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Exoskeletons are machines powered by motors or hydraulics and worn by humans in order to transfer energy for limb movement. They help in assisting the wearer by enhancing strength and endurance that they otherwise would not have.

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Robo Sapiens: Witnessing the Evolution of the Human Race

Posted on August 28, 2014

By Mario Tremblay & filled under Cyborgs, Exoskeleton, Humanoids, Science, Sport, Wearable Technology.

  In many ways, the human race has advanced radically in a very short period of time. People born with missing limbs can now live full and “normal” lives, as can those who have suffered injuries and amputations. This is a far cry from the days when an amputated leg meant either life with a [...]
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Embrace Wearable Technology and Become a Cyborg!

Posted on June 19, 2014

By Mario Tremblay & filled under Industry, Wearable Technology.

  Even today’s young people have heard of Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, and his girlfriend, The Bionic Woman. After separate accidents, each of them was surgically repaired and enhanced by the government and they became secret agents. Steve Austin could run 60 miles per hour, had arms with the power of a [...]
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Forbes Talks Robots

Posted on August 21, 2006

By William Cox & filled under Industry.

Forbes magazine is featuring robots in its 8th eGang report – itsannual group of tech innovators to watch. The article mentions Rod Brooks of MIT, Stanford’s Stanley, iRobot, Soren Lund and LEGO, Mark Cutkosky, Caleb Chung and Pleo, Yoshiyuki Sankai, and Microsoft. They also have two interesting slide shows: Seven Amazing Robots that Will Change [...]
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MachineDesign Talks the Bleex Exoskeleton

Posted on December 23, 2005

By William Cox & filled under Military.

MachineDesign has an article on DARPA’s foray into the world of exoskeletons, specifically the Bleex exoskeleton’s created at Berkeley. DARPA has invested over $50 million dollars in exoskeleton research. One of the more successful groups working on them is at Berkeley. Their suite, called the Bleex 1, which is short for Berkeley lower extremity exoskeleton, [...]
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Rise of the Exoskeleton

Posted on December 11, 2005

By William Cox & filled under Industry.

IEEE Spectrum magazine has an excellent article detailing the current status of exoskeletons worldwide. The article is from last month, so, as of this writing the HAL-5 Exoskeleton from Cyberdyne Labs should be available in Japan. It has two control systems: one reads from the wearer’s body to determine how they wish to move. "The [...]
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Time ago, while I was working to the Exapod 'exoskeletons' I did a version for the Lynxmotion's Arm AL5.
I did a first version that after I've improved both aesthetically and technically aspect.
Now I'm printing all parts for to test that all fits well on the mechanics.
This is a little preview.
2014-03-04 13:21 by Anjys
Ahah..oh no;-)..even if I saw that film one time ago I can't say that it inspired me. Yes,the design of all Exoskeletons is inspired by insect world for 2 simple reasons: Only the insects has more legs like hexapod robot and only that type of animals has an Exoskeleton . Even ...
2013-06-10 08:42 by Anjys
... pilot, the instruction manual for the pilot would be a friggin' million pages long... Though I wouldn't count mechaps out yet... Although I like exoskeletons much more and wished they'd go under at one point in time (was conveinced exos were the only way to go and got in a big arguement with ...
2006-10-04 17:16 by Psycho6101
Yes I have seen the BLEEX system. And our Japanese friends are right in step. Have you seen HAL? http://www.plyojump.com/exoskeletons.html The Exo being built in AK is closer to what I have in mind as a dream project. Along the lines of Masamune Shirows Appleseed Landmates and also ...
2006-03-30 12:14 by MYKL
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