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Flexinol Actuator Wire

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  • Flexinol Wire 0.003
    Amazing product!!!
    Review by JAKE
    I've seen muscle wires years ago. I don't know why it took me so long to finally order some!!! I was very impressed how thin and strong these are. Microcontrollers and Flexinol Wire combined open up opportunities to make some interesting fun projects! Thank you.
    (Posted on 9/24/14)
  • Flexinol Wire 0.008
    pretty good repeatability and performance and poor delivery time
    Review by Accounts
    We were expecting to receive the product earlier. This is important for our next orders that most probably will put. The products have shown pretty good reliability and performance.
    (Posted on 8/5/14)
  • Flexinol Wire 0.004
    good product!
    Review by Hadi M
    but took a while to get it
    (Posted on 8/5/14)
  • Flexinol Moving Butterfly (Blue Morpho)
    Maybe a lemon
    Review by David
    Item arrived on time. When plugged into the wall or the battery pack, would operate so slowly and intermittently, that at first, I was certain that it didn't work at all. When it did work, the wings would close, then stay that way for several minutes, if not longer. Then they would open very, VERY slowly. Eventually, sometimes seconds, sometimes minutes later, they would spring closed again, and stay that way for several minutes again. This was not a "gentle" flaping motion, it was close enough to NO flapping motion as to be useless.


    We are sorry to hear this. We have many satisfied customers of this product and it should close and open very slowly then wait a few seconds and start closing and opening again in a very smooth motion. We will be in contact with you in order to replace this product under warranty if you are still seeing the same behavior from your butterfly.
    (Posted on 7/7/14)
  • Flexinol Moving Butterfly (Monarch Butterfly)
    Review by Scott
    Satisfied, made a great gift.
    (Posted on 5/29/14)
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... for something more compact, there is the Flexinol Actuator Wire: * http://www.robotshop.com/flexinol-en.html These are strands ...
2013-09-03 14:42 by jarcand
... down" eye lids use 2 sub micro servos and 6 flexinol actuator wires abut 1" long"servo controls open close, flexinol controls flow ...
2010-02-23 16:16 by william84780
... if either will work at all for this project. Flexinol Actuator Wire: http://www.robotshop.us/flexinol-en-2.html Dimension Engineering ...
2009-10-27 19:02 by Charles
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