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  • ENC300CPR Easy Roller 300 CPR Quadrature Encoder
    Good Accuracy and sturdiness
    Review by Víctor
    This Encoder have lovely accuracy(in my proyect its reading a low RPM gear). The gear shaft is descentered and still reads perfectly. I was worried about at the begining that if i didn´t emplace perfectly the encoder it couldn´t works but it is surprisingly sturdiness (it still reads after i accidentaly moved the whole base). Secondly, the bringing wires are made of aluminium... and the bonding system to emplace the encoder needs extra glue.
    (Posted on 9/28/14)
  • ISC3004 Optical Rotary Encoder
    Excellent rotary encoder
    Review by Digdug
    If you are looking for an incremental rotary encoder this is the one. Its very precise and super easy to use and small. Although the principle of operation is identical to an alps encoder you need a high performance interrupt driven library for maximum performance/accuracy. I used this one and it worked flawlessly: http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_Encoder.html
    (Posted on 6/21/14)
  • Rotary Encoder 200 P/R
    Excellent Product
    Review by Mark
    I've used several of these encoders over the last two years for a machine-tool electronic feed project.
    They were originally chosen to replace an "industrial" encoder costing three times as much.
    Their performance equals the more expensive part and they are actually easier to mount because of the provided coupling.
    (Posted on 4/22/14)
  • Parallax Incremental Rotary Encoder
    Works great
    Review by David
    Does the job by counting the position steps.
    (Posted on 4/7/14)
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How Do I Interpret DC Motor Specifications?

Posted on February 13, 2012

By Coleman Benson & filled under Industry.

Choosing the right DC Motor (or DC gear motor) for a specific application can be a daunting task and many manufacturers only provide basic motor specifications. These basic specifications might not be sufficient for your needs. Listed below are ideal motor specifications and whenever possible, ways to approximate values.   BASIC SPECIFICATIONS Below is a [...]
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Basics: How Do I Choose Appropriate Sensors?

Posted on February 06, 2012

By Coleman Benson & filled under Industry, Where to Start.

For a robot to react to its environment, it must first obtain information about its surroundings. Robots are not limited to just sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Robots can not only sense but give accurate values for a variety of environmental factors that humans are otherwise unaware of or incapable of doing.  Measure Distance [...]
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How to Make a Robot – Lesson 3: Making Sense of Actuators

Posted on September 02, 2010

By Coleman Benson & filled under How To Make a Robot.

Lessons Menu: Lesson 1 – Getting Started Lesson 2 - Choosing a Robotic Platform Lesson 3 - Making Sense of Actuators Lesson 4 - Understanding Microcontrollers Lesson 5 - Choosing a Motor Controller Lesson 6 – Controlling your Robot Lesson 7 - Using Sensors Lesson 8 - Getting the Right Tools Lesson 9 - Assembling a Robot Lesson 10 - Programming a Robot Making Sense of [...]
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We have a category for motor encoders:
The issue is figuring out how to add them to motors; sometimes a shaft coupler helps, other times you just need to figure out some way or other...
2014-09-10 16:40 by CBenson
... with potentiometers in order to control the speed. You can also find encoders in the following section: http://www.robotshop.com/encoder-disks.html
2012-06-08 12:26 by Carlitos
... (5" dia) over a year ago. The size is convenient for making the disks on my CNC'd Sherline mill, and to accommodate the GHM16 drive motors with encoders end-to-end. Then our club decided to start a MicroMouse project. Well, my already ...
2010-10-14 13:37 by KM6VV
For the wheel encoders, the Wheel Watcher Optical Encoders should be good for many different projects. It is simply a matter of determining if you can place the encoder disks on your wheels. Worse case you can print out custom disks on a printer or hand fabricate ...
2009-07-28 16:13 by Jbrunet
... do you require? Although the gearboxes are not available with wheel encoders, the encoders can be purchased seperately here: http://www.robotshop.ca/home/products/robot-parts/sensors/encoder-disks/index.html In theory, most of the wheel encoders that use disks should work well for ...
2008-08-18 16:29 by Jbrunet
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