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RobotShop App Store FAQ


What is the RobotShop App Store

The idea is similar to the Apple App Store, but here at RobotShop we sell Robot Apps for all robotic platforms, regardless of who made them or what are their operating system. We just love all robots.

At the moment, we sell mostly downloadable robot apps, but we envision a future where applications will run on the robotic cloud. This will free computation time and resources on the robots and will make a single app compatible with many different robotic platforms.

I'm a Developer, Why Should I Join?

We believe the future is digital. Tomorrow, the intelligence behind your robots will not be restricted to their physical platforms; most of the intelligence dictating their behaviour and actions will be in the cloud. This intelligence will be transferable to all robotic platforms, real or virtual. Information, knowledge, and skills will be instantly available everywhere.

We have seen tremendous transformation in technology in the recent years and we are going to see much more in the next decades. This evolution is exponential. The robot developers are the new heroes of science and technology and they know what is coming; They understand technology’s evolution. With the vision of one robot in every home and the interconnected world where all intelligent objects are connected to Internet, the robot developers understand the potential and the opportunities. Some say that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Our question to you is: how many of those do you think will be robots?

Once robots are connected to the Internet, what is the next logical step? The next step is the Web for Robots where Robot apps will become a multi-billion dollar industry. Developers that will have started to experiment early, sell and build their Brand will have a huge advantage.

How much money will I make?

RobotShop retains 25% of all transactions. You as a developer will receive 75% on every app sold.