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How to Make a Robot – Lesson 4: Understanding Microcontrollers

Posted on October 12, 2010

By Coleman Benson & filled under Electronics, How To Make a Robot.

Lessons Menu: Lesson 1 – Getting Started Lesson 2 - Choosing a Robotic Platform Lesson 3 - Making Sense of Actuators Lesson 4 - Understanding Microcontrollers Lesson 5 - Choosing a Motor Controller Lesson 6 – Controlling your Robot Lesson 7 - Using Sensors Lesson 8 - Getting the Right Tools Lesson 9 - Assembling a Robot Lesson 10 - Programming a Robot What is a [...]
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Just a quick question about the Arduino Ethernet Shield. On your store site it says. To use the Arduino Ethernet Shield, ... an Arduino / etherenet shield combo. 1. Am I able to control servos or motor controllers with the ethernet link and a laptop? Not just upload sketches. 2. What ...
2010-09-11 03:08 by Egoblitz
... modified is probably <500 ft also. Other controllers might be IR, which means around 15 ft ... and 500 ft easily if you have a computer with WiFi or a router. If you have a large static base ... walk the bot anywhere here and just use any ethernet enabled computer to talk to it without ...
2007-01-22 17:35 by Tillin9
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