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Devantech LCD05 - I2C/Serial LCD

Product Code : RB-Dev-13

20x4 Monochrome LCD Text display
I2C and serial interfaces
Software adjustable backlight

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20x4 Monochrome LCD Text display
I2C and serial interfaces
Software adjustable backlight

The I2C and serial display driver from Deventech provides easy operation of a standard 20x4 LCD Text display. It requires only a 5v power supply and the two data connections for either mode, freeing up pins on your processor. Many useful text formatting functions are provided (described below) and also the ability to put together custom characters into memory which can be called off as required. There is a 64 byte FIFO buffer to ensure a minimum of delay in writing to the display.

Give a communication mode to your robot.

The LCD03 is the same as the LCD02 apart from the added ability to control the backlight in software. It is now easily possible to turn the backlight on and off by sending commands via the I2C / Serial link.
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• Display: 20 characters per row, 4 rows
• Voltage: 5v only required
• Current: 135mA typ. with backlight on
• Modes: I2C or 9600 baud Serial
• Keypad: Automatic scanning of a 3 x 4 matrix keypad
• Custom Characters: Up to 8 custom characters easily defined Back to top

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Note: The documentation includes the read/write bit when it talks about I2C addresses. Some systems, such as Arduino, handle that bit separately, so the address that should be used is half the value specified in the documentation. For example, the default address is 0x63 when used with Arduino.

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