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GEARS EDS makes rugged robotic systems which are great for use in research or in the classroom. Gears design systems include everything you need to create remotely controlled robots or trebuchets.

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Robot Construction Kits

Posted on April 23, 2014

By Coleman Benson & filled under Robotics Projects & Kits, Where to Start.

Robot Construction Kits can be distinguished from normal robot kits since they use modular parts and allow you to assemble different robots using the same parts. A robot kit on the other hand only allows you to build one robot. Robot construction kits are a great investment because they tend to include everything you need [...]
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Gears EDS

Posted on January 25, 2012

By Coleman Benson & filled under Robotics Projects & Kits.

About Gears EDS The GEARS-IDS Invention and Design System gives teachers the industrial strength tools they need to create world class engineering and robotics challenges for their students in the comfort and convenience of their own classrooms. The GEARS-IDS Invention and Design System is offered as the world’s first engineering education construction system utilizing industry [...]
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VEX Robotic Projects

Posted on January 11, 2012

By Coleman Benson & filled under Robotics Projects & Kits.

About VEX Robotics VEX Educational Robotics is a robotic building system which allows you to design, build, control, then disassemble and rebuild remote-controlled, autonomous or semi-autonomous robots. There is also a VEX Pro series which allow you to make even larger and more powerful robots. VEX consists of several key building blocks: Motion VEX motion is composed [...]
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How to Make a Robot – Lesson 3: Making Sense of Actuators

Posted on September 02, 2010

By Coleman Benson & filled under How To Make a Robot.

Lessons Menu: Lesson 1 – Getting Started Lesson 2 - Choosing a Robotic Platform Lesson 3 - Making Sense of Actuators Lesson 4 - Understanding Microcontrollers Lesson 5 - Choosing a Motor Controller Lesson 6 – Controlling your Robot Lesson 7 - Using Sensors Lesson 8 - Getting the Right Tools Lesson 9 - Assembling a Robot Lesson 10 - Programming a Robot Making Sense of [...]
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