some. Thanks again

Jean-Jacques, July 28, 2006

Wow that was quick!

Please include the scheduler kit in the package for the price of my in-store credit.

Let me say that I am amazed at the quality of your service and products. I have and will continue to recommend your products to my friends and family.


Greg, July 6, 2006

Thanks for the e-mail. I would like to pass on to you 'thanks' for the excellent customer service all your employees have provided.


Greg, June 19, 2006

my son and I had fun building the first robot.

We will definitely be ordering more kits from you in the future.


Barbara, May 16, 2006

Thank you for getting to me so promptly. As you said I had placed my order in the wrong place.
After calling the number that was in the book and after 1 hour and 10 minutes of "your call is important to us" we finally got through, so it was my fault entirely, hopefully my order is on the way.
From now on when I need a part I will use the numbers you sent, thank you again,
yours truly,

Jason, May 15, 2006


I am currently assembling many of your robot kits with my students and it is going great! The students are really enjoying putting them together and learning more about robots.

James, May 9, 2006

It was unfortunate that this shipping mistake happenned, however, it did give me the opportunity to discover that you have a first-rate customer support department. Your personal help with this shipping problem quickly gave me the sense of relief i was seeking. Because of this i can tell you that i would not hesitate to continue buying from your company in the future.

George, (International) May 8, 2006

The pachet arrived this morning...
Nothing is missing...
Everything looks ok...
Although i expected it latter on this week or maybe
the next one, it surprised me comming so fast!!!

thanks you,

Carol, April 29, 2006

Hi, got my scooba [suzy]. Can't say enough GOOD THINGS about her. man did she do a lovely job. my kitchen floor hasn't looked this nice since in was put down. now I have the job of demonstrating ,everyone wants to see how it works. I should get some brownie points for this. Scooba is worth every penny. will be in touch. Need a couple of things. thanx.

G.O., April 25, 2006

Having an express checkout to avoid having to give unnecessary information is refreshing. Great choice, I'll recommend your site to others in the future!

Ivo, (International) March 15, 2006

wow, what a quick response, I am impressed!

and I thought the first mail was fast. Incredible!
Thank you very much for your information.

Michael, January 27, 2006

It is always a pleasure to do buisness with Robot Shop. I think you guys have a great company!!!

David, January 10, 2006

The care you showed my inquiries certainly left me with a good impression of robotshop.com/ca. I've sent my order off tonight.

Darren, January 3, 2006

First I wish to say, you guys sell a great product and offer very good warranty work. I am a proud owner of an iRobot Roomba Discovery SE Intelligent vacuum.

Once again, I am impressed with the support offered with the purchase of the Roomba. Hats off to you guys.

Les, December 21, 2005

I love the Roomba SE. I am very impressed with the way it gets itself out of problems, the firmware is really great. I have a circler coffee table and it just hugged it and did a fabulous job!

I first thought of it for the Kitchen, crumbs etc. between vacuums. But I set it loose in the bedrooms…it is a Godsend!

Jim, December 11, 2005

Dear Sirs, I recently placed my first order with you. It
arrived very quickly and is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for your great service, I'm sure I will be returning to your store. Regards, Jim

Shane, November 7, 2005

Dear Sir or Madame,

I recently purchased the Roomba Discovery from your company. By far the most intelligent purchase of my life. I still can't believe how amazing this little robot is. That is why I'm contacting you. Thank-you for selling an amazing product!!!! I look forward to purchasing my Scooba.

Jocelyne, October 31, 2005

WOW, that is very impressive.
Great customer service.

Tyler, October 31, 2005

I have just recieved my product and would like to let you know i am very happy with it. I thank you a million. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone i know.

Julie, August 25, 2005

Thank You Mario, I truely appreciate the info. I will pass it along, and continue using and enjoying your product!

Sincerely, and very satisfied customer...

Jaimie, August 1, 2005

Thank you very much. The issue has now been fixd and our Roomba works so well again. Thank you again.

Todd, July 21, 2005

Thank you for the refund, my humblest appologies about muddling the postal code, I will be a little more careful about the facts before I complain next time. The swiftness and openness with which this situation has been dealt with will definitely have me turning to the Robot Shop for future business!

