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DFRobotShop Rover V2 - Arduino Compatible Tracked Robot (Autonomous Dev Kit)

Product Code : RB-Rbo-138

Autonomous / sensor version of the DFRobotShop Rover
Versatile, programmable robot tank kit
Variety of sensors included for experimentation
Onboard LiPo battery charger and LiPo battery included
Complete Arduino board built-in (Arduino Uno)
Dual H-bridge and onboard voltage regulator (only one battery needed)
No soldering required

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About this product


Autonomous / sensor version of the DFRobotShop Rover
Versatile, programmable robot tank kit
Variety of sensors included for experimentation
Onboard LiPo battery charger and LiPo battery included
Complete Arduino board built-in (Arduino Uno)
Dual H-bridge and onboard voltage regulator (only one battery needed)
No soldering required

The DFRobotShop Rover V2 – Arduino Compatible Tracked Robot (Autonomous Kit) is a versatile mobile robot tank based on the popular Arduinomicrocontroller. The Rover uses the Tamiya twin motor gearbox and the Tamiya track and wheel set. The DFRobotShop Rover PCB incorporates a standard Arduino Uno (surface mount ATMega328), L293B motor driver (connected to pins 5 to 8), voltage regulator and prototyping area while contributing to the mechanical structural of the robot. The onboard voltage regulator allows the entire board to be powered using as little as 3.7V to ~9V*.

The Autonomous version of the DFRobotShop Rover includes a vairety of components to allow you to learn about Arduino. Note however that this kit does NOT include code to use all sensors together. "Arduino" is close to custom robotics and in this spirit, it is up to the customer to learn about each component one at a time, as this is the approach one hast to take when building a new robot. It includes an infrared compound eye mounted atop a mini servo-based pan/tilt system (for object tracking), an ultrasonic distance sensor (for non-contact distance sensing) with its own mounting bracket. For more accurate movement, encoders are included for the motors. A buzzer is included for feedback (which can generate a variety of tones). A rechargeable 3.7V LiPo battery is included and can be recharged using the onboard charger. An I/O shield allows for easy, solderless connection of all the parts. A variety of cables (including a USB cable) are included, so there is nothing else you need to purchase to get started. Experiment with each sensor individually, or use them all together.

Inorder to make assembly as easy as possible, solderless quick connectterminals have been included to give customers the option of crimpingthe wires to the motors (soldering is still preferable), and all headersand components are pre-soldered. The DFRobotShopRover is compatible with all shields when notusing the motor driver. Additional features include pinout for theDFRobot Bluetooth or APC220 RF modules, 1x unused XBee slot as part ofthe IO shield, as well as two XBee slots without headers. The6x cool blue LEDs (jumper selectable) placed around the board areaesthetic and can be deactivated by removing the LED jumper.

Important Notes:

1) I
f you choose to use the 4xAA battery pack, please remove the LiPo jumper located at the left rear of the board.

2) No sample code is provided to use all sensors at once - please refer to the "Useful Links" tab for more information.

3) This kit encourages the customer to learn about each component, as would be needed when building a custom robot.
*Note that the Tamiya Twin-Motor Gear Box included with the kit operate at 4.5V nominal. For 6V motors, we suggest purchasing RB-Pol-202.

Arduino compatible and shield stackable
Based on ATMEGA328 surface mount chip (Uno design) and L298P H Bridge
Incorporates dual H-bridge for bi-directional motor control (digital pins 5, 6, 7 and 8)
Voltage regulator included (connected to battery input and 3.5mm barrel connector)
IR compound eye mounted atop pan/tilt allows for motion tracking and distance measurement
Ultrasonic distance sensor with its own sensor mounting bracket
Onboard LiPo charger
Two encoders mounted to the motors allow for precise movement.
General purpose buzzer provides feedback
One unused XBee slow and two more without headers
Solder prototyping area
Easy connection to DFRobot Bluetooth and APC220 wireless modules
“Universal connection point” at the front of the robot (see specifications for compatibility)
6x Blue LEDs around the board for effect (selectable via jumper LED_SEL)
In-system programming via ICSP
4x LEDs to indicate motor direction

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What's Included

• DFRobotShop Rover V2
Encoder Pair for Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox
DFRobot I / O Expansion Board for Arduino
Dagu Compound Infrared Sensor
Dagu Mini Pan and Tilt Kit
DFRobot Buzzer Module
300mm F/F 20 Pin Jumper Wire
USB cable
LiPo Battery
3M double sided adhesive
Sensor mount
Ultrasonic sensor

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• PCB Dimensions: 57mm x 195mm
• Overall dimensions: 200mm long x 108mm wide x 58mm high
• Weight (not including batteries): 250g Back to top

Supplier Product Code

RB-RBO-138 Back to top

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Customer Reviews

Excellent kit, Instructions can be improved on

Review by Robert A.

This is a kit that you will learn quite a bit from. Instructions that come with it and are found online were all over the place. Watching people build it in their youtube review of the product helped out more than some of the Robotshop videos.
Read/Watch all the instructions available for all parts as there was some dis-assembly and reassembly when I got to the Encoder installation and again on the servo unit assembly.
Mounting of the servo with double sided tape was the only part that felt sub par compared to the rest of the servo assembly kit. A proper screw mounted bracket would have been preferred.

(Posted on 3/12/15)

Great Customer service, Fun robot

Review by Robert

So far I am very impressed with this product as well as the robotshop team. The board I was initially sent had a component that had broken off in shipping and they reshipped me the board so it arrived 2 days later with a box and label to send the return in all at no additional cost. As far as the robot quality goes everything has worked great and been easy to work with. My only complaint would be the encoders don't seem to fit between the frame and the screw that mounts the transmission to the frame without being modified and fiddled with for a few hours. Other then that assembly is fairly simple, Although I recommend watching both the encoder assembly and the main assemble videos prior to starting as they do overlap in their processes and will require you to disassemble and re-assemble a large part of the frame if you don't know when to put the encoders on. This is a great robot for beginners and will teach you a lot, I don't know if I'd recommend it for kids unless you are willing to spend a good amount of time working with them and learning along side of them, or they are very keen on self learning.

(Posted on 3/10/15)