Martin, May 23, 2005

Hi, I followed the instructions which I got and everything worked fine. I am very satisfied with your service and the robot mower.

Konstantinos, May 9, 2005


I have a questions, but first I want to thank you for your excellent service so far. My order has reached me in record time and the shipping & handling fees were very reasonable. Thank you again for the excellent service both you and Canada Post.

J, April 22, 2005

Indeed, I received my package yesterday, installed the kit and tested it this morning, and all is well.

Thanks for the great service. I'll be ordering from you again, I am sure.

Eric, April 19, 2005

Good day,

First of all, let me say that your store is awesome! You have a great selection of parts, at very reasonable prices!

Paul, April 13, 2005

The item I ordered was recieved in good order. Thank you very much for the prompt and frendly service.

Sherry, January 24, 2005

My Roomba arrived!

I have been playing with it ever since its arrival. And I love it! Especially, after a hard day's work, when it returns to its home base and tootles victoriously! It is fantastic fun (and even productive).

Thanks for making this purchase not only possible, but great, great fun. I see the future and it is robotics! Keep me advised on newer models. I can see myself with an upstairs Roomba, a downstairs Roomba and a Roomba character designated solely for my subterranean (and cluttered) office.

Julius, December 29, 2004

A Happy New Year 2005 to you, and "toute que tu desire!".

My wife is having a lot of fun with the little vacuum robot. Especially having it clean under beds and sofas.

I have subscribed to your company's Newsletter, and it is teriffic. Learned a lot about things that interest me.

Thanks again.

Donna, December 21, 2004

The Roomba is awesome. It cleaned my 3000sq ft house in no time and with very little fuss. I love this item!! Thank you.

Ray, December 17, 2004

We received your great e-mail this morning and wish to thank you personally and the staff at the Robot Shop for this great Christmas gift which was totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.

My wife and I will put it to great use as we are both seniors, which is the reason why we bought the Roomba in the first place, to make it easier for us to keep a clean house.

Whishing All of You a Merry Christmas And Happy New Year.

Shawn, June 10, 2004

Just thought I'd let you know everyone thinks the Roomba is great.

Don, February 24, 2004

Hi - I just sent the following to several people in the Ottawa area, thought you might be interested to know

A couple of weeks ago Mordechai pointed out the http://www.robotshop.com/ca/. I just wanted to add that since then I have placed a couple of orders with them and have received complete shipment within 2 to 3 days, no problems.

Also, I bought the Roomba robotic vacuum from them and it is pretty neat. It seems to do a good enough job to keep some decency between more thorough cleanings. Fun to watch too. :)

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RobotShop Distribution Inc. has partnered with DFRobot to release the DFRobotShop Rover, a versatile, tracked, Arduino-compatible platform.

Neato Robotics has selected RobotShop, the leading source for personal and professional robot technology, to sell the company's new Neato XV-11 robot vacuum cleaner online.

RobotShop announces the launch of its new website and new Informational and Technological Watch Blogs in the fields of Personal and Professional Robotics.

With the addition of Parallax products to their offering, RobotShop reinforces its reputation as the one stop shop for all your robotic technology needs.

RobotShop introduces the Spyder LB1200, the first ever perimeter free robot lawn mower.

RobotShop designs the first ever Rover for the Arduino USB microcontroller, a sleek and cost effective development platform for robot enthusiasts, developers and schools.

The World's Leading Source for Domestic and Professional Robot Technology, launches the Canadian RobotShop Affiliate Program.

ROBOTSHOP IS MUTATING - November 13th, 2008
The world's leading source for domestic and professional robot technology rethinks online shopping with a new web interface, redesigned corporate brand and optimized logistics processing.

RobotShop duplicates its Canadian website.

RobotShop Distribution inc. announced today that they have entered into an exclusive Canadian distribution agreement with Ergo system inc., a manufacturer of high end patented electronic pet feeding devices.

RobotShop launches its new web platform!



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*RobotShop is an equal opportunity employer. The masculine is used in this text in order to simplify it.